• Title: Attack of the 50-Ft. Cupid
  • Author: Jim Benton
  • ISBN: 9780689862960
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • Attack of the Ft Cupid Franny s mom says every mad scientist needs a lab assistant So for Valentine s Day Franny gets just that a Lab assistant Except Igor isn t a pure Lab He s also part poodle part Chihuahua part beagle
    Franny s mom says every mad scientist needs a lab assistant So for Valentine s Day Franny gets just that a Lab assistant Except Igor isn t a pure Lab He s also part poodle, part Chihuahua, part beagle, part spaniel, part shepherd and all thumbs Franny is fuming She doesn t even need an assistant What s she supposed to do with a good for nothing one like Igor Franny s mom says every mad scientist needs a lab assistant So for Valentine s Day Franny gets just that a Lab assistant Except Igor isn t a pure Lab He s also part poodle, part Chihuahua, part beagle, part spaniel, part shepherd and all thumbs Franny is fuming She doesn t even need an assistant What s she supposed to do with a good for nothing one like Igor And things get even worse when a giant, fifty foot, arrow shooting cupid starts causing trouble all over town Franny knows it s up to her and only her to save the day Or is it

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    1. I've needed to read this for quite some time. Brontë finished it months ago, but my own books got in the way, and I never seemed to make it around to Franny and her mad science -- until last night.Insomnia kicked in, but I didn't have the attention span for my other books, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and Under Heaven, and I didn't want to start something significant while I was bogged down in those monstrosities, so Franny K. Stein won the night. I was most struck by how far past this book [...]

    2. Pa: So what do you think?Brontë: Well, I think it was really cool, and I love how at the end actually, let's start at the beginning. She's at school and she can't get it right, and she gets this card and Igor, her dog, just starts pushing stuff on mistake --Pa: -- by mistake --Brontë: -- By mistake. Yeah. And then the Cupid card actually turns into a Cupid, and then she wakes up and is like, "What did you do?" and the Cupid has turned into a big, big one. Pa: A 50' Cupid?Brontë (nodding): Ye [...]

    3. Once again, Franny attempts to decipher the world around her that simply doesn't see things the way she does. This time, Valentine's Day is the object of her study. And she raises awfully good points. Why on earth is a naked baby shooting people with arrows emblematic of this day to share love and affection? She fearlessly explores this foreign world and begins to unravels its mysteries, finding a dear friend and saving the city in the process. Her new lab assistant, Igor, is a wonderful additio [...]

    4. Jim Benton is an amazing author. I love these books. It was a quick easy read but, i want to be a scienctist when i grow up.

    5. My daughter and I whizzed through this book. There are simple drawings on every page that kept my daughter visually interested and the text is easy to read but engaging. Franny had a couple of layers of problems to deal with in this one and both collided in the end for a very funny (laugh out loud) scenario. And once again Franny has the gentlest soul with the weirdest interests.I see my daughter asking for this one again in the future.

    6. A fun series for readers transitioning to chapter books. See eatreadandbemommy/2018 for details!

    7. A larger than life Franny takes on a larger than life Cupid in a book with a super well-time baby butt joke. I love this mad scientist, probably more than my 4-year-old.

    8. This is the second book in the Franny K. Stein series by Jim Benton. We first discovered this series when we listened to Frantastic Voyage on audio CD. We all thought it was a humorous tale, so we decided to read some of the other books in the series. This story introduces us to Franny's lab assistant, Igor and we learn more about Franny's mad scientist mind. I like that Franny redefines classic Valentine's Day images to fit her own warped mad scientist perspective. I also like that Franny learn [...]

    9. I think I love Franny K Stein so much because she is utterly unashamed to be herself. Popular culture tries to mold her into a fine-tuned shape but Franny is too quirmish to be like anyone else. Although her parents do not understand her, they support Franny in her mad scientist endeavors. Her teacher Miss Shelly, tries to help Franny grasp what other boys and girls have learned ages ago. One such lesson is one on Valentines Day. Franny thinks the holiday sounds like a bore, but wants to make ca [...]

    10. Dear Readers, I have just read a book called Franny K. Stein Attack of the 50-FT Cupid written by Jim Benton, When the cupid is about to shoot the love-arrow at Franny Igor bit the cupid's but and saved Franny. From that day on Igor became Franny's best friend and her lab assistance too. Interesting words: debugged BiggerizerPrediction: I think when Franny is in dangerous Igor will save her I feel very interesting reading Franny's idea because I think the author is very creative for example, he [...]

    11. Franny K. Stein is back for the chilling (and sweet!) sequel! Hahaha! Franny has never known the awesome force called LOVE. She is introduced to the concept by her loving teacher, who shows her a Valentine card with a cute kid named Cupid who shoots the arrows of love to kids all over the world. This to Fran is an alien concept, so she seeks retribution by creating a Jumbo-sized Baby Cupid to terrorize the city! Then she is made to bear witness to SuperCupid's destructive loving power! Who can s [...]

    12. Franny is back and this time she's taking on Valentine's Day. For homework she has to create valentines for her whole class. The problem? The concept of cute, cuddly, and mushy things are completely beyond Franny! Try as she might she just doesn't get it. Then to top it off, her mom gives her a dog , Igor, to be her new lab assistant. At first Franny is thrilled (she's always wanted a lab asssistant), but as it becomes clear that Igor does more harm than help, Franny becomes frustrated. The next [...]

