• Title: Love For Lydia
  • Author: H.E. Bates
  • ISBN: 9780863076954
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Love For Lydia Love for Lydia was the first novel with an English setting that H E Bates wrote after the second world war and it was his own favourite among his Northamptonshire novels The Northants setting becomes
    Love for Lydia was the first novel with an English setting that H.E Bates wrote after the second world war, and it was his own favourite among his Northamptonshire novels The Northants setting becomes the background both ugly and beautiful for the story of a young girl, the daughter of a decaying aristocratic household, and her lovers, of which the most important is theLove for Lydia was the first novel with an English setting that H.E Bates wrote after the second world war, and it was his own favourite among his Northamptonshire novels The Northants setting becomes the background both ugly and beautiful for the story of a young girl, the daughter of a decaying aristocratic household, and her lovers, of which the most important is the narrator himself.Published in 1952, it is essentially an autobiographical novel, and, though much of his fiction reflects his own life and background, this probably contains than in any other piece of fiction That may explain why it is such a satisfying book Bates spent a brief time as a reporter on the Northamptonshire Chronicle, and there are other echoes of the author s personal experiences here in the character of the narrator, Richardson Lydia, it seems, is based on, or was inspired by, a young lady he once glimpsed on Rushden railway station a tallish, dark, proud, aloof young girl in a black cloak lined with scarlet Lydia in the story is the sheltered and selfish Aspen daughter, and the novel chronicles her affairs with Richardson and two of the other young men It has been described as a novel of a young man s struggle to understand and resolve himself to a formidable world of change and uncertainty , and the novel ends in his committing himself to Lydia in a much mature and lasting way than he could have done at the beginning of the story The novel was serialised on television in 1976.

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    1. 5★A glorious, slowly evolving story told by a young man about his dull, drab industrial village of leather tanneries and the changes to his life when he meets Lydia Aspen. Richardson (the only name we know him by) and Lydia are both nineteen, innocent children by today’s teen-aged standards. Apparently orphaned, she has been brought to live with her two elderly aunts, the aristocratic Aspen sisters, and their unsavoury brother, in their imposing house surrounded by expanses of land and avenu [...]

    2. He said Evensford wasn’t a bad town, either, and asked me if I should miss it? Stars shone over rows of grey packed roofs with crisp autumnal brilliance and I said, ‘Yes, I suppose so,’ and a whole piece of my life seemed suddenly to go dead behind me and break away. -H. E. Bates, Love for Lydia Not long after the death of H. E. Bates (in 1974), several of his books were adapted for television, bringing renewed interest in the work of this extremely prolific English writer. One such adapta [...]

    3. LOVE FOR LYDIA is the sexy, sophisticated story of the dizzy and exciting but also rather empty lifestyle of English society people during the wild Twenties decade. The central character, Lydia, is a beautiful but rather shy girl at first. Then she inherits a great deal of money and begins to realize that she is a very desirable catch -- and that men will let her get away with almost anything!The one man who truly loves Lydia is Richardson, a would-be writer from a rather poor and humble local f [...]

    4. As winter comes to Evensford, a local newspaper reporter meets a shy heiress. bbc/programmes/b00czgtq

    5. You know how Fitzgerald's writing sounds like neon lights and champagne jazz? Transpose that to the English countryside with pops of flowers and you have H.E. Bates.Thank you to Bloomsbury and Netgalley for the review copy!

    6. I would never have discovered H. E. Bates if not for TV. What American woman is not glued on Sunday night to “Masterpiece Theater,” a show devoted to British costume drama? I discovered "Love in a Cold Climate," "Poldark," "The Forsyte Saga," "The Jewel in the Crown," and many other classics through these dramatizations.My favorite novel discovered through “Masterpiece” is H. E. Bates’ Love for Lydia. Filmed in 1977 and shown in the U.S. in 1981, it is based on Bates’s 1952 masterpie [...]

