• Title: Zip Goes Zebra
  • Author: Richard Hefter
  • ISBN: 9780030180811
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Zip Goes Zebra Zebra annoys the residents of Sweet Pickle with his unconventional behavior
    Zebra annoys the residents of Sweet Pickle with his unconventional behavior.

    One Reply to “Zip Goes Zebra”

    1. Leonard had all 26 Sweet Pickles books as a boy. His mother gave them to my brother, Kristopher when we got married. This summer my mom got them out for us to take home. Unfortunately, they wouldn't fit in our suitcases, so we decided to keep them at Gramma's house to read when we visit. And this year we did just that and read all 26 of them. They're cute little stories, with cute little morals. Kaleb, Noe, and Gavin all thought they were great!

    2. This book has several different animals in it. I do not like some of the language that the book uses. There are negative words in it that students could possibly learn and use against other students in the class. I like the pictures, but I would probably not read this to my class unless I was talking about not nice words to use. You can make this a book about bullying due to the negative names some people are called.

    3. I'm sure I used to like Sweet Pickles but now that I'm reading them to Eleanor and Peter I realise they have far too many words and the morals aren't all that well underlined. Pig thinks Pinks has to be the best one anyway, though Zip goes Zebra gets a firm second for reminding me of Ellen.

    4. This one was another childhood favorite of mine. My brother and I often read it together. I hope I still have my copy somewhere.

    5. I always loved the sweet pickles books! I wanted to own every one (of course I didn't) but I owned this one---they're just fun.

    6. This is a very fun and unusual colorful book. Zebra marches to the beat of his own drum, and his friends wonder why. In the end, it is okay to be yourself (or different).

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