• Title: Powerless
  • Author: Matt Chernis Michael Gaydos Peter Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780785115113
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Powerless Just because Peter Parker wasn t bitten by a radioactive spider doesn t mean he didn t do battle with a madman named Norman Osborn Matt Murdock Blinded yes but with no heightened senses However he di
    Just because Peter Parker wasn t bitten by a radioactive spider doesn t mean he didn t do battle with a madman named Norman Osborn Matt Murdock Blinded, yes but with no heightened senses However he did become a legal champion of the poor in Hell s Kitchen, and he did cross paths with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin Ages 13.

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    1. A+ for creativity but this was boringly executed.I read this on Marvel Unlimited because the concept intrigued me. A universe where all of the Marvel characters are powerless sounded interesting. I loved House of M and, while I haven't finished it, I liked what I read of 1602. I like it when they do What If scenarios and use the characters we know and love to tell stories of different worlds.This one centers around William Watts, a psychiatrist, who wakes from a coma filled with dreams of the 61 [...]

    2. Normally I stay away from the major Marvel superhero comics, because there's just way too much back story that I'm not caught up on. The six issues in the Powerless miniseries, however, are a largely self-contained story, although they do demand some general knowledge of the heroes in order to appreciate how their stories play out the same or different in a universe where no one has superpowers.I actually prefer my superheroes without powers (Watchmen, Batman)--I like the superhero genre as soci [...]

    3. A really intriguing way of looking at the personalities of some of the iconic Marvel heroes and villains. It's interesting to see how, taking away all of the supernatural aspects, most of them would all basically become the same person they are in the Marvel Universe. For the heroes, it's cool to see that it isn't their super powers that makes them good people.

    4. "Dicen que cuando mueres toda tu vida pasa delante de tus ojos. Dicen que en esos segundos finales son como un sueño que parece durar una vida eterna. Pero. ¿y si nunca hubieses vivido una vida? ¿Y si todo lo que hubieses hecho hubiera sido mirar desde lejos? ¿Tu mente te compensaría creando sucesos e historias para ti? ¿Para hacerte sentir como si las hubieses vivido? ¿Imaginaría una vida fantástica llena de acción, cuando en realidad sólo había tedio y monotonía? Hasta ese momento [...]

    5. What got my interest was the artwork. They were pretty good that it keeps me reading up until the end of this. It was an okay read, I wouldn't call it great though, maybe because I got used to seeing Marvel publications involving superhuman activity and whatsoever. Basically it tells us a story about Dr. Watts, who is a shrink to some of the alternate versions of Marvel superheroes. It is somewhat a look into a dimension where Peter Parker, Logan, Matt Murdock, and the likes didn't had their sup [...]

    6. I'd never heard of this book before, but between the Alex Maleev cover and the Michael Gaydos interiors I had to get it. There's probably a REASON I've never heard of it, which is that the story (told from the point of view of a psychiatrist who has strange dreams about the Marvel universe, in a world where the Marvel characters exist but have no powers) is really not very good. But it's a LOVELY book, at least worth flipping through if you can find it.

    7. I was surprised by how good this was. It wasn't just a good premise, it was also very well executed! I am not sure if it would have the same impact that it had for me, for others unfamiliar with these characters, but as I know (and love) the characters, the story resonated with me. Quite a mature and unexpected ending too!

    8. A look at a Marvel Universe where your favorite heroes are just normal people making choices. Blind lawyer Matthew Murdock, assassin Logan, and science whiz Peter Parker all must try and stand up for what they believe in without the aid of incredible powers. Powerless provides readers a look into the psyche of what truly makes someone heroic.

    9. What if Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Logan, and other marvel hot shots had no super powers? great read.

    10. A nice, fast read that gave me a lot of feelings I wasn't expecting. I know this is an older mini-series, but I would really like to see more installments in this vein.

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