• Title: Blue Heron
  • Author: Avi
  • ISBN: 9780027077513
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Blue Heron Maggie almost is visiting her father his young wife and their new baby during her summer vacation At the lake near their rented cottage Maggie observes a great blue heron She identifies with t
    Maggie, almost 13, is visiting her father, his young wife, and their new baby during her summer vacation At the lake near their rented cottage, Maggie observes a great blue heron She identifies with the solitary bird, then makes the startling discovery that someone is trying to kill it While grappling with this mystery, she must also deal with strange new conflicts in hMaggie, almost 13, is visiting her father, his young wife, and their new baby during her summer vacation At the lake near their rented cottage, Maggie observes a great blue heron She identifies with the solitary bird, then makes the startling discovery that someone is trying to kill it While grappling with this mystery, she must also deal with strange new conflicts in her family.

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    1. Two young people the school outcast & a troubled young girl (who has lost her father) become friends when they find out they are both stalking a Great Blue Heron.The young boy stalks w/ bow & arrow. The young girl stalks w/ heart & patience.The book was sad, but not as sad as I had expected it to beThere is quite a bit of suspense as wellVery well written and now I know why Avi was such a popular author

    2. I don't remember much about this book except it had a strong melancholy feel to it. Perhaps my least favorite Avi book, but I suspect it had some strong messages that intimidated me.

    3. TOUCHING THE MAGICAlthough this book seems thick compared with other YA novels, these 186 pages read easily, thanks to extensive dialogue. Soon-to-be 13 Maggie feels like a "summer hostage" while visiting her father--a court-ordered social ritual which produces recurring mental anguish ever since her parents divorced when she was six. Clinging to her childhood memories of a game of Magic shared by her dad, Maggie dreads this visit to a rented cabin on a remote lake in Connecticut. There she will [...]

    4. This book was about a young girl who has divorced parents. Her mother sent her to visit her father for a month to enjoy a vacation with her new step mother and brand new half sister. The story is about Maggie who is enchanted by magic. She is always looking for ways that her life can be magical especially to stop change from happening. While on this vacation she is enchanted by a blue heron feels that it has a special kind of magic. This kind of magic she wants to learn especially as she is cont [...]

    5. This novel focuses on the summer that Maggie spends with her father, stepmother Joanna, and their new baby at a cabin by a lake in Rhode Island. Maggie is an imaginative girl who wishes she could use magic to make everything stay the same. Instead, she walks into a tense situation--her father is not taking his heart medication and quarreling with everyone, and Joanna is stressed out about her marriage and new motherhood and appealing to Maggie for help.Maggie finds some escape by watching a grea [...]

    6. Twelve year-old Maggie is uncertain what the future will hold as she arrives in New England for another August with her father, stepmother, and new half-sister Linda. Worries that her baby sister will replace her dissolve quickly, however, as Maggie discovers that her father is hiding health issues and his relationship with Joanna, her stepmother, has grown strained. Maggie's only peace comes early in the morning as she walks to the edge of the lake near their summer rental and watches a great b [...]

    7. Blue Heron by AviHave read other author's works and have enjoyed them all. This one is about Maggie and they are spending time at the shore and she has a new sister.Magic and her father, she believes in all. Her mother gave her a crystal that is pure magic in her pocket. She travels to visit her father and step mother from Seattle all the way to MA. The shore will have much magic.Very familiar to the area as we live nearby. It's interesting how the descriptions are so detailed-we tend to take th [...]

    8. I had a difficult time trying to connect with any of the characters because they were under-developed. I especially foundd Joanna to be very annoying with her neediness, dumping her emotional baggage on Maggie, and even sticking Maggie in the middle of her relationship with Maggie's father. So many relationships bloomed in this short book: Maggie and Joanna and then Tucker. I didn't really see the point of Tucker, except to pose a threat to the heron that Maggie adored, only to meet her once and [...]

    9. Dealing with a broken family, surviving by seeing the world through her little bit of crystal, learning that love doesn't always feel good. I didn't know what I thought of this book until the very last sentence. It was poignant and simple, and it tore my heart apart. Maggie's confusion as to her role in her newly-formed family is a great example of what divorce and remarriage can do to a child's mind and heart. Her father's actions are sad: the desperate clawing of a man who doesn't believe in l [...]

    10. Well, it has charming moments and some times of discomfort indeed. I disliked the father in this book very very much, but our main character is endearing enough, and the descriptions of the wild area around the summerhouse, and the encounters with the heron (and with Tucker) are very fine indeed. It's of the grim reality school of writing, though I think Avi has a bit of fun (in a mean way) with it, given that his heroine gets through life by framing things in terms of magic.A book with a bit mo [...]

    11. Once again, Avi blows me away. He's written like, what? 300 books? And each is exquisitely written and stands on its own, and is just as enjoyable for adults as it is for younger readers. In Blue Heron, Avi utterly captures a 13-year old girl's inner voice. This slim volume packs in a ton of character development, realistic dialog and situations, and family drama. As in life, no one is all bad or all good and you'll be torn about who to root for throughout. I also really enjoyed the aspects of n [...]