    13. In book #2, Franny is trying to decode the rules of Valentine's Day etiquette at school while attempting to keep her new assistant, a mangy dog named Igor, from ruining any of her experiments at home. Franny's mom doesn't always understand her daughter, but she does know that mad scientists always need an assistant, and so along comes Igor. Franny definitely does not approve of her flee-ridden subordinate, though she lets him stay to avoid hurting her mom's feelings. But when Igor saves Franny f [...]

    14. Annabelle: What I like about this book was that Franny had a giant cupid on the street and she, Franny, and her dog, (what's the dogs name? "Igor") Igor, got in love and they helped rebuild Franny's house because it got destroyed. Karen: We read this together,today. I read most of it, Daniel even repeated a few paragraphs out loud for us, and Annabelle read a few chapters.This is the first Franny K. Stein book we've read. I thought it was pretty good. I would also give it 3+ stars. I did like it [...]

    15. I read this book to my little sister after my library got some new copies. She liked this one just as much as the one that I read her a few months ago. (Book four.)This is a cute series about a little girl mad scientist. Franny K. Stein.Great for younger children, with just over 100 pages in each book, pictures on every page (Big ones at that!) and large print. I think these are books that parents would like reading to their young children.Younger children would like these much better than adult [...]

    16. Read with my four year old daughter and my seven year old son. My seven year old isn't quite comfortable reading this to himself, but he's close. This book wasn't quite as good as the first book in the series (with the lunch monster), but it was still enjoyable and poking fun at Valentine's Day is always worthwhile. My kids loved the giant cupid and the introduction of Igor, the lab assistant/dog. Franny is a great character and these books have humor with heart. I'll definitely read more of the [...]

    17. I though this book was very very good and i liked the part when she showed the teacher her cupid and how she thought it looked. Although i finished this book in one day i could not stop thats how good it was. I think it was the best book i have ever read in my entire live for all 11 years. Now i'm reading another franny k stein book so far i have read 2 in the past 2 days. Every single day i am reading one of the books. I should get all of them thats how much i like it. If i had read all of them [...]

    18. Mrs. Shelley wants to teach Franny about Valentine's Day. She tells her about the cards(which Franny has problems making) and about Cupid. Franny draws a Cupid which is accidentally Biggefied by her new dog(her mother bought him as an assistant), Igor. She gets mad at Igor and runs off after Cupid. She biggefies herself to his size, so that she can stop Cupid only to find Igor hanging from his naked baby butt(biting it quite deeply). Franny stops Cupid, destroys the biggefier, loves her dog, and [...]

    19. Roses are red,I play the kazoo,Big Foot is hairy,But much less than you.Reading Franny K. Stein makes me want to watch old episodes of Pinky and the Brain.Pimples are pinkish,A clog is a shoe,Turkeys are dumb,And so are you.And thanks to one of the Chapter titles, I have this stuck in my head: Love is a Battlefield.Zombies are gray,My toenails regrew*,Oatmeal is lumpy,Your family is too.*It did, actually. Almost normal size now.

    20. This book is very interesting. Its no exactly my reading level because it was easy to read but its still a good book. Not one of my favorites though. Anyways, I recommended this book to anyone who likes to read about adventures, and mad scientist stuff. My favorite part is when Franny the main character gets a LAB partner, wink wink! And that LAB partner causes some misshapes but in the end everything is all right with the world!

    21. Franny this time gets a Lab Assistant dog but she doesn't let him touch anything. Her teacher at school talks with franny about Valentine and Cupid and her teacher gives her a picture of it. When she gests home her dog by accident touch something and the Cupid gets out of the picture and grows big. Franny gets mad and upset with the dog. She tries to stop the giant Cupid but is her dog who saves her from it. This story was funny but I still think it doesn't have much sense.

    22. I dislike that she called the dog Igor stupid and ugly.He just wanted to play with his ball and everything got out of hand. My favorite part is when she builts a poem generator and you just take combonations of the poem frazez and use it.I am learning that when you get a new friend don't be that mean to them because they heart can feel broken.

    23. By a 7 year old girl KylieThis is I would not stop until I finished the whole book. I have three more books like this but that's another review. All I want to say is that this book is totally awesome but some people think it's horrible and untidy but I am a book lover and I think that's it so far.Thanks for reading!

    24. This second in the Franny K. Stein series is just as endearing as the first. Franny is a fun and funny character who always gets involved with silly monsters and crazy situations. Her mad scientist inventions both start problems and solve them (click for full review storysnoops/detailp)

    25. This is part of a series, Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist. The pictures are a little bit scary looking, but the stories are hilarious. In this story, Franny's mom gives her a dog as a lab assistant. This doesn't work out so well for Franny since her assistant accidently uses the biggizer to make a cupid the size of 50 feet! How will Franny make everything right? Read to find out!

    26. Again, I read this to see why my kids like this series so much. And I was surprised to see how dark Franny is -- she's a mad scientist, very different, so of course the kids love the irreverence! And I enjoyed it as well.

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