• Title: La Vie Parisienne
  • Author: Janelle McCulloch
  • ISBN: 9781741960822
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • La Vie Parisienne A vivid account of a year in Paris written in a personal and engaging style this title focuses on the style glamour and romance to be found in this most seductive of cities
    A vivid account of a year in Paris, written in a personal and engaging style, this title focuses on the style, glamour and romance to be found in this most seductive of cities.

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    1. I knew this wasn't going to be great when I saw the first chapter is titled Martinis and Macaroons, and the author goes on to refer to macaroons at least half a dozen times during the book. She's a journalist and editor who spent time in Paris, yet she doesn't know that she's talking about macarons. Every other French food gets mentioned in French and italics, except for macarons. I should have noted the negative reviews before reading this. It jumps all over the place in regards to the timeline [...]

    2. A bit of a roller coaster - I went from amused to ambivalent from chapter to chapter. A bit self indulgent with name dropping featuring, yet still I kept reading if only because I love the subject - the French life!

    3. I got this book to take to Paris with me but then took another one instead. The only reason I finished reading this book is because Paris is still fresh in my mind. This is somewhere between a memoir and a travelogue. For someone who professes to love Paris Ms McC should really get her macarons and macaroons straight. Throughout the book she calls the macarons from Ladurée macaroons. Oops. There are also quite a few instances of 'I was' instead of 'I were' along with various typos. What bothere [...]

    4. While McCulloch's reflections on Paris have been criticised for being generalisations, I found it an enjoyable read. It was especially interesting to get the perspective of an Australian ex-patriot living in Paris. From a sociological perspective, the chapter on 'Understanding the French' was great as it explained many of the unwritten rules associated with dinner parties in Paris, many of which were in direct contrast to those in Australia. A lovely book which made me want to go back to Paris!

    5. Loved this book , loved the photos inside as well.Fabulous for getting you in the mood for all things FRENCH!Made me crave coffee,wine,walking,seated gazing,macaroons and more!

    6. I was a bit disappointed in this book. The production of the volume is very handsome, with its touches of flock and atmospheric Parisian photos throughout, but I found the writing pretentious and a bit name-droppy and badly in need of a couple of rounds of serious editing, which is a bit sad in a book written by a former magazine editor.That said, it wasn't so bad that I couldn't read it. Parts of it were quite interesting, especially from about halfway through where she stopped littering the te [...]

    7. is a beautifully written book about life in this great city. It is a fabulously nostalgic book of such a romantic city that brought a tear in my eye and lovely photos that made me want me to hop on the next flight.There are many books about Paris (especially by Australian Journalists) and, alongside Sarah Turnbull’s Almost French, this has to be one of my favourites. Like Turnbull, she “gets” the city and tries to really understand what makes it tick and especially parts of the city’s ic [...]

    8. I was able to read through this particular travel narrative in just a couple of days, which is a good thing conidering how I really couldn't stand the narrator. I just wish something, anything, exciting had happened at SOME point in the book (other than her developing a rash after buying some very expensive lingere, which was hilarious and rang very true). All the romances were short lived i.e. were over with in about two paragraphs, and even the culinary adventures weren't all that original - I [...]

    9. I really thought i'd enjoy this book seeing as i'm a student of French and am going out to live over there soon, however I was really rather disappointed. I found it just seemed to reinforce all the French/Parisian sterotypes I've ever heard and didn't really tell me anything new. I can't help feeling the stereotypes were exaggerated upon and would have much preferred something more real. Perhaps this is what Paris is really like, and if so, I'll stick to the French countryside or south as I've [...]

    10. Love it Love it, love it, love itHave read it about 3 times already and still makes me laugh with tears each time. Beautifully written in such a way that makes you smell and feel the Paris from her pen. After reading this book I went to Paris to look for that perfect maccarron and spent a day in the rain to find the Sabbia Rosa store!

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a fellow journalist I loved hearing about all the cafes and book shops writers in Paris frequent. A light read and one I would definitely recommend.

    12. Grab a glass of wine when reading this one. This book is to be savoured not rushed.Set the mood and voilayou are in Paris!

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