• Title: The Wishing-Chair Again
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9780749732127
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Wishing Chair Collection Three stories in one The The Wishing Chair Collection Three stories in one The Wishing Chair Series Enid Blyton on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Jump aboard the Wishing Chair and whizz off on three magical adventures The Adventures of the Wishing Chair when Mollie and Peter go to buy their mother a birthday present The Adventures of the Wishing Chair Enid Blyton The Adventures of the Wishing Chair Enid Blyton on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Once Mollie and Peter have discovered the Wishing Chair, their lives are full of adventure It takes them to all sorts of magical places The Wishing Chair series The Wishing Chair is a series of two novels by the English author Enid Blyton, and a third book published in compiled from Blyton s short stories.The three children s stories are as follows Adventures of the Wishing Chair The Wishing Chair Again More Wishing Chair Stories The first book, Adventures of the Wishing Chair, has the distinction of being Enid Wishing Well Patricia Briggs Wishing Well By Patricia Briggs Vernor closed the door of his cottage behind him, venturing out to the porch The night wind tugged at his hood as he walked carefully down the stairs in the darkness. What Do White Feathers Mean Wishing Moon International USA Canada Toll free on For credit card psychic telephone readings, please have your card ready Wishingmoon accepts Mastercard, Visa, Visa Delta, Solo, Electron and Switch UK only for telephone readings . Teak Cedar and Rattan Outdoor Adirondack Furniture Selections All Things Cedar is a world leader in quality patio furniture and outdoor garden furniture Teak Cedar and Rattan Outdoor Furniture Selections feature Adirondack Useful information for all school governors In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, school governors are members of a school s Governing Body In state schools they have responsibility for raising school standards through their three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and acting as a critical friend They are the largest volunteer force in the country. Happy Birthday Ringo Starr Wishing You Peace and Love If I was to introduce you to Sir Richard Starkey MBE, would you know who I was referring to However, I can guarantee that if I said one word, you would immediately know I was talking about a musician, songwriter, singer and actor who became one of the most famous men in the world Yes, of course, I Welcome to Moray Citizens Advice Bureau Welcome to Moray C.A.B Moray Citizens Advice Bureau is an independent local charity run by a Board of volunteer directors drawn from the local community. Backyard Billy s Outdoor Patio Furniture Balti MD We re the one stop shop for all your indoor and outdoor casual furniture needs, carrying the largest selection of outdoor patio furniture, hearth products,Amish merchandise and marble creations on the Eastern Shore.Balti, Maryland

    The Wishing Chair Again Mollie and Peter have a wonderful Wishing Chair which they keep in their playroom at the bottom of the garden While they are at Boarding School their pixie friend Chinky looks after it for them but in
    Mollie and Peter have a wonderful Wishing Chair which they keep in their playroom at the bottom of the garden While they are at Boarding School their pixie friend Chinky looks after it for them but in the holidays the Chair grows wings and takes them on trips to all sorts of odd places.

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    1. This was my first Enid Blyton book and the first long story I read, which made me start reading novels on my own.

    2. This book is a childhood favourite of mine Many a night I spent with a torch and this book when I should have been sleeping. The wishing chair takes out characters on adventures to different lands I love how simple this book is but incredibly magical.These are not books that would go out of style or date as any child who was read this book would love it even though it is many many years since it was first published. Enid Blyton wrote books that could set childrens imaginations on a whirlwind ad [...]

    3. Molly & Peter return to Fairy Land29 March 2012 This book follows on from the first Wishing Chair book and Blyton's storytelling ability has certainly begun to advance by this stage. However, I have also noticed that there is a gap of about 27 years between these two books. During this time she had written the three Faraway Tree books, so it is not surprising that as we read this story we discover references to the Faraway Tree and some of the magical lands therein. We also meet one of the G [...]

    4. I'm still in love with this series!On the previous series, each chapter usually is about one adventure whileas on this book, it might take couple of chapters for one stories.And the most exciting adventure for me in this book is when they are flying on their wishing chair to Land of Goodies, oohh myy I sure will lovee being in that place where the trees grow chocolates, nyaamm nyaamm :qI still have one more book to read, cause I bought the "3 in 1" edition :pCan't wait to read what other adventu [...]

    5. Aw, c'mon, who didn't want a chair with wings on it?! Perfect to mix in with The Faraway Tree; I read (and had read to me) those five books countless times as a kid. Such a delight.

    6. I remembered this from my childhood, more fondly than I currently found it. It seems very dated and slightly twee, but my kids loved it, and it was nice to pass the magic on.

    7. Siblings Peter and Mollie, and their pixie friend Chinky, spend the summer holidays having wonderful adventures with their Wishing Chair, a magical chair that grows wings, flies and takes them to whatever fantasy realm strikes their fancy. There are evil giants, a naughty brownie named Winks, and any number of witches and wizards, and the children have a great deal of fun…. This was published in 1950 and it’s very much of its time. A quick read, but with far too many “dear little teapots [...]

