• Title: Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest: Where Birds Begin
  • Author: Irene Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780823421022
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest Where Birds Begin How does a bird make its nest Very carefully Many birds build intricate nests out of twigs leaves feathers mud even dollar bills and clothespins some nests are gigantic housing hundreds of birds o
    How does a bird make its nest Very carefully Many birds build intricate nests out of twigs, leaves, feathers, mud even dollar bills and clothespins some nests are gigantic, housing hundreds of birds or weighing as much as a car, while others are just large enough to keep one egg safe and warm.

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    1. This book goes through describing many different species of birds and how they each go about making their nests in order to protect their eggs. Each page is very informational and explains what materials the birds use to build their nests, as well as what patterns they make within their nests and how they make them. It also explains how some birds use their nest only once, while others use it for the rest of their life. Some birds even steal nests from other birds to make it their own home! It [...]

    2. Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest Where Birds Begin by Irene Kelly The bald eagle nest is ten feet wide and is as heavy as a small car. The hummingbird makes a nest that is the size of half a ping-pong ball and is lined with spider silk. Some bird nests are to hide them from predators. The Yellow-rumped Thornbill builds two nests on top of each other. It lives in the bottom nest. The top nest stays empty so when a predator looks into the nest it looks deserted. The Carmine Bee-eater flies into a clif [...]

    3. The twin text I chose for this book is Purple Little Bird by Greg Foley. The rationalization for choosing this book is somewhat unclear, but basically I chose it because it's about a bird (a really adorable bird!) and that's what Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest is about! Birds! I began looking for fiction books about birds and this one became my favorite after I started to see the illustrations.

    4. This fun book reviews many species of birds and the types of nests they build. The publisher thanks Margaret Hart at the begging of the book for checking its accuracy, Ms. Hart is a scientific assistant in the ornithology department of the American Museum of Natural History. The book includes a world map where many of the birds can be found in their natural habitat.

    5. This book was very informational on birds and their homes. I like how it described in detail each birds nest, what is used to build the nest, and where each bird lives. I would use this book to show students the variety of birds and bird homes. I would use this book to do a project on building their own birds nest.

    6. This is a fascinating book about how many birds build their nests. While there is no mention of how an ostrich builds a nest, there is plenty of other birds. The words curve around the illustrations which draws the reader in to examine more closely. At the back of the book is a map that show where each bird lives.

    7. This book is aimed at the very early grammar school aged child, but I must say, I learned alot. The writing is a little hard to read, and that might be a barrier for the early reader (so maybe a book better read aloud to some), but the details on kinds of nests, and nesting strategies of different birds was excellent--very fun to read, cute illustrations, and I highly recommend this book.

    8. This book explains what you need in order to make a nest. It gives you exact materials and step by step instructions for creating a nest for a certain bird. It also has useful information about the different birds and how they go about laying eggs. I would use this book in my classroom to help my students understand that many animals are differnt even if they are alike.

    9. Great way to introduce science content in a fun and intriguing way! This book gives details of the different types of nests built by birds with some fun facts about the nests. It concludes with an idea of what the reader can do to supply birds with nesting materials! (natural response!!!!)

    10. This book is an informational guide on birds. It targets different types of birds. This book could be used in a science class or for social studies (states where birds live in the world).

    11. Extremely informative. Creative way of writing each sentence. This would be great in a science class because it is so detailed about birds and their nest.

    12. Total informational book about bird's nest .After reading this book i came to know that what are the things they use to make their nests even socks are the part of nest this seems funny.

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