• Title: Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos
  • Author: Donna Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780312939588
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • Revenge of the Wrought Iron Flamingos Every year Yorktown Virginia relives its role in the Revolutionary War by celebrating the anniversary of the British surrender in This year plans include a re enactment of the original battle
    Every year, Yorktown, Virginia, relives its role in the Revolutionary War by celebrating the anniversary of the British surrender in 1781 This year, plans include a re enactment of the original battle and a colonial craft fair Meg Langslow has returned to her home town for the festivities and to sell her wrought iron works of art Except, of course, for the pink painteEvery year, Yorktown, Virginia, relives its role in the Revolutionary War by celebrating the anniversary of the British surrender in 1781 This year, plans include a re enactment of the original battle and a colonial craft fair Meg Langslow has returned to her home town for the festivities and to sell her wrought iron works of art Except, of course, for the pink painted flamingos she reluctantly made for her mother s best friend she s hoping to deliver them secretly, so she won t get a reputation as the blacksmith who makes those cute wrought iron flamingos Besides, she has taken on another responsibility making sure none of her fellow crafters ruin the historical authenticity of the fair with forbidden modern devices like wrist watches, calculators, or cell phones She s only doing it to keep peace with the mother of the man she loves And Michael himself will don the white and gold uniform of a French officer for the re enactment what actor could resist a role like that Meg s also trying to keep her father from scaring too many tourists with his impersonation of an 18th century physician And to prevent a snooping reporter from publishing any stories about local scandals Not to mention saving her naive brother, Rob, from the clutches of a con man who might steal the computer game he has invented It s a tough job at least, until the swindler is found dead, slain in Meg s booth with one of her own wrought iron creations.Now Meg must add another item to her already lengthy to do list Don t forget to solve the murder Fortunately, the trouble Meg faces, the fun the reader will have and Meg faces plenty of trouble in this lighthearted and funny novel.

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    1. Very, very good. This kept my attention throughout and I loved all of the characters. The one star was taken off simply for it taking me so long to finish and for Micheal's sometimes moodiness. Besides that, however this was an excellent book that I loved. I already have the next on my shelf, so expect me to be reading that soon!

    2. Donna Andrews stories are leaving me in stitches! Meg Langslow and her family are at their quirky best when they find themselves as part of an annual historical re-enactment festival in their home town Of Yorktown, Virginia.Of course there is a murder, and the body turns up in Meg's booth with one of her creations looking like the murder weapon. Will the Langslows survive the weekend without injury or arrest, will Meg and Michael ever have time alone to discuss their relationship, and will Spike [...]

    3. How does a community ban on plastic yard ornaments fit in with a revolutionary war reenactment, a murder, and blacksmithing? Leave it to Meg Langslow's character to bring the story together in Yorktown VA where she and the handy boyfriend character Michael, who we really know far too little about, are participating in the festivities of encampment and craft show in period garb and with cannons firing.Not much meat on the bones of this one in the series, but the story behind her making iron flami [...]

    4. Wonder how I managed to arrange it that for two out of the last three books I've read have ornamental flamingos as the murder weapon! Still, the main reason for reading this series is Meg's crazy family, as much as the actual mysteries.

    5. Donna Andrews' bird mysteries are a total treat. In book three, Meg and her boyfriend Michael, are participating in an enactment of the 1781 siege of Yorktown. Michael's demanding mother is in charge and allows nothing from present day to be seen, said, or tasted anywhere during the celebration. Meg is participating in the crafts fair, selling her exquisite iron works. She has competition with some second class crafters, but she's also trying to keep her special order, flamingos under wraps so b [...]

    6. To make points with Mrs Waterson Meg agrees to be her assistant at mock Battle of Yorktown's craft fair. Everyone is dress in period clothing. Michael is a stickler for authentic items. several of Meg'family are at the show. Rob is dispose to meet with a software person Roger Benson. Meg and Rob learns he might be scammer and don't want to gave the source code They want to know more before dealing with him. Later Roger is found dead in Meg's stall with her handcrafted stuck in him. Will the sher [...]

    7. This series is starting to make my head hurt. I don't really care about the characters, and the story wasn't very interesting, but I found that I couldn't just leave this book in the middle to read something better. I had to find out "who dunnit." And I'll probably end up reading the next book in the series because that's how I get about mystery series, and I'll probably give it two stars as well. Sigh

    8. Yesterday I finished another cozy mystery for the monthly discussion at the cozy group. I’m sad to say that for the first time I didn’t much enjoy the book chosen.A reenactment of the siege of Yorktown features a crafts fair, so ornamental blacksmith Meg Langslow dresses in costume and peddles her wares. An entrepreneur working with Meg's brother comes to near-blows with several craftspeople--including Meg, who has hidden a dozen modern pink flamingos under her counter. When the man is kille [...]

