• Title: The Love Letter
  • Author: Cathleen Schine
  • ISBN: 9780312426989
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Love Letter Independent irresistible Helen MacFarquhar is the owner of a bookstore in an idyllic seaside town in New England A happily divorced mother who enjoys a playful relationship with her customers Helen
    Independent, irresistible Helen MacFarquhar is the owner of a bookstore in an idyllic seaside town in New England A happily divorced mother who enjoys a playful relationship with her customers, Helen s life is turned upside down when an anonymous letter arrives, penned by an unknown lover.

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    1. Heard about the book because of the movie, which was okay but good in parts. The setting and the bookstore especially. Oh and Ellen of course.So while browsing the shelves (isn't it always), I saw the book and the cover is nice, what with the beach in the background. Gives off a cozy vibe in a way.Anyway, you have a bunch of characters, a mysterious love letter and a bookstore. But mostly it revolves around two characters, bookstore employees Helen and Johnny and a love affair begins.All because [...]

    2. Non so se può fare parte della letteratura erotica ma così io l’ho percepito di una sensualità molto delicata ma ugualmente avvolgente, dignitosa misurata: una ardente storia d’amore tra una donna matura divorziata e un giovane studente figlio di amici, il tutto in una torrida estate del New England in cui entrambi i protagonisti si ritrovano temporaneamente senza i familiari.Il giallo della lettera forse è l’aspetto del libro che meno mi ha coinvolto, nebuloso e mal sviluppato.

    3. This is one of those books I meant to read years ago and finally got around to, simply because it slipped out of a pile and fell on my foot, and I took the hint.One of the basic rules about telling stories, or at least one of the rules I agree with, is that somehow, in the course of the story, the main character has to change. Not in any particular way or direction, but the story itself has to work on the main characters in some observable way. Cathleen Schine took a main character I didn’t li [...]

    4. Judging from the title, you'd think this was a genre romance novel, but with glowing reviews from the NY Times Book Review, Vogue, LA Times, and Boston Globe on the back cover, you know it's not. I picked up this book on a whim, going by said reviews, and thinking it was recent. Turns out it was published in 1995. That usually doesn't bother me - and if it's still considered good enough to be found in the local bookstore chain, much less still in publication, that's typically a good sign. It has [...]

    5. Ricordo poco, ma la sensazione �� che mi sia piaciuto poco: mai avuto voglio di riavvicinarmi a un altro libro di Schine. E questo qualcosa significa, per forza di cose.

    6. Come ci si innamora? Si casca? Si inciampa, si perde l'equilibrio e si cade sul marciapiedi, sbucciandosi un ginocchio, sbucciandosi il cuore? O è come rimanere sospesi oltre l'orlo di un precipizio, per sempre?

    7. There is nothing more satisfying than realizing that the book you have on hand is actually fun and engaging and you cannot stop reading. This is such book.I picked this book, stylishly, in a used bookstore somewhere in Europe. I've always conjured up images of chic little me browsing smelly and musty but chic used bookstores with sunglasses chicly perched on my head picking up chic literary gems. However, upon flipping the first few pages at home, I was disappointed with this book and its excess [...]

    8. I think this is a fantastic novel. It's not terribly long and the plot is fairly simple, but Cathleen Schine's humor and ability to play with our social norms (as well as literature and language) are absolutely delightful. I laugh every time I re-read it! I really enjoy her main character, a bookshop owner (Helen) who is divorced and relishing her freedom with all sorts of men. I don't want to give away the plot, but let's just say she (very humorously) finds herself in bed with an unexpected lo [...]

    9. It's a little bit of a guilty pleasure only because it was turned into a terrible, terrible film with Kate Capshaw and Tom Selleck (myself, I would have cast Jim-from-the-Office in the role of Johnny, but he was probably a fetus when the movie was in production).So forget the movie if you saw it and read this book for a charming contemporary love story.

    10. Helen è una quarantenne che vive a Pequot per scelta, e per scelta manda avanti la piccola libreria che gestisce, insieme a qualche dipendente di troppo. Un giorno riceve una misteriosa lettera d'amore, tanto particolare quanto bizzarra, con la quale la protagonista entra in sfida, cercando di capire e scervellandosi, giorno dopo giorno, su che cosa la lettera significhi e su chi avrebbe potuto scriverla - e a chi, ovviamente -. La narrazione procede poi per descrizioni e dialoghi, sentimenti e [...]

    11. Helen MacFarquar is a 42-year-old, divorced single mother who runs a bookstore. She has this happy, settled life until she comes across a mysterious love letter, which (being a little self-absorbed) she immediately assumes is inspired and addressed to herself. Helen finds this letter so intense, that she becomes obsessed with it, and it disrupts her inner peace. The mystery of where the letter came from, and who it concerns, draws her into having an affair with a 20-year-old summer hire."Dear Go [...]

    12. The summary: Helen, the single-mom boss of her own bookstore in a college town, finds a love letter of which the writer and recipient is unknown to her, but it changes her life anyway. Her thoughts turn to love and letters, and her new 20-year-old employee Johnny, who has a crush on her. Their secret affair tears at them and threatens to be exposed as their various family members come back to live with them in Pequod.[return][return]As for the writing, the first half is torture, with its repetit [...]

    13. Ok, this book is perhaps a little cheesy, but it's also an entertaining read and actually has better writing than I thought it would have. The characters even mostly escaped being either stereotypes or ciphers, and their relationship developments while nothing overly exciting actually surprised me. At least seeing them bounce around each other as the letter changes hands, and reading the different ways they all take the letter them into themselves and assume it's about them or meant for them, wa [...]

