• Title: The Ragwitch
  • Author: Garth Nix
  • ISBN: 9780060508074
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Books by Award Winning Author Garth Nix Old Kingdom Books, novels, and short fiction written by Garth Nix, award winning author of the Old Kingdom, Keys to the Kingdom, and Seventh Tower Series, children s and young adult science fiction and fantasy novels The Old Kingdom Series by Award Winning, Young Adult The books in The Old Kingdom Series by award winning author Garth Nix Titles include Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen, Clariel. Abhorsen Abhorsen is a fantasy novel by Australian writer Garth Nix, first published in .It is the third book in the Old Kingdom series following Sabriel and Lirael Abhorsen features Lirael, who is the recently revealed Abhorsen in Waiting Prince Sameth, who is Lirael s new found nephew and descendant of the Wallmakers Mogget, a bound servant of the Abhorsen line and the Disreputable Dog. Lirael Lirael called Lirael Daughter of the Clayr in some regions is a fantasy novel by Garth Nix and illustrators Leo and Diane Dillon, first published in .Named for its central female character, Lirael is the second in his Old Kingdom trilogy, preceded by Sabriel and continued in Abhorsen Black Eyes of Evil All The Tropes Wiki FANDOM powered Traditionally, a cheap and easy way to show that a character is evil is the use of coloured contact lenses in live action, or coloured or glowing eyes in animation Since the s, however, a new trend has emerged the Black Eyes of Evil. Books Books at The Books homepage helps you explore Earth s Biggest Bookstore without ever leaving the comfort of your couch Here you ll find current best sellers in books, new releases in books, deals in books, Kindle eBooks, Audible audiobooks, and so much .

    The Ragwitch From the author of Abhorsen comes classic fantasy set in a world dominated by the Ragwitch a being of sinister destructive intent Quiet easygoing Paul never expected to be cast in the role of savio
    From the author of Abhorsen comes classic fantasy set in a world dominated by the Ragwitch, a being of sinister, destructive intent.Quiet, easygoing Paul never expected to be cast in the role of savior But his strong willed sister, Julia, has come under the thrall of the Ragwitch, and Paul himself is drawn not only into the creature s world but into a battle for Julia s vFrom the author of Abhorsen comes classic fantasy set in a world dominated by the Ragwitch, a being of sinister, destructive intent.Quiet, easygoing Paul never expected to be cast in the role of savior But his strong willed sister, Julia, has come under the thrall of the Ragwitch, and Paul himself is drawn not only into the creature s world but into a battle for Julia s very existence as well as his own.

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    1. While this book doesn't have the complexity of the Sabriel series (it is his first publish, after all), I thought it was a lovely story. It's a great older kid/young adult read, the characters and story are interesting, and the fantasy world centering around being trapped inside a ragdoll-witch is clever and fun. If you have kids, I'd encourage you to share it with them! As an adult, I found it a pleasant way to while away some time.

    2. As it says, I started but did not finish this. I picked it up at the library because I was looking for more Nix after finishing the Old Kingdom trilogy. It's hard to believe that they are by the same author, although as others have written, this is his first published work. Mediocre is the word I would use to describe it. Despite the length, it really is written for older children or younger teens, and not just because of the age of the characters. The writing style is very direct and literal. E [...]

    3. I read this on a vakation to Sweden when I was 13. I did not like it much but somehow I remember it, which is special, since I don't remember anything else that I read that year. It will always be connected to Within Temptations Jillian, a song I had on repeat when reading this book, even though the song Jillian(I'd give my heart) is about another set of books entirely. Whenever I hear as much as the opening choirds this books comes to mind. So 3 stars for sentimental value.

    4. I fell in love with Garth Nix's writing during the course of reading The Abhorsen Chronicles (and Sabriel in particular). In comparison to Abhorsen, this novel, I felt, just couldn't stack up.The idea behind this story is very interesting, Garth Nix has a talent of making his fantasy worlds unfold as if you are there, and this is no exception. Following the journey of Paul, as with Sabriel, the reader is slowly introduced into a world of danger, friends, enemies, and intrigue. Unlike Sabriel, th [...]

