• Title: The Successful Single Mom
  • Author: Honoree Corder Dean Marino
  • ISBN: 9781607259176
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Successful Single Mom Single moms will find immediately applicable and practical procedures for creating success through the creation of a support system upgrading their attitudes creating a vision creating goals and id
    Single moms will find immediately applicable and practical procedures for creating success through the creation of a support system, upgrading their attitudes, creating a vision, creating goals and identifying actions that will lead them to the attainment of the life they desire Includes the Successful Single Mom Principles.

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    1. Practical Inspiration on tap! One of the sad facts of life is that people and families can be destroyed by the selfish acts of others. We see this everyday in our families, communities and world. If by accident or crime, well, that comes with living in this world and somewhat expected. What hits us hard between the eyes is when the hurt is perpetrated by a supposed loved one.The Successful Single Mom book by Executive Business Coach Honoree Corpron Corder provides practical inspiration on tap fo [...]

    2. I wish I had discovered this series about ten years ago when I was recently a single mother of four, without a high school education and no prospects. While I have since found my way in the world, I obviously have a few things to learn and reading this book was very helpful. It is good to know that this series exists so that I can pass them on to my daughters and other women that I know would benefit from their contents. I know too many women that spend too much time frustrated and wondering whi [...]

    3. Honoree Corpron has done it again! She's delivered another helping of personal and professional wisdom in the only style that Honoree could--smart, sassy, honest and direct.Since the release of Tall Order!, Honoree has cleverly coached her readers through her seven master strategies using her astute business savvy and corporate know-how, and delighted us with her quick wit and charm. The Successful Single Mom adds a personal touch by focusing on the deeper personal story of how, as a single mom, [...]

    4. Every time it gets hard or I feel like I am in this alone, I go back to the book and I recharge my batteries. This is a great quick read, but more importantly it is a great day to day guide on how to put one foot in front of the other and pull ahead of the crowd.Every single mom should read this then do it!

    5. I loved this book and I love Honoree. She hit the mail on the head as far as what single moms go through, how we deal, and how we SUCCEED.

    6. It was ok. But a bit overly complicated with ”home work”. Sometimes all you need is a inspirational book, a memoir or a something to cheer you up in the midst of a crisis.

    7. A good book upon first readI have yet to apply the strategies of the book, so I can not give it five stars, but I do like the principles within.

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