• Title: Asterix auf Korsika
  • Author: René Goscinny Albert Uderzo
  • ISBN: 9783770400201
  • Page: 260
  • Format: None
  • Asterix auf Korsika Asterix and Obelix meet a new friend a Corsican chieftain who had been Caesar s prisoner Together the trio returns to Corsica to help foil the evil plans of the corrupt Roman Praetor Perfidius
    Asterix and Obelix meet a new friend a Corsican chieftain who had been Caesar s prisoner Together, the trio returns to Corsica to help foil the evil plans of the corrupt Roman, Praetor Perfidius.

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    1. This is one of my favourite Asterix books. It never fails to amuse, from the exploding Corsican cheese to the "corsican"/course 'e can" pun to the joke about stoning a donkey with ripe figs, this one's particularly funny. Uderzo's art is in especially fine form.

    2. Sono stato per diversi anni in Corsica in vacanza d'estate. Purtroppo ne ho visto solo la parte costiera, con solo una puntata verso l'interno ma senza poter apprezzare appieno le sue foreste e i suoi villaggi in costa (montana). Però Aleria l'ho vista, ho visto da vicino (da dentro un'auto per fortuna) i "maiali selvatici".Il che mi permette di gustarmi ancora di più questo volumetto, perché molte delle caratterizzazioni del popolo corso le capisco avendone "un vissuto". Discorso che vale an [...]

    3. Another fine Asterix in foreign country addition, at #20. The traditional Wiki summary:"The story begins with a banquet celebrating the anniversary of Vercingetorix's victory at the Battle of Gergovia. As part of the celebrations, the indomitable Gauls attack the local Roman camps. As a result, most of the Roman soldiers go on special manoeuvres to avoid the punch-upThe proud Boneywasawarriorwayayix attends the Gaulish banquet and leaves the next day for Corsica with Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix [...]

    4. La migliore fra le caratterizzazioni “etniche” della serie. E non migliore perché fedele al modello, ma perché estrema e in sé coerente. I corsi immaginari di questa storia sono un personaggio in se stessi, tutti insieme. Alcune scene hanno letteralmente come “protagonisti” il loro maschilismo o la loro suscettibilità. Genio puro!

    5. Following are the reasons why I give this 4 stars!This books shows why somebody must read these comics in the correct order. The story opens with a feast to which past friends are invited. This re-union includes characters from previous books such as "Asterix in Spain", "Asterix in Switzerland" "Asterix and the Chieftain's shield" "Asterix in Britain" etc. Names: longest name for a character in Asterix: Boneywasawarriorwayayix (A Corsican chief whose name inspires Cacofonix to compose an epic ba [...]

    6. Dialogue between a Corsican and a Roman who goes to search for Corsican rebels:R: Er, well I was saying, Ave, and in the name of Praetus(awkward silence while Corsican stares angrily at the Roman)C: You spoke to my sister.R: I did? I didn't mean toC: (Shows a pocket knife) I don't like people talking to my sister.R: (Chilled) But but I'm not interested in your sister, I only wanted toO: (More angrily) You don't like my sister?R: (Trying to be polite) Yes, yes, of course, I like your sister O: (E [...]

    7. Warum die Römer immer wieder ihre wichtigen politischen und militärischen Gefangenen in die Nähe des gallischen Dorfes bringen wird wohl noch viele Geschichtsforscher *räusper* beschäftigen. Diesen erzählerischen Kniff verzeiht man Rene und Albert immer wieder sehr gerne, vor allem wenn sie uns wie hier - auf so eine humorvolle Reise entführen. Ich lache heute noch Tränen, wenn ich die stoische Darstellung der Korsen sehe und deren gesellschaftliches Miteinander, welches nicht nur Asteri [...]

    8. In this book "Asterix went to Corsica but as the three heroes with Indefix arrived on the island in my eyes it was like the book title was wrong. The right title would be "Asterix went to Crete island" in a village up to the mountains where the older men wearing head scarfs and total black clothes. Also the vendetta and the behavior of a Corsican when his sister open the door to a Roman soldier were both very stereotype Cretan behavior of 1900-1950s. I haven't been to Corsica so i am sure the bo [...]

    9. In this one, Asterix and Obelix offer hospitality to a Corsican who is exiled from there and go with him to see the country and see how the Corsicans deal with the Romans.All the usual puns and long-standing jokes included.

    10. An entertaining Asterix tale.Asterix and Obelix free a Corsican chieftain in Gaul and aid the Corsican resistance against Rome, while enjoying the island and navigating its clan feuds. The encounter with the chieftain seems purely coincidental, though.

    11. A prisoner from Corsica with a very complex name is held in one of the Roman camps surrounding the Gauls. Asterix and co. attack the camp and meet him. They then decide to travel to Corsica to see how they deal with the Romans there. Fun read as always.

    12. A great comic book and time killer. I'v read it over and over again but if your looking for a more advance book, this is not what you want.

    13. An absolutely delightful read. The name dropping just keeps getting better and better through the book. Lethargix is the hero. Made a convert of me. Will definitely go in for more.

