• Title: The Unknown Soldier
  • Author: Linda Granfield
  • ISBN: 9780439935586
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Unknown Soldier None

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    1. Award-winning author Linda Granfield explores a little-known aspect of war in this attractive, thought-provoking look at soldiers who perished as “unknowns” during twentieth century conflicts. During World War I, many of the dead were buried quickly where they fell, with temporary wooden markers on their graves. After the war, their remains were buried with more care, but because their identity often could not be confirmed, they were buried with a marker that said, “A Soldier of the Great [...]

    2. Linda Granfield does an amazing job of highlighting the tradition of the unknown soldier, both the history and tradition of honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice but whose names were lost. One of the greatest features of the books is that Granfield looks at the memorials to unknown soldiers from around the world:CanadaFranceEnglandThe United StatesItalyBelgiumPolandGermanyGreeceJapanRussiaIraqAustraliaNew ZealandShe has amazing photos and side stories to highlight the different memorial [...]

    3. In a war-time situation, it is not always possible to collect every body and send the dead home to be properly buried. This was especially true in World War I and II. During these two wars, thousands of soldiers were buried quickly: in shallow graves marked with wooden crosses and in mass gravesites. Some bodies were simply not found. After the war was complete, effort was made to bury these people properly. Unfortunately, identification was not always easy. Many men were simply buried as unknow [...]

    4. Accessible narrative, detailed annotations and a thought-provoking collection of photographs, postcards, pins and poems shed light on the ceremony, symbolism, chronology and controversy commemorating our global family's losses to war.You can listen in on our chat about this book on ourJust One More Book! Children's Book Podcast.

    5. Didn't know that there were tombs for the unknown soldier in so many countries - as usual Granfield provides us with a powerful story that is beautifully told, factually fascinating and illustrated by period postcards, photos and assorted memorabilia

    6. powerful book! Older children. Shows different countries respect for their unkown soilders commonality for this feeling.

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