    8. My eight year old son absolutely loved this book and the entire series. Despite an unfortunate character name this still holds up today.

    9. The children who possess the fabulously magical Wishing-Chair are back and are ready to have some more thrilling and fantastic adventures to far away lands. Mollie and her brother Peter come home from boarding school for the holidays and, after they hug their parents and see their rooms and toys again, they rush down to their playroom at the bottom of the garden. The children have a splendid secret that they've been keeping to themselves ever since their mother's birthday: they own the most terr [...]

    10. Mollie, Peter and Chinky the pixie return in this, the second book in Enid Blyton's Wishing Chair series, in which the chair is stolen by a giant. The wings are cut off, and the children have to get it repaired before embarking on further adventures.Somehow, it's not as gripping as the first Wishing Chair novel, but it's still a good bedtime read for young children - it certainly kept me entertained as a youngster. There are some new characters to meet too, from Twisty the giant to Winks, a naug [...]

    11. Aha, when my father introduced me to the Enid Blyton books, I was told that she was a children's book author. To all those Keralites, I hope you know the publication called 'Balarama'. Until then, children's magazine meant Balarama. But only after I finished reading the book, did I realize that children's magazine can be more than amazing. It was just magical. Enid has the power to attract the readers to her books. The wishing chair again made me wish I was in that chair at least for once. I sti [...]

    12. Back in the day you would often find me curled up with an Enid Blyton book. I used to love reading about 'The Faraway Tree' over and over. I don't remember reading The Wishing Chair though. Maybe I would have enjoyed this more if I had read it when I was little becuase I wasn't trilled reading it as an adult. This is the not the pc version of the book, since the children take a trip to the The Land of Gollywogs. But I think the lands the children visted was a big part of why I didn't get into th [...]

    13. This book holds very fond memories for me as it was one of the first books I ever read as a child. I came late to books but I remember being around 9 or 10 and getting this book for Christmas from my Grandma. I still remember reading the whole thing and being so proud that I had actually finished a whole book! The story of the two children and the wishing chair along with their friend the brownie is such a great little adventure and it helped to spark my imagination and love of books. Great read [...]

    14. [b] The Adventures Of The Wishing Chair / The Wishing Chair Again / More Wishing Chair Stories [/b] Enid Blyton four starsMollie and Peter Find an old change in a strange little shop. The chair sprouts wings from time to time and take the children and their friend Chinky the Pixie on magical adventures.I was a big fan of these stories as a child, it was fun for me to re-read them and although they are a bit dated, I'm pretty sure little kids still like pixies and stuff :)

    15. The book doesn’t have much in the way of a developed plot; there are a series of random adventures during a school holiday break, rather abruptly ended, and they are somewhat repetitive (formulaic) adventures at that. My five-year-old daughter enjoyed the book well enough, although I did have to explain to her what a boarding school was and what servants were. There are elves, pixies, brownies, magic, a land of treats…what more can a child want?

    16. Read this book a long time ago while at school. Enid Blyton is really a wizard. The concept of having a chair which will take you to wherever you want to go- From Toyland to The Land of I never Each adventure was a fun filled experience and as a avid reader of Enid Blyton, I can say this is really one of her best works.

    17. Again I loved this book as a kid and, along with the Folk Of The Farway Tree, was the only series I really read by Enid Blyton (not even Noddy or The Famous Five). The story is simple and ,even though much of the danger in the books is resolved far too quickly, little kids will love these just as much as I did.

    18. A great read :) Helps me to relax my mind after a tiring day at work. There's a child in every one of us. How true! Try reading a book that's specially written for children and see how it helps you to relax. Try it!

    19. I've always loved Enid Blyton and as a child I read almost all of the books I could get my hands on. I'll never forget the sheer wonder of this book, the magic and the amazing things it allowed me to imagine.

    20. Oh, I do loved this book and series as a child! Wished for a magic carpet not a chair for myself to have adventures flying to new and exotic places not even realizing I was living an exotic childhood as a child!

    21. a childhood book re-read just because i'm home for the weekend. not a very successful one either, am really too old for it even w/ a big dollop of nostalgia. maybe i should read faraway tree instead. two stars

    22. أول قصة أقرأها بتركيز ، لغتها سهله جدا و الأحداث سلسة و غير متوقعه ، من أفضل القصص الخيالية التي أعرفها ، الجانب السلبي فيها هو فهم المخلوقات الغريبة الموجودة بالقصة نظراً لأنه لا توجد ترجمه حرفية لأغلب أسماء الشخصيات فيه

    23. The Wishing Chair books are about as magical as it gets. Not only do you get to go places in a flying chair, but the places are the kind of world kids dream about.

    24. This book is about the adventures two children (and a elf or brownie) find on a wishing chair which takes them anywhere.

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