• Title: Nothing Gold Can Stay
  • Author: Dana Stabenow
  • ISBN: 9780451202307
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nothing Gold Can Stay Shocked by a series of brutal unexplainable murders Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell embarks on a desperate journey into the heart of the Alaskan Bush country in search of the terrible earth shat
    Shocked by a series of brutal, unexplainable murders, Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell embarks on a desperate journey into the heart of the Alaskan Bush country in search of the terrible, earth shattering truth

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    1. I like this series but Liam Campbell has nothing on Kate Shugak. I liked the way it ended and if I had to guess (view spoiler)[ Liam ain't going nowhere without Wyanet (hide spoiler)].

    2. I like MysteriesI like AlaskaI do not care for gratuitous sexI do not care for profanityWill usually give an author two shots before they are struck from any to-read listStabenow will be the exceptionnot very believable

    3. This is the 3rd entry in the Liam Campbell series, following So Sure Of Death. The story begins approximately one month following the end of the previous novel.As in the two previous novels, there are two storylines intertwined. One revolves around the murder that is discovered by Wy and the other revolves around the emotional growth of Liam, Wy and, this time, Moses. And by “emotional growth,” I mean just that; this book is not a romantic suspense. The romance was covered in the first two n [...]

    4. What was the point of this book. A lot of drama but not much mystery. I get it , sex is a part of life, but sex and drama seems to be all this people have. Is the author trying to bore us to death? Maybe that should be her next mystery, a bunch of people die of boredom from reading this book.

    5. Corporal Liam Campbell is the Alaska state trooper in charge in Newenham, Alaska, and in charge of a large isolated area nearby. He has young, gung-ho officer Prince assisting him, and they come to investigate a murder in a remote village's post office location. Campbell's romantic interest, Wy, is also a bush pilot, so they often go to such remote places together when there is a problem. The problems multiply and things get more complicated as the reader finds out about two young men who were h [...]

    6. Wynet and Liam, Tim, Billie and Moses, Amanda, crazy bad guy, victim, John and ???Wynet & Liam's relationship is moving forward Liam is staying with Wy - in the camper when Tim is there, in her bed with Tim is away Liam tells her over & over he loves her when he is afraid their plane is going to crash and then Wy finally tells him the truth, that she had been married, had been pregnant, lost the baby, and cannot get pregnant Liam withdraws for a bit, but he tells her because she did not [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book it went into more background of the characters. Liam is living in a camper at Wy house unless Tim is gone then he sleeps in the house. Another murder has been found. Then another body discovered with the victim wife missing. Eventually Liam bf and Wy bf realize there is a serial killer out there on the loose. We also learn more about Prince and her background while she is set on closing cases regardless of who did the crime.

    8. I really like this series - the characters, and the setting. Not great literature but a worthwhile listen

    9. B&N Synopsis:"Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell, newly promoted to corporal, is slowly making a home for himself in the remote town of Newenham. Between DUIs and domestic disputes, life is relatively tranquil, until Campbell's girlfriend, bush pilot Wyanet Chouinard, delivers a shipment of mail to a remote post office, where she finds the postmistress murdered. The hunt is on for a killer who seems to have vanished into the Bush until another victim is found.The third book in Stabenow's Li [...]

    10. I'm not a huge mystery fan but when told about this author who sets her stories in Alaska & includes lots of description about the Alaskan lifestyle I had to read the story. Apparently I began with the 3rd book in this series (subtitle is A Liam Campbell Mystery) but as all good writers are able to do, Stabenow fills the reader in on just enough backstory to meet the characters. Liam Campbell is an Alaskan state trooper who has been "banished" to Newenbam a small community in the Bristol Bay [...]

    11. First paragraphs, "Newenham, September 1 A seven-foot Jayco popup camper perched unsteadily in the back of a Ford F250 truck is not the best of all possible beds for a six-foot-two-inch man. Even sleeping corner to corner, Liam’s feet still stuck over the edge. There was no toilet, no shower and no place to hang his clothes, in particular his uniform, which, to uphold the dignity of the Alaska State Troopers, maintain the authority of the judicial system and invoke the might and majesty of the [...]

    12. Liam and his new trooper partner Diana Prince are baffled by shootings and disappearances of women in a concentrated area of the bush. Wy is familiar with the area because of her mail route and flies Liam in to investigate. Moses, Bill, Tim and Amelia are headed to fish camp to get Amelia dried out and so Tim can avoid his birth mom who has managed to be sober a week running. A wilderness crazy man is looking for his next wife--he calls them all Elaine--and kills the husband and kidnaps the wife [...]

    13. Un troisième épisode des aventures de l'Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell mieux construit et plus consistant que les deux précédents.On y retrouve avec plaisir Liam & Wy, mais aussi quelques personnages secondaires, notamment Bill, la propriétaire d'un bar local/magistrat, et son compagnon Moses, qui réforme les accidentés de la vie à coup de Tai Chi.Le changement de point de vue narratif, entre les personnages familiers et ceux liés à l'intrigue policière, créé un récit dynam [...]

    14. #3 in the Liam Campbell series.Alaska state trooper Liam Campbell series - When Liam's lover, pilot Wy Chouinard, discovers the murdered Opal Nunapitchuk while delivering mail at lonely Kagati Lake, she calls Campbell and his assistant, Diane Prince. At first it seems a random assault; then a woman disappears after her husband is killed at their gold mining claim. When the troopers connect the crimes with a 20-year-old string of missing women, they know they're following a previously undetected [...]