    5. I just expected more from Garth Nix, because I love his Abhorsen trilogy, and have been enjoying reading Shade's Children. I feel that the Ragwitch story dragged on and had a lot of unessessary plot additions, and a lot of unbelievablely lucky and slightly annoying circumstances. The main character wasn't even very lovable or even likable. He was always complaining, and I was hoping to see that he grew from his complainyness and became stronger as the story went on, but that didn't seem to happe [...]

    6. Standard boy who doesn't want to be a hero? Check.Standard girl who isn't smart enough/is too strong-willing to avoid the ancient enemy/evil artifact? Double-check.Standard quirky fantasty side-kick? Check.Standard helpful kickass hero (with a side of love-lorn maundering)? Double-check.Standard quizzical oddball wise mentor? Double-check.Standard deus ex machina happy ending? Check.What is it with Nix and having great concepts, but not being able to make plots and books that live up to them? Th [...]

    7. Two children, Julia and Paul are drawn towards a strange mound on a beach. Julia digs in the top of the mound and discovers a ball of feathers which she unravels and finds a rag doll inside - the Ragwitch. The adventure then begins where Julia is assimilated into the witch and becomes a part of her brain and both children fall into a different world. They meet many strange creatures and people in their efforts to rescue Julia and the people from the otherworld from the clutches of the Ragwitch a [...]

    8. Not as good as Nix's other works (notably the Abhorsen series and Shade's Children). I haven't read this book in a while, but I remember being bored by it. Where was the dynamic, intriguing world that Nix usually creates? Still, if you're a fan of Nix, I suggest you pick this up anyway. You may not reread it, but it's worth reading once.

    9. [Quick and short review from memory before I re-read and re-review at a later date:Hmmm There are things I remember of this though I also remember it being a bit lacklustre and odd. I am quite excited to re-read it, though.]

    10. Two Australian children accidentally free an ancient evil, and are sucked into the magical world she came from. A little young and too travelogue-y for my taste, but the magic is (as always with Nix) fantastically inventive and oftentimes disturbing.

    11. Got to page 250 and just couldn't stay with it. Not interesting enough. I would have thought it would be in the juvenile section instead of YA.

    12. This book was so uncharacteristically bad that I couldn't get more than halfway through it before I gave up. It pained me but I simply couldn't justify reading the whole thing.

    13. This made my recent flight to Boston just rush by. It's got a retelling of Snow Queen flavor to it, though too intense for young kids.

    14. It's pretty rare that a young adult novel can actually scare me, but the beginning of this book deals with possession and Nix really weaves a scary description of what's going on and how. It's very sinister and I loved feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand up a little bit and that little twinge of paranoia that made me want to look behind me, even though I've already read this book at least a couple of times now. Never fails!The characters in this book are all rich and interesting and f [...]

    15. It only took me about fifteen years to finish this book. I'm not sure why, because it's not a terrible book. It takes a while to get going, and it's definitely aimed at older children rather than late teens then early 30s me, but it's really not bad.The Ragwitch is essentially a pretty classic fantasy quest, with horrible creatures, tasks that must be completed just because, and a big bad evil. The difference here is that the story begins when the big bad evil swallows up one of our protagonists [...]

    16. At the time it was a really nice book, I don't read much books at all and mostly watch anime. So it was interesting to read a story like this because some of the concepts were fresh to me compared to the media I usually consumed, if you enjoy anime fantasy then this book may appeal to you, the fantasy itself can't really be described as anime, but certain tropes are very much present to be able to compare it to the usual Isekai story, except it isn't shit.

    17. interesting read. I found the world and the plot compelling; the Ragwitch makes for a fascinating antagonist and the magic feels ancient and deep, like Patricia McKillip's. the main characters are children, so prepare for inevitable whining about their fate, but not so much as from a certain Mr. H. Potter. all in all I would recommend this young adult book to pretty much anyone.

    18. So much better than I expected! Really enjoyed it , very much an adventure book and kind of reminded me of the kind of books I used to read ^_^

    19. It was pretty entertaining. There was plenty of action from beginning to end. I wish a little more time was spent with characters like Aleyne and Lyssa. It was pretty good overall though.

    20. Meh. I don't know why, but this was very ho-hum. Not exactly boring, but it just didn't grab me or keep my interest. It lacked the excitement and enchantment that makes books special. Optional read.

