• Title: The All-New Amelia
  • Author: Marissa Moss
  • ISBN: 9781416909088
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The All New Amelia The new girl Charisse seems so perfect that Amelia wants to be just like her Can Amelia s friends help Amelia realize that she is perfect just as she is
    The new girl, Charisse, seems so perfect that Amelia wants to be just like her Can Amelia s friends help Amelia realize that she is perfect just as she is

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    1. This book was quite amazing. There are so many elements to it, including a meaningful storyline, fantastic illustrations, immense detail, and something to take away from the book. The main character, Amelia, takes us through her personal journal full of her life experiences and important stories that make up who she is. We, as the audience follow Amelia through her experiences of trying to find herself during a very crucial time of her life. I'm assuming Amelia is in middle school when all the e [...]

    2. I've read Amelia books throughout my childhood and this is by far the most entertaining. There is so much going on on each page, it is overwhelming at times. Poor Amelia wishes she were different; she wishes she were the perfect and elegant Charisse in her class. She tells her stories through her own experiences at school while adding her own illustrations and side comments on the illustrations. The pictures that she draws and the comments she makes on those pictures give a sense of comic relief [...]

    3. this all teaching about to be yourself, don't look like otherselia is being like a new kid from Englandey had a project about digging. amelia got a new kid for the project. the new kid complained because she had never diggedter all of Amelia's work they found a basketter Carly says you can't always have the new. kid as a partner.a few days later amelia was like the new kid. now Carly complains amelia is like the new kid.2 weeks later amelia was normal again. Carly was happy now.

    4. Marissa Moss is a very talented writer. During the book I was sucked in, I love how she uses details like a kid would. This book does have a series and I will continue to read them. The book is pretty short, and is a quick read. Amelia reminds me of myself, wanting to change to fit others perspective. I would recommend this book to all my classmates, to just relax and get a laugh here and there. In the end always remember, you are your own individual, don't change to be like another.

    5. I remember really loving these books as a kid. I would spend forever reading them and making sure I read every little side comment that Amelia wrote in her journal. Looking back on these books I can still see why I loved them so much.

    6. i used to spend hours in this book because it was so interesting. it is written to look like a little girls journal so there is so many things to look at. This book is so clever and entertaining. Especially for a little kid who likes to read other peoples journals.

    7. A sweet girl discovers what it means to be herself and shares this with us through her journaling and doodles.

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