• Title: Tales from the Perilous Realm
  • Author: J.R.R. Tolkien Alan Lee
  • ISBN: 9780007280599
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tales from the Perilous Realm Available for the first time in one volume this is the definitive collection of Tolkien s five acclaimed modern classic fairie tales in the vein of The Hobbit fully corrected and reset for this edi
    Available for the first time in one volume, this is the definitive collection of Tolkien s five acclaimed modern classic fairie tales in the vein of The Hobbit , fully corrected and reset for this edition and all beautifully illustrated in pencil by the award winning artist, Alan Lee.The five tales are written with the same skill, quality and charm that made The HobbitAvailable for the first time in one volume, this is the definitive collection of Tolkien s five acclaimed modern classic fairie tales in the vein of The Hobbit , fully corrected and reset for this edition and all beautifully illustrated in pencil by the award winning artist, Alan Lee.The five tales are written with the same skill, quality and charm that made The Hobbit a classic Largely overlooked because of their short lengths, they are finally together in a volume which reaffirms Tolkien s place as a master storyteller for readers young and old Roverandom is a toy dog who, enchanted by a sand sorcerer, gets to explore the world and encounter strange and fabulous creatures Farmer Giles of Ham is fat and unheroic, but having unwittingly managed to scare off a short sighted giant is called upon to do battle when a dragon comes to town The Adventures of Tom Bombadil tells in verse of Tom s many adventures with hobbits, princesses, dwarves and trolls Leaf by Niggle recounts the strange adventures of the painter Niggle who sets out to paint the perfect tree Smith of Wootton Major journeys to the Land of Faery thanks to the magical ingredients of the Great Cake of the Feast of Good Children.This new collection is fully illustrated throughout by Oscar winning artist, Alan Lee, who provides a wealth of pencil drawings to bring the stories to life as he did so memorably for The Hobbit and The Children of H rin Alan also provides an Afterword, in which he opens the door into illustrating Tolkien s world.World renowned Tolkien author and expert, Tom Shippey, takes the reader through the hidden links in the tales to Tolkien s Middle earth in his Introduction, and recounts their history and themes.Lastly, included as an appendix is Tolkien s most famous essay, On Fairy stories , in which he brilliantly discusses fairy stories and their relationship to fantasy.Taken together, this rich collection of new and unknown work from the author of The Children of H rin will provide the reader with a fascinating journey into lands as wild and strange as Middle earth.

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    1. Tolkien is often remembered for his vast fantasy worlds but he also wrote simple things, shorter works more in touch with the humorous themes of The Hobbit rather than the sense of darkness that permeates The Lord of the Rings. I’ve been reading through them again lately and they can all be found in this edition that collects the main ones together.The Adventures of Tom Bombadil Tom Bombadil is such an enigma. I mean who exactly is he? Some Tolkien fans would argue that he is Eru, the creator [...]

    2. No sé porqué he tardado tanto en leer estos relatos, quizás porque no esperaba gran cosa de ellos pero me he llevado una buena sorpresa. Me ha gustado MUCHÍSIMO 'El Herrero de Wootton Mayor', 'Hoja de Niggle' también es una preciosidad, y 'Las aventuras de Tom Bombadil' (aunque en verso) son un complemento perfecto para leer tras 'El señor de los anillos'.Los otros dos relatos me parecieron simplemente entretenidos pero todos tienen algo de original y único que solo Tolkien podía crear

    3. This collection of Tolkien's shorter works (Farmer Giles of Ham, Leaf By Niggle, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, and Smith of Wootton Major) rely on England's "tales of yore" and its faery-filled past. Though not what he is remembered for, they are intriguing reads. Their whimsical nature echos the more fanciful scenes in The Hobbit, but beyond that - and obviously the inclusion of Bombadil in Fellowship - there is little resemblance to these short works and his epics. (For something in the midd [...]

    4. Ya había leido antes, mucho antes, los cuentos Egidio el Granjero de Ham, El Herrero de Wootom Mayor, y Hoja de Niggle (lejos, mi favorito <3 ) que son fabulosos.Roveradom, lo vi por ahi en este sitio, y es más bien para niños, como dice una de esas historias inventadas para uno de sus hijos. Muy fantasioso, valga la redudancia, sencillo y hermoso.(view spoiler)[Arte de Alan Lee (hide spoiler)](el Hombre de la Luna)—¿Qué hace él solo todo el día? —dijo Roverandom a Rover. —¿Hace [...]