    7. Love for Lydia,  H. E. Bates  Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre:  Literary Fiction, General Fiction (Adult) I’m an avid reader, always have been and occasionally I feel pangs of conscience for not having read a “classic” book, one it seems everyone has read and loved.This book is one of those, I thought it was time to extend my reading, try something different. Sadly its one of those that others love but leave me cold. I found it long winded and dreary, and so many times I w [...]

    8. As winter comes to Evensford, a local newspaper reporter meets a shy heiress. Stars Tim Pigott-Smith and Juliet Aubrey.Broadcast on:BBC Radio 7, 11:00am Monday 11th January 2010---Somewhere in my dim and distant past I must have read this as so much is familiar, including a sense of 'Yeah! Whatev'. That 'Yeah! Whatev' factor is still hanging about this mediocre tale this time around too. I've ditched after Alex's drowning.

    9. This has to be one of the best books I have read in a long time, or possibly ever. It is completely beautiful, showcasing the highs and lows of young people in love. Bates' intricate descriptions of surroundings and of inner thoughts reflect the genius of Austen herself. A perfect read for the hopeless romantics, the reader will feel the pure joy as well as the pain of Edward and his experiences in growing up.

    10. HE Bates wrote before, during, and after World War II. Many readers came to his work after seeing a televised version of it on Masterpiece Theater. It was different for me. I am fond of excellent fiction, military history, and short stories, and when I cruised Net Galley and found The Flying Officer X and Other Stories, I took a chance and scored a copy. Once I had read those, I knew I would want to read more of his work when I could. So although I came to this outstanding novel in a different w [...]

    11. Lydia arrived an awkward girl, bloomed into an attractive woman, discovered men liked her, and gaily left a wake of bodies in her path. When she saw what she had accomplished she tried to burn herself out in a two year binge of dancing and drink and ended up desperately lonely and guilty in a sanitarium. Some might believe Lydia was a tease and vixen, partying her way into destruction. Others may feel she was a girl-child who, when released from the 'cotton-wool' prison of her girlhood, mishandl [...]

    12. This novel is set during the post war years of the 1920s, amid rural Northamptonshire in the rapidly expanding town of Evensford. The narrator, a Mr Richardson, in the first flush of adulthood, finds that his love of the countryside is soon surpassed by an ever-growing affection for Lydia, the youngest member of a local aristocratic family. When you are young and in love, life should be carefree and enchanting, but a feeling of unease is never far from the narrator's thoughts. The newly industri [...]

    13. When Lydia Aspen is sent into the care of her reclusive aunts in the “big house” in rural Evensford, they are concerned to ensure that she isn’t isolated from other young people and ask a local newspaper reporter to look after her and take her out and about. This he does with pleasure, but looking after Lydia turns out to be a far more complicated business than anyone could have imagined. This is a really charming and engaging tale, beautifully written, very evocative of its time and place [...]

    14. I'm still not sure how I felt about this book. I'm glad I read it. I like books that make me think and feel strongly.Pros Very well written. The characters were well developed and the scenery described so well that it was easy to picture.Cons Went very slowly for me. I didn't have any love for Lydia as a character and felt so sorry for all the people in the story who were unfortunate enough to. The new cover made me think it would be a happy book and I found it utterly depressing. Real and depre [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book. It was beautifully written with detailed descriptions of the people and the places of Evensford. The best part of the book for me was the main character, Richardson. I love when a character is fully developed and we see the good and the bad, and we find both in Richardson as he deals with his love for Lydia.The book gives a great look into the lives of young people trying to find their way in the world, dealing with first loves and loves lost. It shows these character [...]

    16. If I were British and wrote The Great Gatsby, it probably would've turned out like this. Though the tale of obsessive love for an almost hypnotically enchanting young woman certainly struck a common chord with me, the writing was so utterly mediocre I could never quite get engaged in the narrative. A good story, just not a very good book.Most of the books I've read in this series (Marshall Cavendish's Great Writers Library)have either been superb or have been a torture to read. This was neither; [...]

