• Title: earthgirl
  • Author: Jennifer Cowan
  • ISBN: 9780888998897
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • earthgirl A New York Times Editors ChoiceEarthgirl follows the eco evolution of sixteen year old Sabine Solomon who is thrown into the fray one afternoon when she s riding her bike downtown to join her friends
    A New York Times Editors ChoiceEarthgirl follows the eco evolution of sixteen year old Sabine Solomon, who is thrown into the fray one afternoon when she s riding her bike downtown to join her friends, and an idling minivan driver carelessly tosses leftovers from McDonald s out the car window, blindsiding Sabine and leaving her covered in plum sauce.When Sabine tosses theA New York Times Editors ChoiceEarthgirl follows the eco evolution of sixteen year old Sabine Solomon, who is thrown into the fray one afternoon when she s riding her bike downtown to join her friends, and an idling minivan driver carelessly tosses leftovers from McDonald s out the car window, blindsiding Sabine and leaving her covered in plum sauce.When Sabine tosses the garbage back at the offensive driver, an altercation ensues that is captured on the videophones of her friends In a technological blink, footage is posted on YouTube, and Sabine finds herself at the center of a heated eco debate A crusader is born.

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    1. The plot-okay I liked that.The main character-Hated her.To me, Sabine came off as rude and bratty, she had the whole 'my way or the highway' attitude, and pushed away her friends because they didn't want to be as eco-conscious as her. She and her boyfriend, along with his friend, took out her father's fridge without asking him if it was okay.Her father gave her a book and she bites his head off.She constantly refers to people who don't share her same view as 'unaware' and blah blah blah.I HATED [...]

    2. Sixteen-year-old Sabine "Bean" is at a tunring point in her life. The world is in trouble, she has really started to notice how bad things are getting. As a result, she has started a blog in which she explores the environmental troubles the world is facing and uses research to try to show people what can be done to make things better.A major turning point occurs one afternoon when she is riding her bike. A woman in an SUV chucks a chicken nugget out of her window, and it ends up hitting her. It [...]

    3. Everyone should want to protect the environment and save the world, right?That's the outlook of budding activist Sabine "Bean" Solomon. While riding her bike, Sabine is hit with a leftover McDonald's meal tossed from an SUV that is idling in the bike lane. After a slight altercation with the driver that ends up being posted on You Tube, Sabine begins to realize that there is something seriously wrong with the world, and maybe it's time that she did something about it.However, not everyone is wil [...]

    4. What do you do when you're riding your bike in downtown Toronto and someone in an SUV tosses the greasy remains of their "McHappy Meal" right at you? And the plum sauce from the Chicken McNuggets dribbles down the front of your shirt?You get mad! That's what Sabine (nicknamed Bean) does. And her angry encounter with the SUV driver is all captured on video and uploaded to YouTube. An activist is born. Sabine can no longer take the mass consumption all around her (including that of her 2 best frie [...]

    5. I'm about a third of the way through, and I'm hooked. Sabine, nicknamed Bean by her family, has her environmental consciousness elevated when she is splattered by nasty litter by SUV-driving road-raging air-polluting soccer mom. Her argument with the driver is caught on cell phone and is posted online, where she attracts the attention of other earth lovers. Suddenly, Sabine is a star of the environmental movement. While that's not enough, she finally catches the attention of Vray Foret, a hot an [...]

    6. Sabine Solomon (Bean) becomes an eco-radical after a rude encounter with a Mcmeal thrown out the window of an SUV. She shares her growing awareness on her blog and begins to form new friendships with others of like mind. This is a story about becoming a conscious individual, forming relationships and making thoughtful choices. Heroine is sixteen and there is some sexual activity, so make sure you recommend it only to mature readers.

    7. This was a pretty good book about a girl who suddenly finds herself awakened to a cause. As is the case with many people, when the cause is a new one to her, it becomes her focus and she ends up alienating all kinds of people and meeting new ones. It's an interesting format with story interspersed with blog entries and comments. It ends up being a sort of coming of age story as much as anything.

    8. Started out a little gimmicky . . . You can really tell that Cowan writes for television. But Sabine is growing on me, and the story gets better. I suspect many young teens will enjoy the love story and maybe even check out some of the informative links. Purty satisfying ending.

    9. i have now read this book twice, once when i was younger and just interested in "growing up" stories of badass females for inspiration, and a second time when i have had a total eco-re-evolution inside my own soul and needed to get a quick goofy fix of eco heroism. i like this book for many reasons.1) links, and also real world book mentions! very useful, lots of nice sources for any young activists looking to expand their minds. (the reason i read for a second time - really needed the inspirati [...]

    10. Earthgirl is a refreshing and girl empowering novel that I highly recommend. The teen prose will hit you right away, as the novel opens and “Bean” (Sabine) Solomon gets sideswiped by a fancy car and the thoughtless driver throws the trash from a junk food lunch at her. With its irreverent language and teenage slang from our mouthy but endearing heroine, the reader will find lots in common with the teens portrayed in the story. As well, since the novel is punctuated by numerous blog postings, [...]

