• Title: The Child from the Sea
  • Author: Elizabeth Goudge
  • ISBN: 9780340156247
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Child from the Sea Goudge depicts Lucy Walter as a warm loving but wronged wife of Charles ll We are led to belive throughout the novel that Charles truly adored his first wife and she was cast aside because of politic
    Goudge depicts Lucy Walter as a warm, loving but wronged wife of Charles ll We are led to belive throughout the novel that Charles truly adored his first wife and she was cast aside because of politics The contents of the book have been denounced as historically inaccurate, however, that is insignifigant to the wonderful story telling talents of Elizabeth Goudge As anGoudge depicts Lucy Walter as a warm, loving but wronged wife of Charles ll We are led to belive throughout the novel that Charles truly adored his first wife and she was cast aside because of politics The contents of the book have been denounced as historically inaccurate, however, that is insignifigant to the wonderful story telling talents of Elizabeth Goudge As an avid reader of historical facts and historical fiction, The Child from the Sea is the most well written account of a time long gone by Truly, The Child From the Sea is a novel that moves your heart while giving the reader a full account of life in 17th century London.

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    1. 4.5 stars. Loved it. Loved it, loved it. Enchanting, magical writing. Depth of characters. Beautiful, rich themes (redemption and forgiveness being two big ones in this book). It's slow, but absolutely wonderful.

    2. "He was born to shout for his gloves and have a servant bring them, but I was born to find my own gloves underneath my own chaos"Goudge's novel is a romanticized version of the life of Lucy Walter, long-time mistress to Charles Stuart (or was she his wife?), before he ascended the throne of England as well as mother to the Duke of Monmouth. Raised at Roche Castle in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Lucy is a bit of a tomboy who loves the sea, but her parents eventually become estranged and she must leave h [...]

    3. Originally posted on Reveries ReviewsThe Child from the Sea by Elizabeth Goudge is a decent book. It’s ridiculously long and boring, but the ending was satisfying, in a way, and the story wasn’t all that bad. The characters were all developed to an extreme, as with all of Goudge’s books, and the description was amazing.This is the story of Lucy Walter-Barlow, mistress/wife(?) of King Charles II of England. It begins with her childhood and goes until her death at the age of twenty-eight. I [...]

    4. I wasn't prepared for this.When my mom "asked," or "ordered" me to read this book, I said that I would get to it, and eventually I did. I waited until a rainy day, and so I spent the whole of the rainy day reading it. And I wasn't prepared for it.Before I read this particular book, it wasn't that I wasn't familiar with Goudge. I'd read The Little White Horse, Linnets and Valerians, Henrietta's House, City of Bells, Sister of the Angels, the Well of the Star, and I Saw Three Ships. I'd thought th [...]

    5. King Charles II is known for his amorous ways and numerous mistresses. His first love (fling…crush… call it what you will but the mother to his first child) was during his teen years at the onset of the Civil War with a Welsh girl, Lucy Walter. Rumored to have secretly married Lucy; Charles sired a royal bastard with her (James, later Duke of Monmouth). Elizabeth Goudge fictionalizes and romanticizes the life of Lucy Walter in the HF novel published in 1970 in, “The Child from the Sea”. [...]

    6. I read this book back in the 70's while in my late teens. I remember it was very memorable and moving. I won't go into too much detail, due to spoilers, but the I did not like the life choices of the main character, though I understand it is about a historical figure. This did not make me enjoy the book less, in fact it made me like it even more. It is a sad story about love won and lost. I would read it again given the chance.

    7. Elizabeth Goudge does a brilliant job of weaving together the love story of Lucy Walter and Charles II in 17th century England. She captures the beauty of the English landscape as well as the spiritual beauty of Lucy Walter and her marriage to someone who she really had no hope for a "normal" future with. This is one of my very favorite books.

    8. The Child from the Sea - VGElizabeth GoudgeTHE CHILD FROM THE SEA is the story of Lucy Walter, a child of transcendent beauty and spirituality. Born in 17th century England, Lucy grows up to become the secret wife of Charles II.Against the drama of the times and the machinations of the court, such a union had scant hope for success, but as a love match, the marriage remains a beautiful and tender romance.I believe I was 21 when I read this book and has suffered my first major heartbreak. The mai [...]

    9. Why is Elizabeth Goudge forgotten? Her writing is gorgeous and compelling. I love the mysterious, complicated, densely detailed worlds she creates, and the flawed believable characters. She has a deeply spiritual tinge to her writing that should be off-putting to this atheist, but I have loved every book of hers. This one isn't my favorite, but I still had a wonderful time reading it.

    10. This is another book I read ages ago and loved. It's still sitting on my bookshelves, ancient and falling apart.

    11. This was one of my favorite novels as a teenager. Recently my sixth grade daughter and I started reading it together; it has more history and more lengthy descriptions than I remembered, so the pace is slower than I anticipated and I think I might have jumped the gun in reading this with a twelve-year-old. But it's a magical book, beautifully written (as always with Elizabeth Goudge) and even for a contemporary sixth grade child the wild romance of it all, the stunning settings, and the tantaliz [...]

