• Title: Strangeland
  • Author: Tracey Emin
  • ISBN: 9780340769461
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
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    Strangeland Here I am a fucked crazy anorexic alcoholic childless beautiful woman I never dreamt it would be like this Tracey Emin s Strangeland is her own space lying between the Margate of her childhood t
    Here I am, a fucked, crazy, anorexic alcoholic childless, beautiful woman I never dreamt it would be like this.Tracey Emin s Strangeland is her own space, lying between the Margate of her childhood, the Turkey of her forefathers and her own, private public life in present day London Her writings, a combination of memoirs and confessions, are deeply intimate, yet powerfulHere I am, a fucked, crazy, anorexic alcoholic childless, beautiful woman I never dreamt it would be like this.Tracey Emin s Strangeland is her own space, lying between the Margate of her childhood, the Turkey of her forefathers and her own, private public life in present day London Her writings, a combination of memoirs and confessions, are deeply intimate, yet powerfully engaging Tracey retains a profoundly romantic world view, paired with an uncompromising honesty Her capacity both to create controversies and to strike chords is unequalled in British life A remarkable book and an original, beautiful mind.

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    1. Page 183-184From a Week of HellFridayWoke up having sex - with a terrible hangover. Ran to the bathroom to throw up, shitting at the same time, holding on to the pan. Small white balls of foamy stuff cascading out of my mouth. My whole body shaking. My eyes about to burst, swearing to God I would never drink again.I threw up nine more times during the day.Saturday and SundaySpent the whole weekend in bed, depressed and trying to recover, with a throbbing tooth and scabs breaking out all over my [...]

    2. I read this book in one sitting and found it, for the most part, quite disturbing, and partly entertaining and also in parts quite dull. Emin writes this book with a painful honesty and a navity that both devalues it's literary worth and paradoxcally makes it all the more interesting. I enjoyed her style of writing and the book had a good voice in parts. It is all out there for thoose that want to read it. She has led an interesting life and she will continue to do so. It is, however, shocking t [...]

    3. Ugh.Some interesting anecdotes—but as typical of inexperienced memoir writers, Emin thinks she can just hand you a list of all the messed-up stuff that happened to her and automatically generate sympathy.I mean, that is a real thing. The more messed-up the life, the more forgivable readers are of flat prose. Mary Karr is apparently a good writer but I couldn't find one interesting thing that had happened to her in the first 50 pages of The Liar's Club so I suppose that's where good prose suppl [...]

    4. This was nothing new to me. As a fan of Emin, I knew what to expect and that's what I got. It was simply a piece of her artwork, but in writing. A collection of her memories and past experiences, especially focusing on her abuse and abortions. What I liked about this, and why I love her art, is that it is raw, truthful (however awful it may be) explicit and she allows herself to be completely exposed. I found the book to have some interesting messages, but I was disappointed that she didn't ment [...]

    5. Mörk. Om uppväxten i Margate, en seaside town that they forgot to close down. Inte utan ljuspunkter, som att känna sig "wild and free" och "independent", det litterära uppvaknandet, katter, dagdrömnar och att vara "the George Best of the art world".

    6. sehr klar und poetisch!ist nicht sehr einfach um so tief und klar zu schreibennn muss sehr mutig sein für solche art von der Autobiographie.

    7. Had the same relatively profound effect on me as "Just Kids". I just want to be a superstar I guess. DAMN not having any super powers.

    8. I was slightly dubious of reading this, given the way that Emin has been portrayed by the media, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Strangeland is a fantastically honest account of Emin's life to date. Sure it's crude in places, but it's real. Emin is frank and does not hide behind flamboyant language or name-dropping; as I've experienced with other autobiographies. It was a breath of fresh air to read something that did not pander to its audience; but rather invi [...]

    9. This book was a slight disappointment, if I am being completely honest. I was really excited at the prospect of delving into the mind of one of the most questionable artists the 21st Century has seen; I couldn't wait to read the lines that she'd penned describing her inspiration and her struggles. What I read however, were words written by a tragic wannabe. Every page reeked of the need for approval, for us to be impressed by her: like a year 11 school-girl who thinks she's the coolest kid becau [...]

    10. I thought this was an interesting read, I was slightly intimidated by Tracey Emin before but this has softened her a bit i think. I wasn't too keen on the writing style, I found it a little fragmented which was slightly frustrating and I found the section on just her a bit annoying and show-offy but I guess its her book so she can show off if she likes. The section based around her dad had some really beautiful moments, scenery and moments between her and her father; I really liked the way she w [...]

    11. For many years, I was embarrassed about my love of Tracey Emin's art. After her Turner Prize nomination, it became a cliché to even mention her name. Whether you liked her or loathed her, your opinion would always seem lazy- Just picking an argument to sound like you know about art.Eventually, I became confident enough in my knowledge of postmodern art to accept that Tracey Emin is my favourite artist. I don't care what anyone else thinks- Her works speak to me in a way that no other art does.B [...]

    12. There was perhaps one thing that my professor said that might redeem this book for me. She said: "Strangeland is filled with material Tracey goes to in order to inspire her art." It was hard for me to buy that. The book was awfully written, something you might call a "childlike perspective" if you like the book. But I felt that the book was trying too hard. It often felt like she was desperately begging people to see her as a special case. I'm not saying she didn't have a hard life. She did, ver [...]

    13. TW/// I wouldn't recommend this if you are sensitive to mentions of sexual abuse, eating disorders and/or just abuse in general.I was crying before I reached page 20. She had so much awareness of how terrible of a place the world can be and at such a young age. It broke my heart.In this book, you will get the good and the ugly. The abortions, the eating disorder, the rapes but also recollections of love of every kind, turkish stories passed on by her father and a taste of her strength.I know tha [...]