    21. Are there such things as evil, demonic dolls that consume your essence, your very soul? (And no, this is not about Furbies. And for those of you that had previously forgotten about those, you are welcome.) But what if there were such toys, or at least just one? Well, in the mind of Garth Nix there exists such a creature of pure evil. The Ragwitch.Paul and Julia are on holiday and are strolling along the Australian shore when Julia finds a rag doll. She loves it. Paul thinks it is evil and he is [...]

    22. Ok, well, this book was TERRIBLE. But it improved somewhat as the ending approached.Typical of Nix, his descriptions of magical things were gorgeous. The magical creatures were interesting (while not exactly innovative,) the antagonist was unique; my main complaints surround the main characters.I have no idea what Paul looks like. None. He is the hero of the book, and I didn't even find out his age until forty pages into the book, in the second chapter, where we discover Paul is a short and slig [...]

    23. The Ragwitch is the oldest of Garth Nix's books that I have read to-date.I thought it was a good story. You can see his fingerprints all over it. Though there is a clear "good" and "bad" side in the conflicts in this book, the choices faced by the protagonists are neither clear-cut nor easy. Nix's tendency toward the use of horror tropes in his fantasy were also evident.The villain of the piece is the Ragwitch, a horrible creature who once devastated an entire kingdom before being forced out of [...]

    24. This felt like a very amateur effort from Nix. The story has an ostentatiously spooky beginning and goes downhill from there. There seems to be no structural reason for the two main characters to hail from Earth instead of the land of the story, except to give other characters the excuse to explain things to them (and there's other ways to shoehorn that in there; amnesia, sheltered home life, prologue). Instead, because it begins in Australia but immediately jets off into FantasyLand, the story [...]

    25. well what can I say. It is really really hard to give a book a low rating. I love books so much that it is somewhat disappointing to not really like one. Ugh.This copy of Nix's The Ragwitch came to me a few months ago in a second hand bookstore. It was there wanted by no one, but it caught my eye at that time in midst of all the I made scouring in the tower of books. Too bad I did not had a chance to buy it at that time. It caught my interest because my girlfriend gave me a copy of Lirael (which [...]

    26. This isn’t a great novel, by any means. True, it has action, adventure, magic and bloodshed. But there is a hurriedness to the story that made me feel rushed along with barely any exposition, a style more suited to a children’s tale than one designed for young adults who presumably have a longer attention span. In the space of one chapter, young Julia finds a doll and gets consumed by the malign presence in it. Her brother Paul sees that it’s evil (how does he know?) but Julia doesn’t. T [...]

    27. Wasn't sure about this one at first - I'm a huge Garth Nix fan, but when I first started it I was a bit thrown by the age this was aimed at. It seemed scary enough to be twelve plus, but the main character's voice felt younger than that. But hey, I'm all for scary stuff for the young'uns, the scarier the better. As I read on I liked it more - it's true to Nix's style of familiar fantasy done in refreshing ways. So here we have the old quest to find the spirits of earth, air, fire and water, but [...]

    28. Even when he's not sure how to write a book yet, Garth Nix knows how to build a world. In this book, he doesn't really know what to do with the unique and fascinating place he has created in his head: the dialogue is a bit stilted, the ending swoops up too quickly, and the pacing is rather atrocious, lagging and then rushing and back again; BUT I could feel the bones of his world underneath all of it. Perhaps because of the pacing, I kept getting the feeling that there was so much more to this t [...]

    29. An interesting YA novel about a sister and brother, Julia and Paul. Julia accidentally wakes up the Ragwitch, an ancient evil being from another world. The Ragwitch takes over Julia's body, something Paul notices but their parents miss completely, and then takes Julia to her home world. Paul, usually the one to follow Julia, sneaks into the other world in an attempt to rescue Julia.The story alternates between Julia, who is stuck inside the mind of the Ragwitch, and Paul, who is trying to find a [...]

    30. This book wasn't bad, but it's really obvious that this is Garth Nix's first book. One of my friends told me that this is Garth Nix's best work, but I beg to differ. The pacing is a bit rushed at times, and only half of the fantasy world is fleshed out. Also, you never learn Julia's age, or what she looks like at all throughout the whole book. You can kind of see her personality, but I have no idea if she's Paul's older or younger sister, if she has long or short hair, NOTHING! I had no idea how [...]

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