• Title: Margarettown
  • Author: Gabrielle Zevin
  • ISBN: 9781401359966
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • Margarettown Barnes Noble Discover Great New WritersReaders who enjoyed exploring the power and limitations of love in The Time Traveler s Wife and The Confessions of Max Tivoli will find a similarly magical set o
    Barnes Noble Discover Great New WritersReaders who enjoyed exploring the power and limitations of love in The Time Traveler s Wife and The Confessions of Max Tivoli will find a similarly magical set of circumstances at work in Zevin s tenderhearted novel The narrator of this tale, simply known as N is a teaching assistant who falls in love with one of his studenBarnes Noble Discover Great New WritersReaders who enjoyed exploring the power and limitations of love in The Time Traveler s Wife and The Confessions of Max Tivoli will find a similarly magical set of circumstances at work in Zevin s tenderhearted novel The narrator of this tale, simply known as N is a teaching assistant who falls in love with one of his students, Margaret Towne Though his love is reciprocated, it comes with a caveat For Maggie declares she is cursed Undaunted by her admission, N wants to marry her, so Maggie takes him home to meet her family But it doesn t take long for N to realize that something very strange is afoot in Margarettown for Maggie s family consists of a handful of women of varying ages each of whom carries a name derived from that of his beloved.Zevin s novel takes several unusual turns as she leads readers on a survey of the many forms of love Ultimately, the tale is revealed as a kind of diary, which N has written for his daughter But the narration changes midstream, and Maggie gets a chance to tell her side of the story before handing it off to the couple s unborn children In Margarettown, Zevin ingeniously demonstrates the challenges faced by an enduring love, during which time the beloved changes, only to become a conglomeration of many different personas Fall 2005 Selection

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    1. Ah this book was perfect for me right now, it seemed. Just one part-Margarette Towne's daughter ends up being named Jane. And near the end, N. gives her advice; it seems as it is written to me. It says: "I wish i could tell you to always follow your heart, but i think it is bad advice. You have a heart, yes, it is true, but also a brain and also a soul. I've come to believe that we love with our brains as much as our hearts. Real Love is not just instinct, but intent From year to year, you may n [...]

    2. An unconventional tale of love, life and death. But specially of love.You could say this is another story of an ordinary couple who fall in and out of love, as we all do sometime in life.Or you could say this is a unique tale of an extraordinary woman, who is five different women at the same time, and who dies because she is eighty-seven or thirty-five.A cursed woman or a blessed one, because she is loved, deeply and intensely loved by her husband, the narrator of the story.His voice is steady a [...]

    3. Have you ever seen Life is Beautiful? It's an Italian film set during the Holocaust, and it stars Roberto Benigni, the guy who said he wanted to “kiss everybody” when he accepted his Oscar for Best Actor for the role.It's absolutely magical, which may sound like a strange thing to say about a movie set primarily in a concentration camp, but that's what happens when someone as effusive and whimsical as Benigni is involved. He plays a man named Guido who is taken to Auschwitz along with his wi [...]

    4. Can I give this book five stars for every person whom has ever occupied "Christinetown"? If I could, I would. This book was so many things, and all of them were beautiful. It is a love story, it is a story of self-discovery, and it is a story of how we see others. Love, I have learned from this book and hope to learn from life, is not about loving just one person; it is about loving every person that one has been and every person they will become.

    5. From the synopsis, I thought I was picking up a book that was going to be an artsy metaphor about how people change over time. That's probably what it wanted to be, but it wasn't.It started out well enough, though I found that the characters spoke in a very unnatural, Fred Astaire movie sort of way, and the titular Margaret was some sort of manic pixie dream girl gone wrong from the getgo. The book eventually drops the metaphor and goes the fairytale route: there are quite literally several diff [...]

    6. I applaud the author's creativity. She's a great storyteller. I love how she wrote so creatively about the different people we all have inside us. If we could more easily see all those different aspects of our personalities when relating to others, the world would be a different place.Also, we all struggle to love our spouse, who also offers a range of different sides to their personality, some which we like much better than others. Yet we must deal with the whole person, even the parts we don't [...]

    7. What a neat, bizarre little book this was. Margarettown is actually a letter from father to daughter, telling the tale of how he meets her mother, Margaret, and his life thereafter. I loved the blurred lines between fable and reality, where you wonder if the narrator is being imaginative, a little deluded, or just trying to compensate for the aspects of Margaret he couldn’t understand. There is a deep sadness and regret in his remembering and retelling, tinged with a sense of humor and hope th [...]

    8. L'ho comprato (per fortuna in offerta) perché mi era piaciuto il primo romanzo di questa autrice, ma come ogni tanto accade, un grande successo purtroppo a volte è seguito da un racconto banale.La storia è strana, surreale, con diverse voci narranti; la Zevine probabilmente voleva scrivere qualcosa che avesse una morale, l'idea non era neanche malvagia, ma strutturata male.Non è terribile ma lo consiglio solo se preso in offerta.

    9. A slightly magical, quirky, insightful and sad story about various stages of life and love, Margarettown is a gem of originality. Our narrator, unreliable N. falls in love with Maggie, a self-proclaimed"cursed" woman, who then takes him home and introduces him to several versions of herself. The story then becomes more mundane, a marriage falling apart, slowly, but that also makes it more beautiful, more real, as the fairy tale love story is never really quite real, is it? The last part of the b [...]

    10. 3-3.5starFast reading. I like the concept at the 1st chapter, but it isn't executed well after that. The style is very like The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry which is better than this one, that's why this author become a better one.

