• Title: Me & My Brothers, Vol. 7
  • Author: Hari Tokeino
  • ISBN: 9781427808813
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • Me My Brothers Vol When Sakura a year old orphaned girl discovers she has four half brothers her world is turned upside down as they re all forced to live under one roof
    When Sakura, a 14 year old orphaned girl, discovers she has four half brothers, her world is turned upside down as they re all forced to live under one roof.

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    1. Okay, I really liked this volume! BEST VOLUME OF M&MB I'VE READ SO FAR!(Hah. M&M. I love those things.) I'm going to refer to this story as M&M! Foooooooor-EVAAAAAAAAAAAH!Anyway, this volume . . . was seriously . . UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE. With like 5 trillon U's for emphasis.I really liked this volume. The extra story at the end included!Yeah. If you haven't read up to Volume 7 or farther yet, please . . . don't yell at me for the spoiler [...]

    2. Me & My Brothers adalah salah satu serial yang paling saya tunggu di setiap terbitan HanaLala, dengan versi Indonesia berjudul With My Brothers. Ceritanya simpel, lucu dan lumayan kental aroma kekeluargaan. Artworknya nggak begitu bagus sedikit kasar dan berantakan malah. Tapi saya nggak begitu peduli.Sakura Miyashita baru saja kehilangan nenek yang merawatnya sejak kecil. Untungnya Sakura tidak akan hidup sendirian, karena empat orang pria yang mengaku sebagai kakak Sakura datang menyelamat [...]

    3. The blurred out grade was hilarious. Hilarious I say! I have had those grades myself before. Boy are they not fun. It's nice to see the funny moments are enough to get more than a chuckle out. I loved the time apart for Masashi and Sakura. So nice. I guess it's becoming more than apparent that they aren't a couple I'm exactly rooting for.

    4. FINALLY! Both Masashi and Sakura know of each other's feelings. Now only Tsuyoshi, Suzuki, and Katigari are in the way. With four books left, I'm hoping all will be resolved by then. Onto book 5

    5. I like this series because it is sweet romance between a sort of gay step brother and and underage step sister. What's not to love about that. And it's funny.

    6. Takeshi is so much like Mori Senpai and the things those two do just seem to crack me up. My favorite page was when he came to the school pulled Sakura out the window and off they went.

    7. I love Takeshi, the youngest of the four brothershe really makes this series for me. He has a supporting role, but a great one at that. Such a sweet character

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