• Title: House Secrets
  • Author: Mike Lawson
  • ISBN: 9780802118851
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Hardcover
  • House Secrets Mike Lawson s previous novels starring Joe DeMarco fixed for the Speaker of the House have earned him a loyal following from thriller aficionados and a place among the most talented and captivating t
    Mike Lawson s previous novels starring Joe DeMarco, fixed for the Speaker of the House have earned him a loyal following from thriller aficionados and a place among the most talented and captivating thriller writers focusing on the dangerous games of our nation s capital.In House Secrets, DeMarco is sent to investigate the death of a reporter, the son of one of his boss sMike Lawson s previous novels starring Joe DeMarco, fixed for the Speaker of the House have earned him a loyal following from thriller aficionados and a place among the most talented and captivating thriller writers focusing on the dangerous games of our nation s capital.In House Secrets, DeMarco is sent to investigate the death of a reporter, the son of one of his boss s old colleagues, even though it appears to be nothing than an unfortunate accident He soon learns that the reporter was on the trail of Senator Paul Morelli, a rising star considered a shoe in for his party s presidential nomination Some politicians are lucky, and Morelli has been luckier than most, but his past has already been thoroughly scrutinized and he looks clean But then, why is DeMarco being followed by a pair of rogue agents who freelance for the CIA Dirty secrets, beltway politics, and divided loyalties threaten as DeMarco s investigation spirals dangerously out of control Filled with surprising twists, a captivating plot, and excellent characters both old and new, House Secrets is Lawson s best book yet.

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    1. While the bad guy got what he deserved in the end, too many lives were damaged or destroyed in the process. 4 of 10 stars

    2. First, let me say Mike Lawson is a flawless, smooth writer. You start one of his novels and the pages just speed by you effortlessly. Let me also say that the main character in the novel, Joe DeMarco, is a dichotomy of viewpoints for me. On one hand you kinda like the guy. His job is interesting and he's got an interesting personality. But only up to a point. On the other hand, for a 'fixer' for the Speaker of the House (doing the dirty work for the Speaker of the Hous) the man should have more [...]

    3. 5 Stars, as usual. I'm always impressed with Mike Lawson's books. That is why I just can not stop reading them one after the other. His stories really give the definition of political thriller. Joe DeMarco, who has a law degree, but because his father was tied to the mob, he couldn't get a job anywhere. Lucky enough, thanks to old affairs, gets "employed" from the Speaker of the House, John Mahoney. Secretly. Mahoney sends him out to an old friend whose son has died. He wants DeMarco to look aro [...]

    4. PROTAGONIST: Joe DeMarcoSETTING: Washington, DCRATING: 4.5SERIES: # 4 of 4The Joe DeMarco series are political thrillers with a difference. The protagonist is a lawyer who works in Congress at the will of the Speaker of the House, John Fitzpatrick Mahoney. DeMarco serves as a “fixer”, the person who smooths things over that are about to cause trouble. He doesn’t officially show as reporting to Mahoney; he has some small measure of independence that leaves folks guessing about who is callin [...]

    5. TWO THINGS I ENJOY OR APPRECIATE-Even though this book is fiction, it was very realistic and easy to believe that it could happen in real life.-There weren't any dull moments in this book, it kept the reader engaged LITERARY ASPECT-The book is told from a third person omniscient point of view. This lets the reader piece together parts of the story that the protagonist doesn't yet know DRAMATIC ASPECT-The author describes everything form the setting to the characters in vivid detail. I can clearl [...]

    6. I quite enjoyed this book, as the DeMarco series progresses. I am sure that Lawson is coming up with new and exciting ways for Joe to delve into his past and pull out some great adventures.While Lawson sdoes base his novels on true political evenbts, however vague they may be, he does individualise the entire plot and makes it come to life. I am never sure what waits around the corner and really look forward to things progressing.I am almost caught up to his book series, but always want more Law [...]

    7. I have enjoyed this series by Mike Lawson (the Joe DeMarco series). He writes solid thriller type books. I love his characters. They are well drawn and they all serve a purpose. I always hate it when the sole purpose of all the other characters is to stroke the ego of the MC and to make the MC look the best thing out there. Thankfully, Mike Lawson doesn't fall into that trap. He also writes great stories that are creative. I've read a few books in this series and have enjoyed them all.

    8. Fun and thought provoking political thriller. Was definetely rooting forJoe DeMarco. Brought a lot of thoughts on the current political situation. Didn't realize this was part of series by the author. Itwould have been nice to work from the first book to the current one. Onecan read this one though without having read the others.

    9. This is the first book in the Joe DeMarco series that I have read, and I really enjoyed it! I'm a fan of political thrillers and Lawson does not disappoint. House Rules is multi-layered with interesting characters coming in and out of the story, it wasn't until the very end that it finally came together for me. I love books that keep you guessing!

    10. Interesting and intriguing political and criminal drama. An enjoyable and easy to finish novel, well narrated by Joe Barrett, with an under-hyped and credible Joe DeMarco as the main protagonist. Recommended. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.

    11. A highly entertaining, fast paced thriller with a complex plot, mix of nice and not so not characters that ebb and flow around the not so heroic lead character Joe DeMarco. Joe is an investigator for the Speaker of the House and investigates and sorts problems that arise for politicians on Capitol Hill. Joe is sent to investigate the death of a reporter which leads him to look into Senator Paul Morelli, up and coming rising star and possible future president. Joe discovers that evil lurks under [...]

    12. It was a smooth reading with clear writings but somehow the story was not that much appealing to me, but having read it with the elections of USA 2016 happening in parallel ( President Trump elected on 9 of Nov ) , it made me think more of the powers of the President. . and it felt scary it gave me a lot of thoughts. .but well the ending was still satisfying( what I needed!! because of all the frustration I've built for the Senator Morelli ).