    11. Despite how rather bizzare it was, I actually really enjoyed this read. I've only read Elsewhere by Zevin before and whilst I enjoyed it, I didn't love it, but I thought I'd give this one a go. Unfortunately, I was confused before I even started the book - by reading the blurb, I think anyone would agree, it looks like it must require a lot of concentration and re-reading. However, once I sat back and got into it, it really wasn't that difficult. Though it's not fully explained, if you don't loo [...]

    12. i found this book a little bizarre. it was good. and it had an interesting concept, which i can't really explain without giving a lot of the interesting stuff away. but the concept is sort of silly at the same time. all the same it's a great, easy read. no real work involved to get into the character development or storyline. it wraps you in almost immediately and you're eager enough to come back for more, to see what happens next.but i must warn that it was a little weird at parts. not really o [...]

    13. Read first Jan 04, 2011. Reading it again this weekend 5 years laterWow. It resonates so deep with me now, more so than it did right out of high school. I found myself highlighting quote after quote. I feel like as I grow older each year, I become more sentimental (even though I'm still cynical and an angry soul). I need more books like this in my life.From 2011:Amazing book. Unique story. I read it in one night. Definitely recommend.

    14. I can't help but imagine this book as a Wes Anderson film. I mean come on, there's already a character with an eye patch! This was a fun, fast read that was surprisingly thought-provoking. I tabbed several pages because I identified so strongly with Zevin's prose. "To go to sleep and wake up next to the same person for the rest of your life, to stay even when you long to go- these are the real rituals of love."

    15. The first words out of my mouth when I finished this book were, "this was lovely and confusing at the same time." And I think that's what Zevin was going forleaving it up to the reader to make their own endings, to come up with their own ideas about N. and Margaret Towne. It was a lovely and confusing book.

    16. I have to say that I considered stopping this book several times. I thought the weird outweighed anything else. I have to say, I am glad I finished it. The payoff was sweet and tender and changed my mind about the entire story up to that point.

    17. Ci sono quei libri che senti subito al primo colpo che sono stati scritti apposta per te, quei libri verso i quali non è solo la tua curiosità a guidarti ma qualcosa di più profondo che non riesci a spiegarti. E non so se con quello che segue riuscirò a rendere giustizia a questo libro e a quello che mi ha lasciato, non so se riuscirò a parlarne senza svelare troppo ma dicendo abbastanza per farvi capire com'è - non so se riuscirò a trattenere i troppi dettagli personali che troppo spesso [...]

    18. Libro scritto sotto forma di un padre che scrive una lettera prima di morire alla figlia di 9 anni. E già qui si preannuncia una tragedia. I personaggi hanno tutti bisogno di un bravo psicologo a partire dalla madre… Qualcuno ha definito il libro un inno all’amore dando alla scrittrice dei meriti che credo non abbia. Anche qui Gabrielle Zevin ha dato il meglio di se in un continuo susseguirsi di sfighe paurose e di personaggi fuori dal comune per le loro stravaganze e modi di vivere. Per bu [...]

    19. N's section reads a lot like a John Green novel in terms of how he describes his love for the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, and I nearly stopped reading it a couple of times, but it was worth finishing, and the chapters written from the perspectives of Margaret and Jane were very charming. I loved what was written about names in and also the name Margaret and all it's different forms and nicknames. I thought it was very weird how N writes about sex in the letters to his daughter, and the way the birth [...]

    20. A tale, soon to seem surreal and allegorical, about his lover Margaret, is narrated by N_ for their daughter Jane. Margaret's story away from him (told third person), and the opinions of other characters superimpose another view. Something like that. Ultimately the story doesn't end. Jane continues with her own choices made. This is a love story, and a story about the desires, complications and contradictions of love itself. I found it clever, amusing, deep, humane, fantastic, and insightful! I [...]

    21. Five Original StarsMargarettown is the strangest book I have ever read and I LOVED every word. Completely original, quirky, and thought provoking, I found it both funny and sad, somewhat relatable. The most unique book I have read in quite some time. It is the kind of book that begs to be read again. I will definitely be putting it on my re-read list.

    22. Read this after loving Zevin's "The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry" While I liked Fikry better, this was an interesting read as well.

    23. A journal of a dying father for his young daughter to tell her the story of how her parents met and fell in love. It hints at a mystical tale which is quickly resolved/abandoned to drone on about two unlikeable people. . even worse they are two boringly, unlikeable people. It switches point of view a few times for no real reason that would improve the story. I think there is a hint at a mystical story related to the daughter at the conclusion, but I was trying to finish and didn't care enough to [...]

    24. This is a sweet, weird love story. It reads like a fairy tale. Favorite quote: "Oh, all stories are the same, aren't they? Men and women fall in love or out of love. People are born; people die. It all ends happily or it all ends sadly, and the difference matters only to the people involved."

    25. Don't read this if you want clear cut reality. I found it a moving love story full of truth and fantasy.

    26. Sorry Gabrielle! I loved your other books and had to return this one to the library unfinished. Glad I'd read your other books first.

    27. I wanted a bit more of the supernatural - but still enjoyed it. Janie is going to love this book.

    28. "Siamo tutte delle città. E, col passare degli anni, le persone che vengono a vivere dentro di noi diventano sempre più numerose."L'altra metà del mondo racconta una storia particolare, una storia d'amore poco convenzionale e molto complessa. Il romanzo è una sorta di lunga lettera che il protagonista scrive alla figlia Jane. In questa lettera le racconta di Maggie, la madre che non ha avuto l'opportunità di conoscere, e di Margarettown, il posto da cui veniva. Le racconta del loro amore na [...]

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