• Title: New Testament Deacon: The Church's Minister of Mercy
  • Author: Alexander Strauch
  • ISBN: 9780936083070
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • New Testament Deacon The Church s Minister of Mercy The author s goal is to help Christians understand the necessity for and vital importance of New Testament deacons to he local church so that the needy poor and suffering of our churches are cared f
    The author s goal is to help Christians understand the necessity for and vital importance of New Testament deacons to he local church so that the needy, poor, and suffering of our churches are cared for in a thoroughly Christian manner.

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    1. I have read all of Alexander Strauch's books, and this one, which was first published in 1992 is a classic biblical treatment of the New testament deacon.So succinct is this work that I read it in under 4 days, while on a break in London, England with family.The first thing that impresses the attentive reader is Mr Strauch's commitment to 'Sola Scriptura', when he states on pages 8 and 9, "Indeed, the only diaconate worth discovering is the one found on the pages of the inspired New testament. N [...]

    2. The title pretty much tells what this book is about. It looks at the New Testament scriptures describing deacons in the church. In doing so, he divides the book into four parts: (1) dividing the work (between elders and deacons); (2) a church with two offices (elders and deacons); (3) qualifications for deacons; and (4) the importance of deacons.In summary, the deacon's role is to be the church's minister of mercy. Mercy is compassion and a disposition to help another, but it requires an active [...]

    3. Solid book on the office of deacon. I used to hold to female deacons but this convinced me otherwise. I haven't read any other books on the diaconate but every church leader should do so, this is a short and easy read that I would recommend.

    4. Clear, straightforward teaching on deacons. Agreed with his take on "one-woman man" qualification of deacons. However, I had trouble with his view that the women mentioned in 1 Timothy 3 are the wives of deacons. Also his take on the role of deacons was too restrictive. Otherwise a helpful and biblical explanation of deacons.

    5. Well thought out. I would want to push back on some of the things he said. My general concern is trying to study the office of deacon only using the New Testament. The Old Testament is foundational for deacons and their role in the church.

    6. New Testament Deacon: The Church's Minister of Mercy is a comprehensive and biblical treatment of the office of a deacon. It has challenged some of my thoughts on the work deacons are called to do and has helped reinforce my views in other cases.

    7. This was quite good. Quick. Direct to the point. Helpful for churchmen. It feels a bit like an appendix to his more thorough work on Biblical Eldership; but admittedly the texts in Scripture regarding deacons and their work is significantly less.With the texts there are, Strauch does a deft job of demonstrating what the scope and role for the diaconate is, as well as the great need for godly mercy ministry in the church. This stirred up a few thoughts that I'll hope to get to in the coming days [...]

    8. Strauch is known for his book on eldership, not deacons. I am giving this book 4 stars because it says a lot in a few pages, it is tightly tethered to the NT text, it speaks boldly to an area that is overlooked in many churches--including churches that I have been a part of.In this book Strauch calls for deacons to serve the physical needs of the congregation, to be formally examined/tested (I Tim 3:10), to complement the elders, to have qualified godly wives (I Tim 3:11). He understands Acts 6 [...]

    9. I am currently going through church officer (deacon) training, and this book is required reading for the trainees. There was nothing particularly earth shattering for me in this book as I have, in my adult life at least, always attended churches with a healthy diaconate (indeed, and a healthy relationship between shepherds and deacons). So I've had a series of good examples of properly functioning church leadership.I did however find it helpful as it laid out Scriptural reasoning behind necessit [...]

    10. This is by far the best book I have ever read on Deacon's Ministry. The book itself is basically a exegesis on every passage in the Scriptures concerning the office of the Deacon. There are a couple places I disagree with the author (One, is he doesn't come straight out and prohibit the deacon from the use of alcohol, which I think is a Biblical position since all modern day wine falls under the category of "strong drink" which the scriptures unilaterally condemns.) However, minor disagreement i [...]

    11. I liked this book, though I struggle a bit with Stauch's interpretation of the role of women as deacons. I don't care what title you give to a woman who is under church oversight and has a heart for ministry, mission, seeing other people meet Jesus, and coaching other female Christians. The fact is, women are functioning as deacons when they take on these roles and should be held to the scrutiny described in 1 Timothy. Just like you do not have to be a married man to serve as deacon, you shouldn [...]

