• Title: The Miracle
  • Author: Irving Wallace
  • ISBN: 9780765353337
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Miracle The Vatican Announces that the Virgin Mary will return to Lourdes this year to Perform A Miracle Cure Will It Be A Miracle Or Will It Be A Fraud Precious lives loves and happiness are at stake Ken C
    The Vatican Announces that the Virgin Mary will return to Lourdes this year to Perform A Miracle Cure Will It Be A Miracle Or Will It Be A Fraud Precious lives, loves, and happiness are at stake Ken Clayton the young American who abandons medical treatment for the chance of miracleEdith Moore the Englishwoman whose miracle cure has made her famous against her willGiseleThe Vatican Announces that the Virgin Mary will return to Lourdes this year to Perform A Miracle Cure Will It Be A Miracle Or Will It Be A Fraud Precious lives, loves, and happiness are at stake Ken Clayton the young American who abandons medical treatment for the chance of miracleEdith Moore the Englishwoman whose miracle cure has made her famous against her willGisele Dupree, the French girl whose desperation to escape Lourdes will lead to violenceLiz Finch the hard bitten journalist who wants to expose Lourdes and its miraclesAt the climax comes a surprise twist that only master storyteller Irving Wallace could pull off First published in 1984 The Miracle has everything we expect from Wallace at his best rich, authentic detail, fast paced plotting, suspense, and vivid characters.

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    1. I'm not exactly finished but I will be finishing this during my trip, so I'm taking care of the paperwork now. I'll try to remember to come edit this into a proper review when I get back at the end of November.But for now there will be a miracle at Lourdes. The Virgin Mary will return and cure one person. Who will that be? The man from Chicago with bone cancer? The high-level Russian politico with muscular dystrophy? The blind Italian actress? Someone else I haven't met yet?I read this book many [...]

    2. The church announces the discovery of documents containing the secret prophecy of the Lady of Lourdes to St. Bernadetteat the Virgin will reappear during a specific 8 day period. Wallace takes us to Lourdes for these eight days and introduces us to a cast of characters drawn here for a variety of reasons. Set against a detailed description one of the world's most popular pilgrimage sites, this is an exploration of the meaning and role of faith and science in people's lives. Do miracles really oc [...]

    3. The book had been lying in and around bookshelves and cabinets in my house for very many years till the day i was thoroughly bored and having nothing better to read i finally took it up. Not a very attractive story-line, not a compelling read, not an unheard of tale either. The miracle through its story and characters, describes the different relationships we as individuals share with God, our greatest fears and our deepest desires. Be it Hinduism or Christianity or any other religion, faith var [...]

    4. As an Orthodox Christian, I perceive this book a completion of the Book of Acts in the Holy Bible. The book by no means advocates a point of view to believe or not to believe in miracles. Yet, owing to its beautiful thrilling style, it leaves you with no clue what to expect will happen next. The embodiment of the struggle of faith and science, religion and reason will never end. And in this book, this dilemma has been tackled by Irving Wallace beautifully, skillfully, and tactfully; he has manag [...]

    5. As Irving Wallace revealed in his novel “The Miracle” heavenly (or earthly) intervention can come in many forms.As the faithful flock to Lourdes in hope of a visitation of the Virgin Mary or a cure from an ‘incurable’ disease, others have their sights set on more down to earth matters.The diverse group of characters in this book range from a desperate journalist looking for a big scoop to guarantee the advancement of her career, to an already cured woman and her greedy husband awaiting f [...]

    6. The book starts out with a reasonable premise. Lourdes visionary Bernadette Soubirous actually did say she'd heard her "beautiful lady" tell her three secrets which she never revealed. And as a nun, she actually would have kept a journal of some sort. In this story, Wallace postulates that Bernadette put her entire life story including the secrets in the journal and shipped the whole thing off to the Lagues family in nearby Bartres who (actually) had cared for her as an infant and later employed [...]

    7. Author Irving WallaceCharacters Bernadette, Liz Finch, Amanda Spencer, Ken Clayton, Sergi Tikhanov, Edith Moore, Mikel Hurtado, Natale Rinaldi, Gisele Dupree and others.Location Lourdes ( France)Genre MythPLOT According to Secret journal kept by Bernadette Soubirious (now Saint. Bernadette), late in 1878, eighteen apparitions of the Virgin Mary were recorded by her, that she had seen and conversed with the Virgin, at the grotto called Massabielle in Lourdes. Also Bernadette has mentioned in the [...]

    8. Great timeReadis long ago. When I read Wallace I kn9w the characters are fictional but I still think they are real perfect blend of fiction and fact well researched but with wonderful story telling

    9. If ever the phrase "It it what it is" was called for, a review of The Miracle by Irving Wallace is the place. Wallace, not known for literary pretension, wrote slightly smutty potboiler thrillers, and this is one of his more successful efforts.And even though I prefer the Book of Lists/People's Almanac-type output of the Wallace/Wallechinsky publishing clan, I can't fault this book for delivering what its author was famous for providing.A miniature Canterbury Tales roster of characters converge [...]