    5. La colección de obras menores de Tolkien es un poco desperdigada, unida por un tema no muy bien hilado de parte de su 'estate', que viene a ser más bien su hijo Christopher. La idea de mantenerlas todas reunidas en un solo volumen no hace mucho sentido salvo el que significó en su momento para sacar la obra 'refundida' de rigor que a veces milagrosamente nos llega cada cierto tiempo. Por eso, y más allá de la hermosa edición (mucho mejor la de Minotauro), se me hace más correcta la presen [...]

    6. No, Tom Bombadil, we just can't get along, no matter what you say. It's not you, it's me. And I do understand it's not your fault you've been written in verse. But it's just all working against you. Life's tough.Buy anyway. This is a funny book (I mean a strange one). It's hard to sum it up - to be honest, each of the fairytales deserves its own rating. But like I said, life can be tough, so we'll just have to do with a single one.I liked most of these fairytales (and hey, you already know which [...]

    7. Tanto tiempo sin leer a mi amado Tolkien."Fantasía es una tierra peligrosa, con trampas para los incautos y mazmorras para los temerarios"Cuentos desde el Reino Peligroso es una compilación que nos presenta cinco historias escritas por Tolkien a lo largo de su vida, algunas narradas originalmente de forma oral a sus propios hijos antes de ser ampliadas para su publicación y otras tantas escritas por sobre pedido de sus editores. Ademas contiene una introducción de Tom Shippey y un apéndice [...]

    8. librarians really need to work on Tales from the Perilous Realm. Some editions contain four stories, others five, and some also contain Tolkien's 'On Fairy-Stories'. I'm not sure they should all be combined.Anyway, today this arrived -- since my first copy, most irritatingly, did not include 'Roverandom', which is a fun story aimed at younger readers than the others, involving the adventures of a puppy who gets turned into a toy, and his marvellous journeys. It's the longest story in the collect [...]

    9. Cada uno de los cuentos que aparecen en este libro son una muestra de la maestría de Tolkien como narrador y creador de mundos. Y respecto al ensayo: "On Fairy-Stories" (Sobre los Cuentos de Hadas), repetiré lo que escribí en twitter esta mañana: debería ser lectura obligatoria para cualquiera que pretenda escribir (y leer) Fantasía en serio. Yo me demoré demasiado (más de lo justificable) pero creo que aún no es demasiado tarde.

    10. Lepo i potrebno izdanje koje objedinjuje sve nezavisne priče inspirisane keltskim i staroengleskim folklorom, kao i pesme o Tomu Bombadilu. Autentične ilustracije prvih, pojedinačnih izdanja svake od pripovesti su, takođe, zadržane i u ovom izdanju.

    11. I will say it time and time again but you can never go wrong with Tolkien. I know that his writing style and the structure and complexity of his narratives isn't for everyone, but this man and the worlds he has created have slowly but surely stolen their way into my heart.Tales from the Perilous Realm is a collection of three short stories set outside of the realm of Middle Earth and one poetry collection featuring legends and jests of the Shire at the end of the Third Age. I was prepared for ma [...]

    12. This edition seems to be combined with other editions that have different content -- mine contains only four stories: 'Farmer Giles of Ham', 'The Adventures of Tom Bombadil', 'Leaf by Niggle', and 'Smith of Wootton Major'. I've already read the latter in an extended edition. It's worth picking up this book -- or the version with 'Roverandom' in it as well -- to get an idea of Tolkien's real idea of fairy tales. Possibly best read along with 'On Fairy-Stories', which some editions also contain.'F [...]

    13. Tales from the Perilous Realm on audiobook was a delight. It's a BBC production, done up with sound effects and theatrical narration. It makes you feel like a child listening your grandfather tell you tall tales about the fantastical. I'm so glad I chose this for 1971 book read! :) The book is the telling of four of JRR Tolkien's fairy tales."Farmer Giles of Ham"Farmer Giles is a plump farmer living his quiet life in his village, Ham. One day a giant comes into his village and Giles manages to s [...]

    14. This review has been edited to fit right in line with ' reviewing principles. As such there are no:1. Hints to any potential censorship2. Off topic digressions3. Personal mentions of the author (just to be on the safe side)If you want the better review, it can be found at my Booklikes profile: headspinningfromvaguenessokIn a serious effort to remain on-topic, for fear of this review not being marketable and so on, I must first say that only one selection in this volume links into the world of Mi [...]

    15. There is a passage in one of the stories collected here that accurately sums up the content of the book itself. In "Leaf By Niggle," J.R.R. Tolkien describes a painting that the artist Niggle has been working on:It had begun with a leaf caught in the wind, and it became a tree; and the tree grew, sending out innumerable branches, and thrusting out the most fantastic roots Niggle lost interest in his other pictures; or else he took them and tacked them on to the edges of his great picture. Soon t [...]

