• Title: Dressing Up for the Carnival
  • Author: Carol Shields
  • ISBN: 9780141001913
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dressing Up for the Carnival In Dressing Up for the Carnival Carol Shields distills her characteristic wisdom elegance and insouciant humor in twenty two luminous stories A wealth of surprises and contrasts this collection ra
    In Dressing Up for the Carnival, Carol Shields distills her characteristic wisdom, elegance, and insouciant humor in twenty two luminous stories A wealth of surprises and contrasts, this collection ranges from the lyricism of Weather, in which a couple s life is thrown into chaos when the National Association of Meteorologists goes on strike, to the swampy sexuality ofIn Dressing Up for the Carnival, Carol Shields distills her characteristic wisdom, elegance, and insouciant humor in twenty two luminous stories A wealth of surprises and contrasts, this collection ranges from the lyricism of Weather, in which a couple s life is thrown into chaos when the National Association of Meteorologists goes on strike, to the swampy sexuality of Eros, in which a room in a Parisian hotel on the verge of ruin is the catalyst for passion, to the brave confidence of A Scarf new for this collection which chronicles the realities of a fledging author s book tour Playful, graceful, acutely observed, and generous of spirit, these stories will delight her devoted fans and win her new converts as well.

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    1. I picked this book up at a small book sale while on vacation in the mountains, largely on the basis of it being one of the few works of fiction on sale that wasn't by Clive Cussler, Tom Clancey, or Danielle Steele. I had never heard of Carol Shields and had essentially no expectations. What I ended up with was a pretty good, if uneven, collection of stories.Shields' stories take a deep dive into the emotional complexity of people's relationships, especially marriages, and examine the compromises [...]

    2. A fine collection of stories from the mistress of emotional nuance. There are some clever little pieces in here (one story written entirely without the use of the letter 'i' for example). But Shields's real skill is her ability to articulate the ordinary as extraordinary while simultaneously freighting the numinous moments we all recognise with even more magic.

    3. Only a third of the way through, but in this little book of short stories, so far every one is a gem. Nothing much happens: people dress up for a carnival, a mother buys a scarf for her daughter, the meteorologists go on strike and weather stops changing, various women fail to die for love - each story is beautifully observed, atmospheric and often very funny. Can't wait to read some more.OK, I'm back, and finished reading it. The rest of the stories were equally fascinating - a recommended read [...]

    4. Great book to read when traveling. A story a night, a good, story every night that is, and an outstanding final story. That one blew me away. It is hard for me to imagine that any husband would ask this of his wife.but my gut tells me that it could have happened.I recognized 2 of the stories as chapters in her last book. I recommend that you get this book, than go out and find all of her other books. You won't be sorry.

    5. I found this collection of short stories pretty uneven. The good ones were very good but the others I just skimmed. I can recall 3 stories that were beautifully written and packed with resonance, however I was so glad when I made it through this slow moving collection and could return this back to the library.

    6. This is not a good book. Some of the stories are good, but they don't make up for all the terrible ones in between. I only finished it so I could let everyone else know not to bother and so it could at least count toward my reading goal for the year.

    7. Favorite story is Windows. Picture the day when the government imposes a windows tax. Citizens are free to choose their own level of taxation, shutting off as much light as you wish as a civic protest.Enjoyed A Scarf too.

    8. I really enjoyed most of the stories in this collection. I liked how off kilter everything was. My favourite was the story about Keys.

    9. B- One of her earlier collection of stories, many of these are experimental. Some of them work, some don't.

    10. just finished reading Pulitzer Prize Winner Carol Shield’s collection of short stories. I have enjoyed her work in the past, her novels, especially “Larry’s Party.”One thing I will say about “Dressing up for the Carnival” is that I was continually surprised. Shields is a writer who changes from my viewpoint to the next with ease, someone who can seemingly be behind anyone’s eyes and you would except her to be there. The stories range from a meek writer who wants to find the perfect [...]

    11. I was really excited to read this book because of the title. I thought it would be a really girly book because girls like to "dress up." I was wrong. This book was confusing because it talks about 12 people and how they live their lives through illusions, so I was confused. Each of the characters were trying to fit in and make the best of their lives and the carnival symbolizes life. These characters go through their ups and downs such as divorce. Overall, I generally would not recommend this bo [...]

