• Title: A Daily Rate
  • Author: Grace Livingston Hill
  • ISBN: 9780891900207
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Daily Rate An unexpected inheritance brings Celia Murray everything she never dreamed of But will she find a man who can share the secret desire of her heart
    An unexpected inheritance brings Celia Murray everything she never dreamed of But will she find a man who can share the secret desire of her heart

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    1. This is a little story about a country girl who is forced to go to the city for a job. She misses her aunt who has raised her, and whose situation is even worse than her own. Her life is dim, without much hope of improvement, but things quickly change.It is satisfying to read about the changes she makes to the little boarding house. As usual in Mrs. Hill's books, there is a romance going on as well. This is a weakness of the book, as the reader can see through the circumstance that, for a while, [...]

    2. (Kindle edition) This is a historical romance set in 1900, when the "Three Cents Store" still existed. It's a clean romance between a young woman who runs a boarding house and her hardworking, helpful boarder, a minister with an extremely big heart. Their relationship is heart-warming, but even more heartwarming is the STORY of her dysfunctional boarders, and how they benefit from Celia's tender loving care.I love Grace Livingston Hill's work and had never heard of this book until my sister foun [...]

    3. This is one of those touchstone books that I go back to when I need the comfort of something gentle and familiar. So this was perfect to read while fighting a cold on a particularly blustery evening.The concept of this story is what I love most of all. A sweet girl staying in a rather dismal boarding house amuses herself by thinking of how she would better things for her fellow boarders. Then when a windfall comes her way, sets out to do just that. The idea of using a boarding house as a mission [...]

    4. Celia Murray is trying to make ends meet, working as a ribbon girl in a store and living in a cheap boardinghouse. Her maiden aunt Hannah is living with a niece, where she is unappreciated and overworked. When Celia comes into an unexpected inheritance, she sets her sights on improving the boardinghouse and her aunt's life. In the process, she learns to trust in God for her daily needs while helping others with their problems.This novel was written in 1900, and is of a very different style than [...]

    5. Decades since I read one of Grace Livingston Hill's books. Read them as a teenager. Read it more for the nostalgia, and to compare what I read then with what I read now. It's not something I would read all the time. It's very clean, quite old-fashioned, and full of Scripture. The faith element is strong. There is a strong element of right and wrong. The characters are believable and realistic. The book revolves around the characters' growth with little in the way of plot. Much of it is in the ma [...]

    6. This one was a bit moreeachy. But sometimes, we need something preachy. I was reminded throughout to cast my cares on Jesus and that I may plant the seed, but God waters it. So, I came away encouraged to keep doing my best for Christ. The plot was okay, it just got a bit slow and wordy at times.

    7. Blessed anew every time I read it.I have read this book multiple times and never fail to be comforted by it. Our failure to trust Him is the cause of much of our stress and the author delivers that lesson in a delightful story. A very good read indeed.

    8. One of Grace L. Hill's better books. I love the old fashioned settings mixed with timeless truths about faith, character, and a genuine love for others.

    9. Yeah, ok, I'm a little scattered right now! I have 3 books going in 3 different genres! All very good

    10. This is one of my favorite GLH books. Such a sweet story about a young girl in the big city. When her fortunes change, she finds herself the owner of a boarding house. She and her aunt decide to bring it back to its former glory days. I think GLH is at her best when she is writing about homemaking and the love and attention it requires. Of course, there is romance involved. It's an easy read and an enjoyable one, too.

    11. This is one of Grace Livingston Hill's earliest books, and, so far, I think, her best. She has not yet been influenced by her critics but is unhampered in sharing her Christian faith in this missive. It is bright in its outcome, but very clear on the evils of society and the choices that each of us must make. So refreshing and still applicable for our day!

    12. This book was such a sweet GLH. Of coarse, I haven't know many that aren't. The theme was very good, and I loved the characters.

    13. An inspiring story of developing faith.This is a good story for anyone who has felt dejected. It provides hope to work on improving ones self.

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