    17. TV Series when I was a kid - but before that, there was this! Picture of the actress on the cover of the book reminds me of part of why I used to watch the series (you figure it out), so I was able to visualise her as I read the book and it translated to an enjoyable experience.You might think that this should be a review of the book rather than a review of me (and we may well differ in that respect), but to assuage your misgivings: it's a nice little story, well written, with a satisfying endin [...]

    18. Love for Lydia by H.E. Bates is a free NetGalley ebook re-release of a book originally written in 1952 that I read in early May.Not knowing that this is a classic book, I went into this book blindly, which seemed to make me all the more sensitive to its harsh, plosive syllable prose and almost Gatsby & Daisy dysfunctional, give & take dialogue. Classic though it may be, it wasn't a driving story to me, nor very interesting.

    19. Love for Lydia is a story narrated by Mr. Richardson who is one of Lydia's love interest. Lydia Aspen arrives in Evensford an insecure young girl and develops into a seductive young woman where the men in her life adore her. She starts to realize the effect she has on certain men and uses it to her advantage. In the end all she wants is to be loved and life can be cruel at times with the hand it deals you. Mr. Richardson tells you how she affected his life and others around her. A good read.

    20. Love for Lydia was first published in 1952 and it is still an extremely poignant novel. This is by far one of the greatest love stories of the twentieth century. It is a beautifully written, classic love story. The prose is exquisite and the descriptions of the outdoors and countryside scenery are a delight. I’m very glad a gave this novel a chance. A timeless, steamy love story that I highly recommend.

    21. Lots of good prose with a plethora of flowers, shrubs, youthful angst, and soap opera simplicity, but keeps you reading until the last few pages where an interesting nineteenth century sensibility meets Hollywood ending. These two main young characters seem to have expended a lifetime in a few years, then set off together for what can only be imagined as mismatched misery except by the most Pollyanish reader.

    22. There was some song I loved that was apparently inspired by this, or it was the author's favourite book, or something? I have no idea anymore! But anyway, I was 14 and decided to read the book. Maybe it was a bit old for me, but I did still quite enjoy it and managed to finish it.(ETA: Oh wow, I found the song!)

    23. Exquisite writing. This was the first H. E. Bates book I've ever read despite my preference for English literature. It was a gross oversight on my part. Bates' characters are fully realized and indelibly drawn. His love of the natural world brings great richness to the writing. In my way of looking at things he is the heir to Thomas Hardy. Can't wait to read another Bates novel.

    24. This is probably my favourite all time book. I've re-read it many times. I love the descriptions of love and winter and of great beauty in a small town. Still do not actually own a copy as lent mine out and never got it back. A stunning tale of great charisma in a small town pre-internet, and of great sorrows and loss as well as true love and loyalty.

    25. Beautifully written classic. It's nice to see a novel like this reissued. The story remains timeless. Lydia is engaging, the descriptions of the countryside are lovely, and the plot has enough zing to keep you reading. Try this one if you enjoy British novels set between the wars. THanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

    26. Thanks to Netgalley for the copy of this book in return for a review.I have been wanting to read some classics for quite a while and jumped at the chance of reading this. The language is old fashioned and some of the descriptions are long winded but it is a true classic.

    27. One of Bates' best-loved and most enduring books, "Love for Lydia" is an extraordinary tale of love and longing, set against the backdrop of 1920s decadence, and the fall of the English upper classes.

    28. A slow moving story about a group of young people from different backgrounds who come together for a brief period in their lives, and the tragedy that follows in their wake. The story ends with a quiet coming home.

    29. I loved it! so lyrically written, utterly beautiful and enchanting. sad and sweet all told with the most beautiful of natural backgrounds. I feel bereft without the characters. hated finishing it and tonight feel sad.

    30. A super book, full of detail and descriptive passages, and nicely drawn characters. I may be influenced because I grew up in the town in which it is set, but I'm sure it still has great appeal for many people who don't share my background.

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