    12. I appreciate Ms. Shields' writing style, and her choice of complex words (some stories I had to read with my grammar book and dictionary handy). For the most part, the stories invoked feelings of nostalgia for the expanse of my imagination during my adolescence. She painted pictures of emotions and situations that I remember imagining and experiencing. I only found two of the stories tedious. I'm keeping this book, hoping to grow into some of the stories as I reach the characters' various ages.

    13. This book is a lot of little stories inside and they tell different things. It is really interesting because at first it is really confusing and you kind of have to go back and read it again and then after a while of reading into the book it makes a little bit more sense. I don't know if I would recommend this book to anyone because it wasn't that great and I only read it because I got it for free.

    14. After having read Unless, the first Carol Shields book I had ever read, I had to run out and get another. She writes in a deep yet amusing way. Even in the worst of situations humor is always welcome in my book! and Ms. Shields clearly shares this outlook. While questioning your beliefs, your relationships, and life in general, you can still go about it with a sense of humor. Thanks!

    15. This collection of short stories was interesting but not interesting enough to hold my attention. I vowed to finish this book, and found it to be a bit of a chore. I really did like several of the stories though, including one entire story that never used the letter "i" which was quite fascinating to me.

    16. I'm a big fan of Carol Shields. I'm just starting to read this book of short stories although it's a book I've had on my shelf for sometime. For some reason, I don't often read short stories, but I'm missing out on some very good writing and storytelling. I'm looking forward to finally reading these stories.

    17. I chose this book, reserved it at the library and when picking it up thought "it's kind of literary - more than I'm wanting right now." Nevertheless, I opened the book, read the first story and liked it. I really liked a few of the stories, disliked only one, and recommend this book as being a little literary, but mostly a good read.

    18. I found this slow to get into; the first few stories didn't really touch me. The middle of the collection, however, had some wonderful moments. Then, at the end, my interest lapsed a little again. This was my first introduction to Carol Shields and although I didn't find the book overwhelmingly inspirational, the stories in the center have definitely piqued my interest in further works of hers.

    19. I think I only have one or two titles left in Carol Shields' oeuvre that I have not read. As usual, I loved it, although some stories left me cold (the more experimental ones, I suppose). I loved the story written without the use of the letter "I", about the key being broken. Could have been gimmicky, but was not.

    20. Collection of short stories, some of which are amazing and others which have so much symbolism it's over my head. My favorite story is "The Harp" which I believe Carol Shields must have written about her breast cancer diagnosis. If it wasn't, it helped me with mine anyway.

    21. It's not easy to rate a collection of short stories. Some of these stories were very good and inspiring, but some went straight over my head I like the everyday wisdom in Shields' books, but I must confess that at times I was even bored with this book.

    22. Carol Shields--what a wonderful writer! She was clearly having herself some fun when she wrote these short stories. Some have silly premises that put me off a bit, but all contain some real gems of prose.

    23. A rather bizarre collection of short stories; the themes intertwine without you quite being able to put your finger on why or how. Enjoyable but sometimes irritatingly self reflexive in a "I'm a member of the western academia" sort of way.

    24. I love Carol Shields but this one was a bit hard to get through. There were some really good stories like Mirrors and Keys. There is one story called Scarf which also appears as part of her great novel Unless. However, several stories left me scratching my head and seemed to lack her usual warmth.

    25. I am over halfway through with this fantastic collection of Carol Shields stories. I so very much recommend it now even though I have 7 or 8 stories yet to read. I'll add more to the review after I finish the book.

    26. I've read two of her novels and quite liked them so I was not surprised to find this collection of short stories to be very good as well. As with so many collections, there were some that I didn't care for, some that were just ok but at least one out of three were stellar.

    27. I love Carol Shields. She is an incredibly intelligent writer. Some of these short stories deserve a second read. One of my favorites was written w/out the use of the letter I. Impressive range from this woman.

    28. As a collection of stories, I found this flat - passionless tales about passionless people. Quite depressing really.As a piece of writing it is clever, erudite and very literary. Still quite depressing though

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