    10. I got this book at a book sale and was interested in it because I had read "The Word" (sort of a "DaVinci Code"/"Gemini Contenders "(Robert Ludlum) thriller regarding some surprising aspect of Christ's life. This one concerns the appearances of the virgin Mary to Bernadette Sobrious in Lourdes in the mid-1800's, with a modern twist indicating that she will again reappear in modern times (well, the mid-80's), and its effect on a number of characters; in fact, this work is character-driven with no [...]

    11. Miracles, Faith, and human nature. Now I would swear that I have read this book before. Maybe one similar, who knows. The catholic church has announced the Saint Bernadette wrote in her diary about the reappearance of the Virgin in Lourdes France during a particular time span. The story centers around the people that gather hoping and praying for a miracle. Natalie Renaldi a young actress that has lost her sight, Sergi Tickanov soviet minister looking trying to beat Muscular Dystrophy and Ken Cl [...]

    12. Such a beautiful blending of Atheism, Theism, Hope/faith, Science, and Fiction. At places, I wondered if all the events really happened. The author takes an unbiased stand that he neither shadows the reader with his theism, nor establishes Atheism. The characterization, dialogues, plot, setting all were 100% realistic. If you will ask me which my favourite book is, I sure will quote this.The plot was driven in a very streamlined manner with beautiful manoeuvring between different POVs. The POV s [...]

    13. The Virgin Mary entrusted Bernadette with three secrets. She wrote down the secrets in her diary. The first two are of no relevance but the third one states that in that year, the Virgin Mary will appear between August 14 and August 22 and will heal some lucky believer.The church released her secrets.Wallace, then, introduces the characters, interweaves their lives. Some of the characters hope to see the Virgin while some hope to show Bernadette as a hallucinating adolescent for more or less per [...]

    14. Este es el abuelo del Codigo Da Vinci y todo ese tipo de libros religiosos-polémicos-la verdad saldrá a la luz-basura que leen los gringos en vacaciones y después hacen película.La premisa es interesante, hasta que la piensas dos segundos (la Virgen ha anunciado su regreso a Lourdes y todo mundo quiere estar ahi, incluyendo terroristas de la ETA por qué alguien tiene que volar cosas y la Virgen apoya a la monarquía o algo así) . Hay escenas eróticas forzadas, personajes cliches, giros dr [...]

    15. Wasn't particularly impressed with this one; I think the portrayal of the female protagonist as a helpless woman (albeit blind) and the instant "falling in love" after a steamy sexual coupling between the two main characters reflect the (male) author's ancient views (perhaps still unenlightened in the 80s when this was written) on gender relationships. Granted, there were a couple of strong female characters, and the description of Lourdes and Bernadette's history was interesting.

    16. Arguments between 2 terrorists, the old story of the children who saw the virgin, and whether or not the bomber will succumb to romance are the interesting parts here. The way Ken's issues get settled up is a nice twist, but overall, the book is slow and slightly boring. I tried to avoid specificity. Tell me if, as someone who has not read it, I included spoilers

    17. A captivating story of how people. for different reasons, arrive at Lourdes. Are they awaiting the promised miracle? Are they there to expose the promise to be just a false hope? The characters were interesting and varied. Each one finally finds the answer he is seeking. Well written by an author who is an excellent storyteller.

    18. Perfect combination of religion, intrigue, crime, politics and controversial journalism make this a complete novel. All the protagonists are given enough space, and the story moves at a great pace. Thoroughly enjoyable read.

    19. The many storylines are never hard to follow and and the contrary very interesting indeed. The story develops into some cliches and the writing style of the author is quite distant and not really even journalistic so its hard to decipher his intentions.

    20. Ирвинг Уоллесс в своем репертуаре. Все захватывающее и интересное. Опять множество сюжетов, которые переплетаются ближе к концу. Но концовка не продуманная, я ожидал много большего чего-то невероятного. Ан нет, все получилось очень обыденно и как-то слишком правильно.

    21. Mi aveva acchiappato la quarta di copertina leggendo che trattava di Bernadette, la veggente di Lourdes. Invece il signor Wallace è un narratore poco "potente", il libro si fa leggere ma dopo qualche ora l'ho bell'e che dimenticato. Voto sufficiente, nulla di più

    22. While reading this novel, it sounded in my head as though Irving Wallace was trying to write a movie. And what about the Soviet Premier?

    23. This was okay but the story was very drawn out and I didn't really like the ending. I wish I had more to say about this book but frankly, I don't want ot devote any more time or thought on it.

    24. Loved it. While i dont believe in miracles this was so well written that it almost opened me to the possibility

    25. I really liked the pace of this book until the ending. It seemed rushed and incomplete to me. Not a bad summer read though. Easy to put down and pick up again.

    26. According to me one of the better-not-read books by Wallace. Either he is not writing well enough or my Wallace phase is over.

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