• Title: The Diary of a Space Traveller and Other Stories
  • Author: Satyajit Ray
  • ISBN: 9780143335818
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Hardcover
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    The Diary of a Space Traveller and Other Stories The Professor is an eccentric genius and scientist who disappear without a trace after the shot off into space in a rocket from his backyard in Giridih accompanied by his loyal servant Prahlad what h
    The Professor is an eccentric genius and scientist who disappear without a trace after the shot off into space in a rocket from his backyard in Giridih, accompanied by his loyal servant Prahlad what has become of them Has he decide to stay on Mars, his original destination Or has he found his way to some other planet Our diaries unearthed from his abandoned laboratoryThe Professor is an eccentric genius and scientist who disappear without a trace after the shot off into space in a rocket from his backyard in Giridih, accompanied by his loyal servant Prahlad what has become of them Has he decide to stay on Mars, his original destination Or has he found his way to some other planet Our diaries unearthed from his abandoned laboratory revael even stanger and exciting adventures in this amzingly original story.

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    1. Which is your most memorable stories from childhood? Can’t think of many, when someone asks you about like that. But there are times when you come across a book or a story that brings all those childhood stories rushing into your mind. That is what I felt when I read this book. Satyajit Ray and his children stories are like a fresh breeze in all the current adult fiction. Unlike the Bengali children who looked forward for the next edition of these stories in Bengali magazine ‘Sandesh’, I h [...]

    2. I read this book a year and a half ago, in South Africa. A book that one would rarely expect out of India and definitely not when it was written. It's a sic-fi book: the diary of Professor Shonku, an eccentric scientist who travels to unknown planets and creates machines that can hear/sense the emotions of plants and flowers. His exploits are tremendously fun to read. You must.

    3. I have wanted to read a Satyajit Ray book for a long time. I wanted to start with the Feluda stories. But someone mentioned the Professor Shonku stories, and because I have never heard of Professor Shonku before, I thought I will try his stories first. There are three volumes of Professor Shonku stories available in English translation, and 'The Diary of a Space Traveller' is the first one. 'The Diary of a Space Traveller' has twelve stories. The first one is the title story. In this story, the [...]

    4. Satyajit intends to capture and fire-up the imaginations of the young kids through his stories. There is a unique simplicity in his stories that make them not only enjoyable and suitable for kids but also equally easy and delightful to consume by the older ones too.

    5. i did not like it when i first saw it but as we say NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER it became one of the 3 best books i have ever read

    6. Professor Shonku and his amazing adventures! This book is basically collection of science fiction short stories originally written in Bengali by master story teller Satyajit ray for young readers! nevertheless less ,I love anything authored by him.I enjoyed all stories so much! The simplicity and briallnce with which they were written,showed nothing but utter genius of author.

    7. I wish I'd found this book when I was a kid. Took me to the long-gone days of my childhood when you could be mesmerized by simple marvels of creative fiction.

    8. Nice collection of stories, reminds me somewhat of Diamond comics.A fun read, though mainly for kids, enjoyed it a lot. Some of the innovations mentioned by Satyajit Ray, are now commonplace, but to think that they were thought about back in 1960s, when there was no sci-fi genre for the mainstream, and man had yet to reach space, is truly amazing.

    9. As these stories were written for a younger audience, it is only fair that I review it from the perspective of the intended reader. If I had gotten hold of this collection when I was younger, say 10 or 12 years old, I would have adored it. All the stories in this collection are fantastic adventurous tales of Professor Shonku. The themes of these adventures vary from space travel to hypnotism, from an ancient Egyptian projector to a sage that rejuvenates the dead. Although there are supernatural [...]

    10. Oh, what a lovely book. I didn't know Satyajit Ray had a series of stories about an eccentric professor, I had only heard of Feluda. This is Indianised science fiction. The writing is gentle and funny and takes you back to the kind of stories you absolutely loved as a child. Also, my brother is a big fan of Rick and Morty, and this professor reminded me quite a lot of Rick. Suspend your imagination for a little while, and dive into this book.

    11. The Diary of a Space Traveller is a collection of sci-fi stories, stories of an eccentric genius and scientist professor ShonkuThe author Satyajit Ray, one of the great filmmaker in the world, had a brilliant imagination skill and this book is one proof of that

    12. 12 Stories dealing the protagonist Prof. Shonku takes readers to the sci-fi world of Ray with his poetical prose. Translation seems to be good as I see the story took me in to the story easily.

    13. I am only just now discovering for myself the wonderful literary creations of Satyajit Ray -- young adult literature that is pure enjoyment for all ages. I finished The Diary of a Space Traveller, and am on weekends working through the large collection of detective stories, Feluda. The first of the stories of Professor Shonku opens with the discovery of his diary in a meteor crater, and this is one of the first lines:Oh God, was he going to tell me another story about a tiger? Tarak Babu had thi [...]

    14. Which Bengali does not know Satyajit Ray? And Feluda? And Shonku? Among many of the magazine Sandesh's fantastical heroes, we find our away to the laboratory of Professor Trilokeshwar Shonku, eccentric,(the word 'eccentric' does not measure the Prof slightest, though by my imagination, I can claim that Avanish Babu thinks that) adventurous and curious. Will the famous scientist living in Giridih uncover the mystery behind EA (Extraordinary Animal) and the Macaw? You will only know when you read [...]

    15. This was my first experience with Satyajit Ray's brilliance and I genuinely think it was a good choice. I picked up this book on a whim, and nothing else. Though its aimed at children or even teenagers, I loved each eccentric touch given to the supporting characters in every story, and happily chuckled at the quirks that Professor Trilokeshwar Shonku displayed, while dealing with each predicament as a man of science. Of course I do wish I knew how to speak Bengali so that I could have enjoyed th [...]

    16. For someone who thinks Indian writers can't write awesome science fiction.Check this out!the stories have a beautiful setting and are so chronological.I recommend this someone wants to read a journal entry book with some crazy science fiction

    17. What a revelation!!! Dr. Shonku and his adventures with the air-conditioning pills, his cat Newton, his help Prahlad, and his crow Corvus, and many others make this a fabulous work

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