    15. Stabenow knows every detail of living in the Alaskan bush from what wild berries to eat to how to fly an air route. This third Liam Campbell is not so much about Liam as it is about his bush pilot lover, Wy, who keeps finding bodies. There are many story threads: Wy's career as a pilot,Liam's law enforcement career implosion when he lost his wife and child, the background of Wy's foster son, the tale of an old shaman who hears voices, a city girl forced to live in the wilderness with her gold cr [...]

    16. Nothing Gold Can Stay is the third book in the Liam Campbell series. Set in the Alaskan Bush you get a sense of the people and atmosphere of the small community. Marguerite Gavin once again brings the characters to life and the feel of the community comes across in her performance. Dana Must Love Robert Frost because her book titles come from the Names of his Poems or phrases within his poems. This book and the series as a whole could be titled "Love and Murder and Murder and Murder". I for one [...]

    17. One reviewer states: “It is set in Alaska at the end of the 20th century. A bad slump in the fishing industry aggravates conditions caused by harsh weather, dark winters, and isolation. There is alcoholism and related domestic violence. Men beat their wives and parents abuse their children. A large number of people sleep around. The Alaska Bush has also become home to a variety of people ranging from eccentrics to a dangerous psycho.” All true, yet the author does such a good job of charact [...]

    18. I liked this one--the plot is sort of crazy and the reader/listener needs patience as all of the back stories and victims develop during the story. Stabenow clearly knows Alaska and does a great job writing about the location, people & culture. Some of the characters, Wy and Moses, for example, develop more fully in this book. All of those things seem to enhance the story. Some of the characters and locations are fascinating. Sometimes,I lost track of which/where the characters existed. The [...]

    19. Oh darn, finished the last of the Stabenow/Campbell series. I think I liked this one the least, had a hard time getting into it with those alternate chapters in some other character's voice.And/or maybe a little too much history for my taste - real history, not story background.Missing gals. Just disappearing off the face of the earth. Legendary Hairy Man - is he real, is he taking the gals? New trooper Diana Prince continues to wind up with dead body cases to solve. Jo the newspaper journalist [...]

    20. I can't believe I had to give one of these books a 2 star rating, but I went there with this one. I had to force myself to finish it.It was all about the style with this one. I hate books that try to tell us a story about characters that we don't need to know. I do not need to know the backstory of a woman that is going to be killed. That stuff is irrelevant to the story.I don't read Stabenow's books for the mystery, I read it for the further development of the main characters, and this book did [...]

    21. Some of the characters and locations are fascinating. However, there are too many of them and I completely lost track of which creek was which, who lived where and what they did by a few chapters into the book. The writing frequently jumps around with nothing to tie a paragraph into the flow of the plot. I had no idea what the significance was of some of the last four or five paragraphs in the book. And I don't really care to read the details of sex acts being performed by various characters. I [...]

    22. Corporal Liam Campbell and Trooper Diana Prince are battling what seemed like a series of 3 brutal murders in a small, remote area. As they investigate by splitting up into 2 investigative efforts with Wy's piloting assistance.Friends, extended family and a very disturbed person led to a disturbing discovery. Only 3 volumes into the set and I already had an attachment to the denizens of his 'home base'.CPL Campbell gets a.(ooops, almost spoiled it didn't I?)A subtly different approach to the Kat [...]

    23. I actually listened to this on CD in my car, and I really liked it. Lately, the books I've been listening to, even in my preferred genre of mystery thriller, have contained numerous sex scenes. I don't mind when I'm reading, because if I'm not interested, I can just skim or skip. In the car, I have to listen to every word, and sometimes I don't want to hear it, especially first thing in the morning :) This book had only limited sex without all of the graphic details (well, without most of the gr [...]

    24. Nothing Gold Can Stay is my first novel by Dana Stabenow and I enjoyed it. This is another audio book I picked up from the library and it seemed like the perfect winter mystery for my current reading mood. Stabenow didn’t let me down!Wy’s kick butt flying is the best part of Nothing Gold Can Stay! She obviously did her research because Stabenow nailed the aerial descriptions. It was great reading about good flying and I always appreciate the adventures of a fellow kick butt female pilot!!

    25. I liked this one! Even if the plot is sort of crazy, I liked all the back stories of the victims and how it came together. Reading this after MJ McGrath probably helped--Stabenow clearly knows Alaska and does a great job writing about the location, people & culture. All of those elements felt really natural and relatable to me.

    26. I've been reading Stabenow's Kate Shugak mysteries since the first one came out. Finally got around to reading the Liam Campbell books. I enjoyed the first two, and expect to enjoy this one, too, as well as the 4th one. They are quick reads, and as usual, feature Alaska as a character even more compelling than the human ones.

    27. I'm reading this book because I really, really liked Stabenow's Kate Shugak series, and I'd love to like another series.This book has all the technical skills of her other stuff I've read, but I don't think she has any strong feelings for her character or her story (which is what made Kate Shugak so fascinating). It's plenty good enough to finish the book, but I don't plan on reading another.

    28. Police procedural/thriller. Stabenow writes a highly charged story that grabs you from the first page and never lets go. As in all her books, the Alaska backcountry and its populace are important characters in their own right.

    29. Mystery in AlaskaThe Liam Campbell series by Dana Stabenow is a fascinating glimpse into life in the Alaska bush. The characters are very real and the stories are compelling enough to keep me reading late into the night.

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