• Title: The Case Of The Doughy Creature
  • Author: Jenny Markas
  • ISBN: 9780439217521
  • Page: 127
  • Format: None
  • The Case Of The Doughy Creature None

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    1. this book is a chapter book and probably would be hard for a beginning or even a 'merging' reader I read it to my special needs teenage son. He enjoyed it but I think it was to 'interactive' for him versus other chapter Scooby Doo books. My now adult daughter received these as a monthly book clube loved getting them and 'solving' the mystery on her own. The story starts with the gang talking to you the readeren they tell the story and through the story they have two symbols they put beside clues [...]

    2. Mommy's review from 5/17/11 - This was in between for me but Julia loved it as much as the others. If I remember correctly this is the first where she picked up on all of the clues and suspects correctly, right away, and was right each time. She usually does very good, better than a lot of kids her age I'd guess, but she blew me away this time. One can guess from the cover and description what the story is about and it doesn't disappoint. All of the 'Collect the Clues Mystery's' have certain adv [...]

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