    12. Like everything I've read from Strauch, this book contains good biblical study with a clear presentation. The position he takes on deacons seems overly restrictive to me. He argues that deacons are "ministers of mercy" (a la the title), and seems to say that they should practically do only mercy kind of ministry. For instance, he doesn't want them to serve on building committees or do other physical labor for the church. He takes Acts 6 as a strong prototype for deacons.He takes 1 Tim. 3:11 as d [...]

    13. Solid and helpful introduction to the biblical material relating to deacons. Deacons are servants, ministers of mercy, which distinguishes them from elders, who lead the church primarily through teaching. Deacons have authority and leadership in the church, which necessitates that they be examined and found to have moral character that matches that of an elder, but it is not required for the person or task of a deacon that they be able to teach. Deacons are not janitors or professional committee [...]

    14. Why only three stars? While I agree that this book throughly covers the Biblical basis for deacons, it seemed to me to spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on the topic of women as deacons. And, despite many words supporting the author's case, I was left unconvinced. Life is short, my attention span is shorter, and in my reading what I appreciate most is concise text. After finishing this book, I read Wayne Grudem's discussion of the same topic, which Grudem covers concisely and completel [...]

    15. Great Book. Really helped me understand the role of deacons in the New Testament church. Deacons are not meant to be executives on a board or relegated to the church janitor. Instead, deacons are mean't to be servant leaders. Neither is the role of a deacon a stepping stone to becomeing a pastor, it is it's own independent church office that is a compliment to eldership. Deacons are the church's agents of mercy.

    16. This book does an excellent job looking at the scriptures describing what a deacon is and what a deacon isn't. It's incredibly thorough and I recommend it to any church looking to define the roles of their deacons. The writing is kind of dry, which is why I couldn't give it a full five-star review. Not poorly written, but a little over halfway through I was starting to struggle to stick with it.

    17. Great readThe book is a faithful investigation on what a diaconate should be, based upon Scripture and not just opinions of men. It gave me some great insight and encouragement. I highly recommend it to any interested in the subject and especially those serving as deacons or elders in a church.

    18. Great book on what deacons are, the essentials of their ministry, and what qualifies a man for deaconship. Like his book on elders, I found his arguments both persuasive and pastoral. Two issues he raised for me was (1) can women be deacons? (Strauch says no) (2) what are deacons roles (for Strauch, deacons are focused on mercy ministries)Overall, a great book

    19. Good overview. Defends (successfully I think) the view that Deacons are "Ministers of Mercy" and not just jack-of-all-trades (managing logistics, finances, building maintenance, church service production, etc.). I wish there were more illustrations of practical examples of what the Deacon's ministry does look like.

    20. Though I disagree with Strauch on the issue relating to the wives of deacons, the rest of the book is pretty clear, straight-forward and accurate. The issue of deacons in the church is one that many do not take seriously enough. It is a role that is just as important as elders, a fact which Strauch puts across quite well.

    21. Hard to find a better book on the diaconate. Thorough on the qualifications. Felt reasons for his interpretation of 1 Timothy 3:11 were weak. Also question the limitation of deacons to simply mercy ministry rather than the overriding principle in Acts 6 of freeing up the elders to do elder work. But would definitely recommend this book.

    22. Read along with Strauch's 'Biblical Eldership' and both books together have led me to be convinced that a change of church governance is greatly needed in our Southern Baptist congregation. I am now preaching through Elders and Deacons with the hope of establishing a plurality of Elders in the near future. These books have been very helpful in helping me think through these issues.

    23. Written primarily for a Baptist audience, this book spends just as much time discussing what a Deacon *is not* as it does telling what a Deacon *is.* If you need to convince people that Deacons are not Elders, this is the book for you.

    24. Not flashy. A straightforward look at what the Bible requires of deacons. There's not a lot of practical advice on moving forward, but this was a complete paradigm shift for our deacons on how to think about the office. I would recommend it for any deacon training class.

    25. I changed my rating from three to four stars because, after discussing the book a couple nights ago, I realized how radical these basics actually are. My mindset has been shaped by this work on deacons as ministers of mercy, not just as a title for faithful Christians who do "stuff" for elders.

    26. Great book describing the Bible's view of the office of Deacon. Every pastor, elder, and deacon should read this book.

    27. Great book. Clear biblical exegesis on the office of deacons. I'm not sold on the men-only position Strauch takes, but the book is a solid read nonetheless.

    28. A decent nuts and bolts explanation of the deaconate. Nothing spectacular but easy to use in churches.

    29. This book is a good summary of the biblical role of deacons in todays church. Nothing really mind blowing, but good and concise.

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