• Title: Symbol, Sword, and Shield: Defending Washington During the Civil War
  • Author: Benjamin Franklin Cooling III
  • ISBN: 9780942597240
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Symbol Sword and Shield Defending Washington During the Civil War Cooling completes his widely hailed trilogy on the extensive defenses of the nation s capital
    Cooling completes his widely hailed trilogy on the extensive defenses of the nation s capital.

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    1. A good general history of the military effort to defend Washington during the war. Cooling argues for the city’s symbolic importance and covers the Union troops and defenses in detail.Cooling describe show the defending troops and fortifications were built from scratch when the war began and how the city was threatened by secessionists and even by feuds between rival militia units stationed in the district. Although the threats were never too serious, Cooling argues that the efforts spent on t [...]

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