    12. In Blue Heron, Avi takes a younger reader through the emotional landscape of a family split by divorce and an expanse of land. The protagonist herself has split loyalties and begins to see the realities of life in this "coming-of-age" work. Poignant, compelling, and personally tragic, Blue Heron leaves even the adult reader with a sense of the realities of imperfect parenting. The main character leaves the story emotionally more mature yet aware of the magical impact of nature on her young heart [...]

    13. Blue Heron is about a 13 year old girl named Maggie she is visiting her dad for a few weeks at his summer house on a lake. When Maggie first arrived she ran to her father and gave him a big hug. He brought her to the edge of the lake she spotted a giant bird and her father told her that it is called a heron and that it live behind the house in the marsh. Every morning Maggie secretly went to the marsh to watch the heron. I really liked the book. I would recomend it to anyone. I give it a 7 out o [...]

    14. This is like an awesome book. It put all of my friends' lifes into one and almost gave me the thing i needed. I always end up reading books that are perfect for the time. So if your parents are divorced, your father has heart problems, you feel like your mom tells you everything, or u hate secrets, READ IT!!!!!!!!! ANYONE SHOULD READ IT BUT ESPECIALLY IF U CAN CONNECT WITH IT!!!!! I actually had a dream about the boy in the marshhe's so cute!!! PLEASE *begs on knees* PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE [...]

    15. Fifth grade +.Maggie is spending part of her summer with her father, step-mother, and new baby step-sister. Uneasy with this new family, she meets a boy her own age. Yet, dealing with his strange ways and the tensions in her family drive Maggie outdoors to find peace. She spends time watching a beautiful heron, and she seems to find strength from her observations.A tremendously touching book, especially for young girls. Family issues and concerns, such as divorce, custody, heart attacks, etc are [...]

    16. A good look at our environment from the point of view of a young girl coming of age and visiting w/Her father and new wife.I would put this book alongside "The Lorax" and Rachel Carson, "Silent Spring".Also "The Snow Falcon" and the one about the girl/boy w/lived and was helped by a Badger.I have seen Whooping Cranes in the ponds near my home hear in Kentucky and I remember the loons in Minnesota. A very lonely sound made by these creatures.Also the young lady and how she learned to cooperate w/ [...]

    17. This is a amazing book! You will not want to put it down. It's about a girl name Maggie she is turning 13 she realizes tha magic is all around her and she needs to everything in her power to save it. At first you might think it's a little boring but once you get into it you will want to read it again and again. I recommend this book to people who love a good mysteri.I don't recommend this if your sensitive because its a big twist at the end so read this know!

    18. I remember when I was in fourth grade finding this book in the library. I read it and re- read it throughout my childhood. It was magical to me to have any freedom to roam and find a secret place. I wasn't old enough to have my own. i won't go into the even more personally reasons i had for loving this book. But i can thank it for jump starting my love of birds It's been years since I read it, but it will always have a place in my heart.

    19. Blue Heron is a wonderful coming of age story by master children's author Avi. I love the realism and the emotional flair Avi adds to a story that is simple yet multifaceted. It touches on subjects like friendship, divorce, independence, courage, and unconditional love. It's wonderful! Four stars because I wish it could have been longer.

    20. The Blue Heron was an excellent book. Heart-wrenching and creates constant suspense through out the book. I loved this book, I'm more into the YA genre, but I have to say this book was amazing! I also had a nice cry at the end. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. No one can hate this book it is truly amazingly written and so heart felt. I'm glad I finally read this book.

    21. As Maggie approaches her thirteenth birthday, she wants to believe that some kind of magic can stop the changes all around her. Her visit with her father and his new family at a lakeside cabin makes her wonder. Will he still love her as much, now that he has a new family, or will he love her baby half-sister more? Her father seems troubled and with

    22. This is a wonderful book about a girl and the love that she has for a great blue heron. She goes through so many hardsgips but gains a friend in the process. I would definitely read this again in a heart beat! I loved it. If you like books like A Wrinkle in Time, i can almost guarente that you'll like this book.

    23. Avi has always been one of my favorite (besides L'Engle) and most memorable writers growing up. I enjoy the style and flow of simple words woven into an exciting adventurous tale or a sad, torn, and enlightening tale of self worth and discovery.

    24. so, in going through some of my stuff that's been packed away for a while, i came across this book. i think it's supposed to be some sort of coming-of-age thing with this majestic wild bird, but it was pretty much crap. i don't know why this avi guy is so popular. i definitely hate his stuff.

    25. Growing up.is was the book I attached too. I read it again as an adult and can see why I liked it so much before. It is a good book.

    26. It's been a while since I've read this book. Seems like I didnt like it when I read it. Can't remember what the book was about though. Guess it didn't make an impression on me.

    27. i have to read this one for a report too ugh i dont really like Avi its a readers workshop cant wait for the summer

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