    14. The usual Asterix wordplay and cowardly Romans, only this one has travel to a stage set Corsica. A fever dream of stereotypes and silly. Fun enough.

    15. Sie sind empfindlich, die Korsen!Während der Feier des Jahrestags von Gergovia, die mit allen Freunden und Bekannten der Vorgängerbände mit einem Überfall auf ein römisches Feldlager gefeiert wird, finden die Gallier einen Gefangenen. Nachdem seine Siesta vorbei ist, wollen sie ihn zurück in seine Heimat begleiten, um den römischen Statthalter nicht mit ungerechten Steuern durchkommen zu lassen. Und so machen sie sich auf nach KorsikaWer die anderen Bände der Reihe kennt, freut sich auf [...]

    16. This is probably my favourite Asterix. I loved the small jokes, but also the mentioned 'death stare' and the whole Corsican clan disputes that go back for centuries.One of the greatest scenes, in my opinion, is where the clan chiefs gather for a meeting in the 'maquis'. Each clan chief imitates the sound of a wild boar to announce himself. When they are all present, Obelix confused the sound of a real wild boar with the call of a clan chief. One of the clan chiefs is insulted and pulls the death [...]

    17. Durante le celebrazioni per la vittoria di Gergovia, Asterix e Obelix liberano da un accampamento romano un ribelle Corso, lo invitano a banchettare e decidono di accompagnarlo a casa per vedere come i Corsi riescono a resistere ai Romani.Albo difficile da comprendere per chi non conosce la Corsica e i suoi abitanti (ecco il perché delle tre stelle), ma non privo di battute e caricature da manuale. I vecchietti seduti sulla panchina che osservano la battaglia sono leggendari e i modi di fare de [...]

    18. It's a holiday for the village and it's their tradition to attack the Roman camps in the area. All but one of those camps, though, has had everybody leave for the day. The one camp left has a prisoner they took from Corsica.The village attacks the camp and frees the prisoner, and Asterix and Obelix will escort the prisoner back to Corsica where they find the clans there arguing with each other but willing to join in another round of Roman-bashing. Literally.The story isn't as funny as the normal [...]

    19. I remember being confused when I first read this book in 1985 and I'm not much the wiser now. Asterix in Corsica suffers from a lack of story, with attempts to cover this made variously by Corsican stereotype in-jokes, around four pages of four old men trying to identify other men named after types of pasta and surprise guest appearances by old friends from previous adventures at the onset. To that end it has the feel of a sitcom 'clip show' and is far from the standard we've enjoyed up until no [...]

    20. Refamiliarizing myself with the series to figure out whether I'll share it with the kids. It might take too much background in a specific history to get some of the stereotype jokes. I didn't see much to recommend this to my kid. He read the first few pages and had to have some of the jokes explained. He gave up. We might try one of the ones that covers a society that he knows a little better like Cleopatra but we'll see.

    21. The Gauls are throwing a party to celebrate a past victory, as part of the celebrations they like to attack the local Roman camps. Most of the Roman camps are empty as the Romans have decided "to go on manoeuveres" but unfortunately for one group of Romans, they've got a Corsican prisoner so they can't leave. The Gauls free the prisoner, and Asterix and Obelix get sent with him to Corsica to see how they deal with the Romans there.

    22. Depois de arranjar um pretexto, obélix e astérix vão visitar uma região e os autores aproveitam para descrever, com graça, as idiossincrasias locais.Neste caso da Córsega, com referências ao orgulho próprio, a serem sisudos, ciosos das mulheres, ao imperador Napoleão, às vinganças de sangue local por coisas irrisórias, ao instinto de sobrevivência e resistência,à sorna, aos cheiros acentuados principalmente do queijo. Enfim o que se espera de um livro de astérix.

    23. Vendettas, fierce family pride, resistance fighters dodging the enemy in the maquis - we're in Cosica in 50 BC. Asterix and Obelix help Chief Boneywasawarriorwayayix to foil the evil designs of Praetor Perfidius and oppose Julius Caesar's army. Again our intrepid duo is at hand to save the day for the Corsican.

    24. I have read Asterix through out my childhood. But this book will always remain a masterpiece. I loved it so much because I always went to Corsica as a child and loved it there. So when I brought this book I was so happy that Asterix went to Corsica just like I did. My book has stains and marks everywhere. I love it so much. Hannah

    25. Bof! Ce n'est pas le meilleur Astérix de la série. L'histoire est la même que d'habitude. Elle n'est qu'un prétexte pour faire visiter un nouveau pays occupé par les romains et montrer quelques clichés de ce pays. Il n 'y a rien d'innovateur au niveau du récit. Au moins, il y a quelques bonnes blagues qui viennent enrichir la BD.

    26. As Marseille and the really near-by Corsica are so aptly featured in this one, is has gained even more in my eyes as one of the best of the adventures of the Gauls. Such wonderful characterisation of country and people. A must read for all fans of BD. To enjoy "doucedoucedoucement."

    27. Nearly perfect. One of my absolute favorites from the series. Some of the early part references past volumes, and the old men of the clan providing commentary on the battle is priceless.I loved this one so much that I bought a Michelin Guide to Corsica to learn more about L'Isle de Beaute.

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