    13. I'm on a roll reading Wash, DC based spy/thriller books. We're all being bombarded with all kinds of unsettling news from DC, so why not escape sideways a bit into real fiction land? (Or is it? Hard to discern nowadays between fact and fiction) But - take heart - this nifty, easy on the brain series is big on Just Desserts, and the hero, Joe DeMarco, is refreshingly human in a likable sort of way. I grew up in the DC area so any book that takes place there is like visiting home.

    14. A very insightful book and full of conspiracy theories and lots of interesting and easy reading when it comes to Joe DeMarco. Something that we all can relate to having watched TV or see what is going on in the US Politics in 2018.

    15. I could NOT get into this book! It took me forever, but then about a quarter of the way into it I started focusing more on it in detail, and really became interested. By the time I was half way through the book I couldn't put it down, and ended up reading the last three quarters of the book (from when I got interested until I finished it) in just three days. It was great. So many people to follow and such a scary view on life and peresonalities, but amazingly well written and intersting. It's th [...]

    16. 6-24-2013 NOT a re-read. I checked it out but it was too familiar.Many of my mysteries are "at the moment" and the characters blend in.This book remains a 5 star and I recommend it it is one I remember and can't re-read too soon.11-2-2012 Two years later, I re-read House Secrets.Ditto what I said two years ago.And doubly true for the ending. The format of the ending is not "my cup pf tea" but i keptreading and I truly recommend you read until there are no more words to read.9-1-2010#4 in Joe ser [...]

    17. this was an enjoyable summer read, a page-turner about situations and ideas that interest me -- the abuse of power, human weakness, and corruption in high-level politics and business. i found the plot inventive, and the story gripping, and there were lots of interesting characters, concepts, and situations. in spite of the book's real strengths, i gave it only 3 stars because i found some of the characterizations weak and implausible-- for example, why was joe demarco (the book's investigator an [...]

    18. Mike Lawson does what an author should do: he gets better with each book. Reading "House Secrets" has added pleasure because Lawson assembles his cast of characters surrounding Joe DeMarco, letting us meet old friends if we've visited with Joe before, or giving us the pleasure of meeting special people for the first time.As usual, Lawson gives us a multifaceted tale set in Washington, D.C where we find an extraordinarily effective villain in addition to the usual inside the Beltway creeps we kee [...]

    19. Joe DeMarco is sent on an errand for the Speaker of the House to check on the death of a former congressman’s son. But it’s never that easy; not with Lawson anyway. The story and the issues are much deeper. The story involves a senator and connection to the mob; a wife and a brother looking for revenge. With a plot worthy of a Mission Impossible episode orchestrated by Emma and executed by DeMarco. But the senator has other ideas and a plan of his own. He will have to be taken out before he [...]

    20. A very enjoyable read. Not my usual sort of book but I picked it up on an Daily Deal when I needed something out of the norm after reading one that had upset shall we say. Great characters, well drawn, lots of politics which I love anyway, a good story that kept me guessing and snappy dialog. I loked it well enough that I bought the first book in this series and will start at the beginning with the author and his Joe DeMarco. Here's hoping the earlier entries were as entertaining as this one wa [...]

    21. DeMarco books are unique in that they are part spy thriller and part crime book. As with the previous books, events lead DeMarco through a series of events in which we peel back the onion to an inner layer even more surprising, so much so that it involves DeMarco's paternal connections influencing events on Capitol Hill. In this case the murder of a reporter leads to an investigation of a potential presidential candidate and then on to, who?

    22. Joe Demarco is the fixer for the Speaker of the House, only no one knows this. When the Speaker needs a problem fixed he calls on Joe. In this case a retired politician's son has just died and he wants to know why. Joe finds out why, but the truth is almost unbelievable, and there is no way for Joe to prove the truth. What he does is quite interesting, and makes a good ending to an already intriguing book.

    23. I know I'm in the minority but I was terribly disappointed by this story. It got off to a terrific start; a real page turner. But then our hero got stupid. There is no way that someone who does what Joe DeMarco does for a living would be that surprised by what he uncovers, particularly as his investigation begins. Amateurs are allowed to be naive; professionals are not. The fabulous ending did not overcome that fatal flaw in the way the character is depicted.

    24. Paul Morelli is on his way, the former mayor of Manhattan, he is now a senator and a shoo-in candidate for a presidential rum. But Paul Finley, a Washington Post reporter, knows there is something fishy going on. And then he turns up dead and the Speaker of the House sends his fixer, Joe DeMarco, to find out why. Joe has to call on all his resources, including his godfather and his friend, Emma, a former DIA agent. The bodies begin to pile up.

    25. Another entertaining, hard to put do down, book in the series. This one had a few more plot change in directions than the past books, though I expected that everything would resolve itself to the benefit of the good guys in the end. Having read 4 of these books a row, I was both surprised and pleased that, while the characters were familiar, they were not boringly so. I'm looking forward to continuing on with the series.

    26. Demarco is trying to find out if a very popular Senator is a rapist and a murderer. He knows but how to prove it?? Everyone is quiet about what he does to them. Someone is helping the Senator with his career.Fast paced and moves well. Enjoy the quick pace of the writing. It doesn't drag in description yet we get the "picture".

    27. I like Lawson's writing style, but I did find the main character Joe DeMarco a bit unbelievable in his not following through, his not, for being an investigator, and a fixer, being able to think through the steps by himself- just a bit irritating - Emma did all the hard work, but as this was the first DeMarco book I have read, I will read more- it did grow on me

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