• Title: Deathstalker Destiny
  • Author: Simon R. Green
  • ISBN: 9780451457561
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Deathstalker Destiny Owen Deathstalker s greatest love Hazel d Ark has been abducted by the Blood Runners a culture dedicated to the extremes of genetic experimentation Stranded in a mission on Lachrymae Christi Owen bu
    Owen Deathstalker s greatest love Hazel d Ark has been abducted by the Blood Runners, a culture dedicated to the extremes of genetic experimentation Stranded in a mission on Lachrymae Christi, Owen busies himself with the task of ensuring the survival of the leper colony living there, awaiting an opportunity to rescue Hazel or avenge her death.

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    1. Well, I honestly don't know what to say about this one that doesn't give too much away. A general view, then, before I move into the heavy duty spoilers.Simon R. Green does not disappoint in this stunning, fantastic and wrenching conclusion to this part of the Deathstalker Saga. The delightful banter, almost unbelievable worlds, huge problems and last-minute rescues continue in this installment, as well as many monumental plot twists.Also, if you thought that the prophecies of the young esper bo [...]

    2. واقعا خیلی حواشی داره که بنطرم میتونست نداشته باشه ولی کلیت داستان جالبه و همین باعث میشه با وجود قسمت های حوصله سر بر ادامه اش بدم

    3. I really wanted to like this series. it's dies have an interesting story. I the writing was awful, the dialog laughable and the ending was horrific. I can understand going for the tragedy it was written so poorly. There are so many obvious and overly used cliches throughout the book that take away from the flow of the book and distract from the story. It's a good story though. Everything else is garbage.

    4. A terrific way to wrap up Owen Deathstalker's story (the following trilogy is the Deathstalker Legacy which, from reading the back of the first book, does not directly follow Deathstalker Destiny but is related). Once again: tons of action and jumping between character perspectives. This book keeps you reading for sure (though, I love the multiple perspectives; I know this is not everyone's favorite). I was actually surprised at how much is explained and wrapped up in this book-- story lines you [...]

    5. "The conclusion to Owen Deathstalker's saga does an amazing job of tying up the many loose ends and unexplained events throughout the series. Of course, almost everyone comes to a tragic end and there's truly horrific gore and mayhem, but the ending is nonetheless satisfying. Makes me want to read the book again, now that I know the real beginnings and endings, just to see if Green missed anything."

    6. Did I actually read this whole series? Good god. On second thought, if I had it all to do over again, I should have read some Ursula K. LeGuin, or you know, anything with some kind of semblance of relation to the real world. None of this tired cliche mess with its typical sci-fi sexism and complete destruction of alien otherness. Truly, a cornerstone of the monument that is bad writing.

    7. The whole deathstalker series is seriously campy sci-fi fantasy fun. I enjoyed the audio experience more than the written in this instance as the performance was full-cast audio which really added to the experience.

    8. Epic space fantasy. This definitely has its place in the genre just barely below the greats like Asimov and Frank Herbert. Green somehow managed to write a half a dozen or so books in this series and keep every one coming out as good as the last in its own way.

    9. A fitting end to the Owen Deathstalker story. I really like how everything that left me wondering in the other books tied in and resolved themselves in this one. Truly a great read!

    10. Brilliant novel, stunningly epic and with really sad and epic conclusion. I disagree however, with the way the author treated one of his characters and hence 4 stars. Petty, but I am fanboy :)

    11. Ties up all the plot threads neatly, although it is not as enjoyable as other books in the series.

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