    9. Blacksmith Meg Langslow has been roped into running a craft fair at a Yorktown Battle reenactment, organized by her boyfriend Michael's mother, and Meg is already regretting it. Michael's mother is running rampant over everyone and everything, particularly Meg, and fining the crafters hundreds of dollars for any modern anachronisms (including things that the "Town Watch" think are anachronisms even though they aren't). As if that weren't enough, Meg's brother is contemplating a deal with a shady [...]

    10. An interesting mystery set around a colonial fair and battle reenactment in Virginia.I haven't always been a fan of Meg and Michael, but in this one, Michael seems a little less oblivious to his mother, or they don't interact enough for it to irritate me.Andrews does a great job of weaving the mystery and throwing in details about people, place and cond0-association rules banning pink flamingos. When Meg finds the businessman her brother had a meeting with and her friends have a lawsuit against [...]

    11. Meg Langslow: 3After the slow pacing of the previous book, the author seems think returning to the formula of the first, where Meg is harried left and right by people making demands on her, will return things back to the success of the first book. Unfortunately, that just makes for a frustrating read, and this one also lacks of the humor of the first book. I'm going to give the next book a shot, but am really considering not going further with this series.

    12. Meg is participating in a reenactment of the Battle of Yorktown. While she's watching for things that don't fit into the period, she also finds a dead body. Worse yet, Meg's brother Rob is the chief suspect since the victim wanted to buy his computer program.Another fun mystery filled with laughs, twists, and great characters.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    13. Like a slower, less interesting episode of Murder She Wrote. The actual murder (i.e. the story) didn't happen until half-way through the book.

    14. Everyone's geared up to celebrate the anniversary of the Revolutionary War's siege of Yorktown, Virginia, and this year they're going to party like it's 1781! But Meg Langslow might have taken on a bit more than she can manage when she volunteers to help her boyfriend's mother with her plans for the celebration. While Michael is off having fun preparing for the big battle re-enactment, she's stuck in period garb policing her fellow crafters and making sure no anachronisms slip into sight around [...]

    15. Another delightful mystery in the world of Meg Langslow. In this one, she and Michael are back in her hometown where Michael's mother has organized a reenactment weekend of a battle and had craftbooths and items set up to support it. The whole purpose was to remain 'in period' which of course led to many funny moments.A crook was going to rip off Rob (Meg's brother) and his lawyer video game (Lawyers from Hell) and it turned out a lot of people in town were very much against Benson. And then Ben [...]

    16. I'm rereading this series and this is my favorite installment so far. The setting - a reenactment of the Battle of Yorktown combined with a period-correct craft fair - was interesting and provided plenty of complications and details. The mystery kept me wondering, even if it wasn't the real focus of the book. Instead, Meg and her relationship with her family, boyfriend Michael, and Michael's bossy mother, kept me happily reading. I picked this book up just before Thanksgiving and enjoyed reading [...]

    17. Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos is the third in the Meg Langslow mystery series by Donna Andrews. It's fun and an interesting reading. I especially liked the means of the murder in this one. This story takes place in Yorktown, Virginia at a reenactment of a revolutionary battle and associated festival that goes along with it. Our heroine is a blacksmith selling wrought iron and her boyfriend, an actor, is taking part as a French officer. The characters are humorous and likable. The story b [...]

    18. There is just something so absurd about these books, but it's still so fun. The books are just a little over the top in what happens but it never takes itself seriously so for me it works. The bird theme, though it's hardly relative at this point just makes it all the funnier. These are most definitely for someone who likes funny, maybe cozy mysteries.

    19. An interesting novel about war reenactments as well as a mystery to be solved, this book held my attention. The mystery was well woven into the reenactment story line. I chose to read this book because I love flamingo lawn decorations but I'd read more in this series.

    20. I love this book. Donna Andrews is a very clean writer. I love all the characters in this book. I'm looking forward in reading a lot books by her. I love the background of this book because it was about craft fairs but set back in the Revolutionary war I think.

    21. Fun to the Very End Yes, I do recommend this book. I love the funny things that happen and the wordsmithing. She uses a large vocabulary and there are moments that just make you laugh out loud.  Just want a fun cozy mystery? This one is for you. 

    22. Who doesn't love a good Meg Langslow mystery? Liked it per usual. Fast read and kept my interest to the final page.

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