    11. Possibly the worst book I've ever read; not only is Cowan's writing filled with annoying misspellings and choppy sentences, but the main character gets on my nerves. She's a spoiled little dork who's incredibly full of herself, a self-entitled eco freak who shoves environmentalism propaganda at everyone she knows. This whole book could really appeal to the sheeple of the digital age - much of it is written in blog format and includes text acronyms and other confusing little social media terms. I [...]

    12. I loved this book for the first three quarters of the book. In high school I was into animal rights activism, so I could related with getting harassed about your opinion. I loved the first scene with yelling at the litterer. I HATE littering more than almost anything else.I liked the boyfriend at first but he started to act like an asshole and his friends were bad from the beginning. She goes back to him even though he's not treating her right, and the final straw was when Eric used the word "fa [...]

    13. For a book about a topic like this, it seemed to lack any sort of real substance. The writing style was weird - like the author took every slang word they'd ever heard and threw it on the page. Every character was flat and even the eco-conscious ones were pretty vapid. In the end the book tried to make a point, but it fell flat because the rest of the book had been so thin to begin with. It felt more like a thinly-veiled PSA trying to aim itself at "the youth" and failing miserably. (and, the po [...]

    14. Three and a half stars. A teen book about a girl who becomes an environmental activist! I thought this was a neat concept and loved that the book was set in Toronto and included so many great details about the city. I also liked the bloggy and tech aspects of the book and the inclusion of websites. However, there were a few plot lines and character developments that I would have fleshed out a lot more. I was also unsatisfied with the ending.However, I must say that I sped through this and really [...]

    15. Students could probably get behind this The Gospel According to Larry-esque book about a girl on a rampage against all things "un" green, which starts with a posting on YouTube of her yelling at a woman (from her bicycle) when the woman threw her fatty fast-food meal out the window to litter and hit Bean instead. I found Bean to be angry and the writing to lack some emotion or depth and didn't really invest myself in the story.

    16. I found this book good, except for a few potential flaws:1. The plot goes a little too quickly. Lady throws garbage at girl, girl goes eco-friendly, girl gets angry when boyfriend wants to start cars on fire, fin.2. Sabine and Vray's relationship: Boy meets girl, they become unseperable for most of the book, boy commits himself to arson, girl dumps him.I like the potential plot though and the blog element was nice. I thought it was a pretty good book.

    17. Hahaha! 3.5 and I'm tempted to give it 4 stars just for being the perfect representation of idealistic teenage eco-nuttiness, complete with blog entries, condensed into a practically tangible bit of delicious hilarity. It takes talent plus a helping of magic to so completely capture the attitude in text like that.

    18. I really liked what the author was trying to get across with the book, but I just wasn't sold on the style felt too preachy for kids to really get into ite beginning was particularly grating, but the last few chapters were redeeming. I really do respect the attempt; environmentally-themed fiction is difficult to pull off!

    19. This book just couldn't hold my attention. I read maybe a paragraph from each page, but I still got the whole plot. It's not very interesting, nothing really happens till the end, and the main character develops too fast. The first page was rushed, and the rest of the book the same. It seemed to be preaching more than anything.

    20. Earthgirl was overall an interesting read. The blog entries throughout the novel made the overall book kind of slow-paced, but I thought the way it raised our awareness of our impact on the environment was good. The theme on balancing your old friends with new friends was something that we could all relate to as high school students.

    21. Hi and thanks to you goodread peeps for reading my book!!!!I just wanted to let you know that there is another Jennifer Cowan who is a published author, but she's not me. This is my first novel, after two decades working as a television screenwriter. If you are interested in my book - there's also a blog at sabinetheearthgirl.wordpressHappy reading!!!!!

    22. Like many other reviews, I would agree that the main character wasn't very likable (until the very end). However, because of my deep interest in the topic of the environment I bared with earthgirl and turned out enjoying the novel and loving the ending.

    23. Fun; the first multi platform book I've tried. I'm not sure the web sites and extras enhanced the experience for me, it was fun, and on a topic that interested me. I will try some others, and see how they compare.

    24. This book could have been good if the MC wasn't such a horribly unlikeable character. The ending was too rushed as well. Like the author forgot that the story was ending. Blah. Glad I won't have to read this twice.

    25. A young high school girl living in a Toronto suburb becomes an environmentalist. She also acquires a boyfriend who shares her beliefs. In the process, she loses her two best friends who don't understand how she has changed.

    26. It feels like this book was written with the sole intention of mocking people who believe that the environment is something we, as a people, should protect. Oh saying "look how crazy they can be, look at the means they will go to!"

    27. Great book. Shows the struggle who actually try to make a difference for the earth in a world that wants nothing but consumers to buy. Was able to relate to the girl to some extent although I think her family and friends had a bit of an over the top reaction! XD

    28. I really like the idea of an environmentally conscious teen character but Sabine was inconsistent. She was annoying then I kinda liked her. Eventually back to annoying and finally likeable again at the end. I also had a hard times sharing some of her values.

    29. Girl becomes eco-conscious after a run in with litterer. Meets stupid, hot, eco-warrior guy and gets in trouble.

    30. It was pretty good, I hated Vray but the descriptions of first love felt real. I think the events at the end could have been stretched out or added to just a little more.

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