    12. I loved this book, although it was hard to read at times because of the subject matter and knowing how Lucy ends up in the end. I really felt her pain and joys throughout the story. The descriptions of scenery and characters are remarkable, as I've found in other books by Elizabeth Goudge. I felt the pain and intensity of feeling Lucy had during her life, despite the circumstances being so foreign to me. I was nearly distraught at the end, exhausted by the depth of this woman's soul and the life [...]

    13. If you like historical fiction, you will love this book about Charles Stuart and Lucy Walter. There is very little written about Lucy and her marriage to Prince Charles, but Elizabeth Goudge does a brilliant job in bringing their love story to light. I loved the beautiful descriptions of the surrounding countryside and there is no one else who can quite describe the emotions of a child/woman as Goudge.

    14. Although I do not reread this frequently as I do her juveniles, this historical novel by Goudge about Charles II's most famous mistress is readable and compelling, so long as one is not in a hurry. Goudge's historicals are sweeping but deliberate and slow paced, much like those of Inglis Fletcher.

    15. this is a good book for serious readers of british historical fiction. it was gorgeously written, but humongous. a very nice clean read, with attention paid to the spiritual development of the main character, lucy walter. i particularly loved how goudge illuminated the webs of dark and light in human relationships.

    16. What an amazing book! A Historical fiction about Lucy Walters, who some believe was the secret wife of Charles II Goudge makes her come alive & steal your heart, all while teaching you a bit about the politics of the time. Several characters are very memorable (whether they were real people or not) & inspire you to look beyond yourself for happiness & hope.

    17. This was a very detailed and poignant book about a part of history that I know very little about. The detail in the book is quite amazing and it took me a long time to read. Which I enjoy! Excellent writing skill and frankly I was amazed at the depth. It will be hard to go back to novels without that much detail and history.

    18. Historical fiction based on the story of Lucy Walter the mistress of Charles StuartLucy is a bit of a tom-boy who loves the sea. As a child, Lucy meets Charles by chance and a friendship of sort is born and when they meet again at sixteen love blossoms

    19. This book I will NEVER forget! I read it so long ago, more than 30 years ago. It was the beginning of my love of the historical novel and global history. And it was so romantic and heartbreaking! I read it in one day, I couldn't put it down.

    20. I read this book when I was a teenager; many many years ago. I remember it as clear today as I did back then. It was an extraordinary book. She made Lucy come to life on the pages.

    21. Great novel about Charles II and his first love (Lucy Walters) the mother of his first sonpoignantI read it when I was 12(or something) and have re read a couple of times

    22. First time I've left an Elizabeth Goudge book feeling dejected. What a life Lucy lived. I learnt that this book was based on new research surrounding the true life of Lucy Walter. Still recommend it but it was a definite change from her usual work.

    23. This is my second foray into the novels of Elizabeth Goudge, returning to the historical period that she wrote about in The White Witch--the English Civil War in the 17th century. This time, she focuses on the life of Lucy Walter, the first love of King Charles II and a woman about whom few historical facts are known.From what I could tell doing a little bit of cursory research, Goudge did an excellent job in this novel weaving whatever facts have become available over time into her tale. Althou [...]

    24. The rating system fails again as I struggled to assign it a fair one.I give it a 4 only to distingush from definative masterpieces.Perhaps 8 out of 10 would be more accurate, but I certainly loved reading it and could hardly put it down.Found in a hostel,chosen by default (there were a few popular mystery stories in English)from the first sentence I was seduced by the lush writing and the way EG has of making the obscure vivid, making for a compelling and most engaging read.Not everyone will agr [...]

    25. This is a great story based on the life of Lucy Walter, the Welshwoman known to history as the mother of the tragic Duke of Monmouth, son of Charles II and a claimant to the English and Scottish thrones after Charles' death. Lucy is commonly assumed to be Charles' mistress, and her son a bastard not eligible for the succession, but Goudge based her story on an alternative scenario for which there is some circumstantial and family anecdotal evidence, that Lucy and Charles secretly married as teen [...]

    26. Historical fiction based on the life of Lucy Walter the real life mistress (and possibly secret wife) of Charles II. A bit hard to get through at times, the author was prone to sending Lucy off on flights of fancy sometimes as she daydreamed that could be hard to follow. As Lucy ages in the book, she becomes more and more spiritual and the book really starts to delve into that as the story continues, but the message is a good one actually. If you like royal history mixed with your historical fic [...]

    27. A Cinderella story that turns out very badly. What happens if you’re so beautiful that the prince falls in love with you, but he has to marry you secretly, because you’re a commoner? Then he becomes king, but he can’t acknowledge you, so people think you’re his mistress, and they think your son is a bastard? (Sorry–that’s what they called “illegitimate” in those days.) Memo to young girls: if you want to be really beautiful when you grow up, think again.

    28. Jane Bennett Bingley could have written The Child from the Sea. Goudge gave her heroine - and everyone else - the benefit of the doubt in absolutely everything: no one was really to blame for anything, ever. Though beautifully written, this was a book I could hardly wait to be done with. It was a mistake to look up the sad, sad history it's based on. No one was faithful; everybody died young. This is the only Elizabeth Goudge book so far that I wouldn't recommend.

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