    16. One of my favourite Tolkien books so far. The story of Roverandom was the absolute cutest and I really adored the poetry as well. The explanatory parts about fairy-stories was extremely interesting as well.

    17. Tolkien Schreibstil ist durchaus auch mal anstrengend, aber diese Ausgabe mit ihren Illustrationen ist einfach traumhaft

    18. Tengo bastante comprobado, a esta altura de mi vida, que algo con lo que no logro conectar es la literatura de Tolkien. Y admito esto con pesar, porque sabiendo cuánto le gustan sus obras a la mayoría de sus lectores, siento que no estoy logrando ver lo que ellos ven, por mucho que lo intente. De todos modos, al final, la realidad es que no todo está hecho para todo el mundo: los libros son como las personas y con algunos conectamos mejor que con otros.Si tuviera que explicar a qué se debe e [...]

    19. I checked this book out of the library originally for The Adventures of Tom Bombadil as part of a LOTR reading group, but I have to say I really enjoyed all the stories it contained, even those distantly or completely unattached to Middle Earth.

    20. Honestly I was mostly just bored while reading this.Roverandom - 3Farmer Giles of Ham - 3The Adventures of Tom Bombadil - 3.25Smith of Wootton Major - 3.5Leaf by Niggle - 3.75On Fairy-stories - DNF

    21. The Perilous Realm of the title is Faerie Land, but Tolkien has not people it with diaphanous butterfly-winged sprites, but by dangerous and enchanting elves, dragons and giants. The four branches of the book are each different from each other, despite the thematic connection.Farmer Giles of Ham is the most straight-forward of the stories, the tale of a "little man" (though of great girth!) who is reluctantly forced into a heroic role. It is a humorous and somewhat satirical tale, easily enjoyed [...]

    22. Tales from the primevael mythic land set in illo tempore by one of writers of fairy tales written in the form of novels such as Lord of the ring, the Hobbit. He is a master of artistic fairy tale where the marvellous rejoins the real, and becomes integrated into it. These tales are those that are outside his great of novels, yet they envoilp them in such way that they form their setting. Masters Giles or Aegidus of Hamo, village in an unknown indeterminate time, such of glory and chivalry when t [...]

    23. Very enjoyable. Farmer Giles of Ham was my favourite from a reader's point of view. I particularly wanted to read Leaf by Niggle and On Fairy Stories, having had them recommended so often by other authors. On Fairy Stories was longer and more scholarly than I expected, but the last few pages contained the gold -- Tolkien's famous coining of the term eucatastrophe (for a glorious happy ending) and his discussion of the Christian Story as the work of the Ultimate Author, the ultimate story that ha [...]

    24. Reviewed piece by piece:The Adventures of Tom Bombadil/book/show/3Smith of Wootton Major /book/show/1Farmer Giles of Ham /book/show/2Leaf by Niggle /book/show/6Roverandom /book/show/1 On Fairy-stories /book/show/1

    25. My one and only Tolkien read of the year 2014 (that still makes me sad!), but the quality of these stories was worth a thousand! Within it were several treasure troves that I dearly, dearly loved. Roverandom, of course. Farmer Giles of Ham, and Smith of Wootten Major. Tom Bombadil's songs. . . and the Leaf by Niggle. . . I enjoyed each one of them dearly. But I think the crown of this charming collection of more "light-hearted" stories, was Tolkien's own essay "On Fairy-Stories". That was great [...]

    26. Až se mě někdy někdo zeptá, kterou pohádkovou knihu bych mu doporučil, bude to tahle. Ať už normální, veršované, krátké, nebo dlouhé příběhy, všechny mají jedinečné a nezaměnitelné kouzlo. Tohle si brzy přečtu znovu, vždycky, když budu mít chmurné myšlenky, nebo jen špatný den. Díky, pane Tolkiene, za další skvělé čtení.

    27. I've just realised that I haven't added this book as read. (proper) Review will come when I'll re-read it. Note: Apart from The Adventures of Tom Bombadil (which is actually in verse) the rest of the stories are not part of the Middle-Earth universe. RoverandomFarmer Giles of HamSmith of Wootton MajorLeaf by NiggleOn Fairy Stories (essay)

    28. katanya sih dongeng anak.mang tidak se epik buku eyang tolkien yang laintapii.i world building nya luar biasa.as eyangdan saya rasaTolkien sudah menciptakan satu momen sejarah sastra sendiri

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