    14. I have to confess that I only picked this up on a (cheap) whim. Tracy Emin has always struck me as an interesting character, but not one who has drawn me to her.Strangeland is certainly an apt title, not only because her life is nothing like my own, but also in the way it is written.Sometimes she's talking directly at you, the reader, other times she recounts tales from her childhood, often without any context. Then she veers of into "current" events, mentioning people and places without giving [...]

    15. Well I guess if you're going to write some memoirs, it's a pretty nice way of doing it. A couple of pretty sad scenes - one where she's hoping to win a dance competition and get out of Margate. She dances for all she's worth and everyone's clapping. But then she realises that they're all shouting "slag! slag! slag!" and when she looks around all she can see is the faces of the men she's slept with. But there are also a lot of recounted dreams that I could have doen without. She only mentions the [...]

    16. Strangelandrange woman?! Tracey Emin is a one-off indeed! How to assess this little foray into her hinterland & her oft-displayed genitalia? Well,let me just say I have some sympathy for her suffering during her horrendous childhood & adolescence; the victim of gross abuse & wilful neglect.But this confessional story has the all the squalor of her unmade bed, her dirty knickers & her rampant & wayward sexual appetites - self-admitted & often self-administered - leaves a s [...]

    17. Normally I wouldn't even read a book such as this. However, in this circumstance I felt compelled too. It's amazing what you can read when you throw away loose judgement. This book is a fascinating look into the life of Tracy Emin. It details some of her lowest moments in frank and dark description. She's unafraid, bold, daring, with no fear to say how she truly feels; she is refreshing and unlike anything I've read. It's dare I way mesmeric? To understand her strong mind, her willpower, the dri [...]

    18. First off, I must admit my reason for reading this book is due to Emin's status as an artist which triggered my curiosity. Being a memoir fanatic I thoroughly enjoyed this despite at times getting the impression, perhaps, of "look at me, look how crazy I am!" which is always off-putting. However Emin has lived an undeniably interesting life which made for good reading regardless of the fact the writing was just OK, and her detailed descriptions of sex, virginity and other similar uncomfortable t [...]

    19. I love the form this book is written in - artistic snapshots / slices of life, rather than a structured story. It worked well as a way of writing a memoir. Some reviewers commented they were disappointed Tracey doesn't talk about her art. That wasn't a problem for me - I'm interested in her as a person, and her life experiences - and that it was this is. Tracey is one of the few women who tells it like it is when she talks about sex, and I admire her for that. I don't think her experiences are t [...]

    20. You won't get much from this in terms of art theory or the creative process. Similarly you won't get a blow by blow account of her life story. It comes across like her drawings: jagged and blunt, which I enjoyed. its non-linear style means you do skit back and forth time and subject. i would've liked to hear about Billy Childish and some of how her art came about such as the tent and bed, but doesn't take anything away from her engaging writing style.

    21. Never such an apt title for an autobiography, this book is a weird and wonderful journey through memories & dreams, following none of the usual chronological formats of biographies, at times you are left wondering is this a recount of a dream or an event, either way, fascinating from start to finish, lover her or hate her, it's hard not to be impressed with someone who has so much hope and positivity shining through such a troubled past.

    22. Although this book is poorly written, with an almost childlike perspective to life, I found it strangely addictive and endearing. TM has obviously led and continues to live an eventful life which some might find shocking. What it lacked in finesse was more than compensated for by honesty and grit. I'm not a great lover of her art, but this book partly explains her unorthodox approach to life and art. Passed to me by my daughter and took over from from current read!!

    23. I decided to re-read this as before I was too young to understand or at least try to understand the truth behind her words. You must be open minded to the ever changing subject matter, without directly being explained. Brutal truth, don't read if you're prudish or easily offended by graphic language. Generally a good book, but if you're looking to find out more about the artist i.e an autobiography, look else where. I am happily still intrigued by Tracey Emin.

    24. I find Tracey Emin really endearing and this book only solidified that. Her honest discussions about sex, pregnancy, abortion and female anatomy in general were as delicately brash as her artwork. It's refreshing to read about subjects so often avoided among women/society by someone who has experienced it first hand and wants to tell the ugly truth. Emin remains as beautiful in literature as in art.

    25. I think this book has reinforced the impression I had of Tracey Emin as a person and as an artist. I'm not sure if that's good or bad! I suppose it was hard to separate my opinion of the book as I was reading it from my opinion of her art. There's no doubting the existence of strong messages (nor is there any ambiguity about what those messages are) but I struggle to see any beauty or skill in their communication.

    26. I got there at 11.30 - very nervous. About the prospects of changing my life for ever -To find out my appointment was for 10.30 I just burst out in tearsLove TraceyThe uselessI typed out one chapter in here: desperate-ingeorgia.c

    27. As a Emin fanatic I really enjoyed the insight into her life. By reading this book you learn about her complicated childhood and times in her life that are reflected in her work. As a person she seems to have gone through a lot of self development to get on the right track and she writes beautifully, even her sordid poems and one liners really capture the imagination and puts you in her shoes.

    28. "Me daba la impresión de estar atrapada en un paisaje inmóvil, en una de esas pesadillas en las que gritas pero nadie te oye. Siempre me ha parecido que la soledad es un entorno aterrador en el que esta sensación vive y respira, en el que una densa oscuridad se te aloja en el alma. Y mientras la soledad te va asfixiando, el resto del mundo sigue con sus cosas."

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