    14. I just finished The Love Letter by Cathleen Schine and it was not my cup of tea! The plot revolves around Helen, a 42-year old bookstore owner, and Johnny, her 21-year-old summer employee, and a love letter that Helen finds in her pile of mail one day. The problem for me was that Helen was so obnoxious and extremely self-absorbed. She was rude to everone, including her customers, and forced her literary opinions onto everyone who walked through her doors. Personally, if I had lived in her town a [...]

    15. This is one of those books that I appreciated on an intellectual level but couldn't connect with emotionally. Cathleen Schine is an inventive and thoughtful writer, and the rich inner lives she creates for her characters far exceed the depth of a more typical romance novel. But Schine also spends SO much time in her characters' heads that the pacing suffers, and I had to really force myself to get through this. Also, while the main character is supposed to be charismatic and irresistible, I foun [...]

    16. I really liked The Three Weissmanns of Westport by the same author, so I finally took this off my personal bookshelf. I gave it 100 pages, but I really couldn't get into it. I didn't care about the characters, I didn't sympathize with their concerns, etc. And while that isn't necessarily a requirement for me to enjoy a book, the author seemed to be trying very hard to make me understand the characters motivations. And I guess I didn't really care

    17. This started out so great; saturated and indulgent language, a mysetrious letter, a lady on her own, I was all in. Then I reached chapter 7 and I was waiting for another letter to arrive and for the plot to get past Johnny. And then I realised it wouldn't. I felt like I'd been promised so much but was suddenly left treading water. Then it all became more of the same rather quickly. How disappointing! The ending was so anti climatic, wow, what a lazy way to finish the story.

    18. It took me awhile to decide if I was going to keep reading this book because it moved so slowly, but then I got to a point where I couldn’t put it down. The main character, ornery, charming, very funny Helen, a forty-something book store owner, and the mystery of the love letter are why. This love letter arrives out of the blue and anonymously on Helen’s doorstep – and becomes the center of the story, a funny, feisty romance.

    19. I found this book browsing at the library. The cover was cute, and the story sounded intriguing. But, it just wasn't very good. I didn't much like the heroine, Helen. I think she was meant to be quirky, but she just came off as strange. I couldn't understand why so many of the other characters admired her. I can't really put my finger on what I didn't like about the story. I guess it simply wasn't as intriguing as it sounded.

    20. A book which, I don't know how, managed to escape the Harmony collection. HORRIBLE. Every character is forced to be someone special and always do something special, which I find to be pretentious and false. it pretends to be humorous when it simply is banal. I hated it. What should have been the main point of the whole plot (the letter) is just scattered around the story.

    21. This book is yummy! I love, love, love the intoxicating prose and the heady descriptions of illicit infatuations. It is worth reading simply for all of the bookstore scenes, but I guarantee you will never look at an orange the way again. And who knew shoelaces could be so romantic? Be prepared -the good stuff doesn't start till midway through the book. :)

    22. Non so perché, ma dopo aver letto questo coso ho pensato "questo è il tipico libro che un uomo regala a una donna se prova, verso quest'ultima, una pulsione alla conoscenza biblica", una sorta di metafora della clava in era paleolitica o mesozioca(scusate l'ignoranza); non so perché l'abbia pensato, ma non trovo altra ragione per l'esistenza di una tale cavolata.

    23. I remember this as a nice beach read. Characters were charming enough to hold my attention on a summer day in Stone Harbor, NJ. If I had time, I'd re-read this one.

    24. Una bella libraia divorziata con una figlia di dieci anni appassionata del suo lavoro riceve una misteriosa lettera d'amore. La lettera che non ha né mittente né destinatario, inizia con "Cara Capra" e termina con "tuo Montone", intriga molto la protagonista che cercherà per tutta la durata del romanzo chi possa averla scritta con tanta ironia e con passione. Nel frattempo nasce un amore che per la società in cui vivono è proibito La lettura è scorrevole, come si evince dalla lettera c'è [...]

    25. A semi-sleazy love story between a mid-40s book store owner and her 20-something employee who becomes her lover. As with so many of Schine's characters, she's not especially likable. Much more interesting are her mother, who comes out in the closing pages, and her grandmother, who has traveled and moved from place to place throughout her life. The three end up back on Cape Cod in the family home, where they appear to come to understand each other better than at any time in their lives--maybe bec [...]

    26. Mi aspettavo un libro totalmente diverso. Fatica un po' ad ingranare, soprattutto per colpa della protagonista. Helen sarà anche una donna forte e risoluta, ma è estremamente arrogante e, diciamolo pure, antipatica. È una di quelle persone con cui vuoi avere a che fare il meno possibile, quindi sopportarla per un intero romanzo è faticoso. La storia poteva essere un po' più profonda, un po' meno banale, un po' meno rapida in alcuni punti. Il "colpo di scena" finale purtroppo non ha sollevat [...]

    27. A bookseller myself for 25 years, I am a sucker for books about bookstores and booksellers. And this was a great little world. But Helen is deeply unlikeable and doesn't ever develop, so I didn't find her romance believable. A terrible authorial miscalculation for a book with this title.

    28. That was painful. I had to force myself to finish. I wouldn't say it was a horrible book, maybe just not for me. It picked up in the second half but it was not a book I looked forward to reading.

    29. Could not make myself finish this book. Too many other books I want to read to waste my time on this one.

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