• Title: Silent Scream
  • Author: Lynda La Plante
  • ISBN: 9781847375452
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Silent Scream Film star Amanda Delany has the world at her feet Never one for the quiet life she has had a string of affairs with the hottest actors around Then coming home late from a night shoot Amanda puts th
    Film star Amanda Delany has the world at her feet Never one for the quiet life, she has had a string of affairs with the hottest actors around Then, coming home late from a night shoot, Amanda puts the key in her front door for the very last time The next morning, Amanda s body is found, stabbed many times, only her beautiful face left unharmed DI Anna Travis is ordereFilm star Amanda Delany has the world at her feet Never one for the quiet life, she has had a string of affairs with the hottest actors around Then, coming home late from a night shoot, Amanda puts the key in her front door for the very last time The next morning, Amanda s body is found, stabbed many times, only her beautiful face left unharmed DI Anna Travis is ordered to the team assigned to the Delany murder, headed by Anna s former lover, the demanding DCI James Langton Anna is shocked by the truth behind Amanda s public image her addictions to drugs and starvation diets her cold, unemotional parents her elusive film agent and the former lovers so quick to distance themselves But Anna has challenges of her own to overcome too Promotion to Chief Inspector is within her grasp, but when the time comes for her to stand before the board, she faces a shocking accusation of personal misconduct.With insider authenticity derived from La Plante s years in the film world and a heroine worthy of her predecessor, Prime Suspect s Jane Tennison, Silent Scream is La Plante s best yet.

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    1. This is the 5th book in the Anna Travis series by author Lynda La Plante.I am really enjoying this series and intend to read all the other books asap. I love the writing style and find the characters so easy to imagine and come to life in my head. If you intend to read any of these books I would strongly suggest that you read them in order as this will certainly make them far more enjoyable and all the sub plots will make a lot more sense.In this offering a British film star Amanda Delany is fou [...]

    2. Utterly awful. Review to come. In fact, the only reason I finished this was so that I could write the scathing review this deserves.Clearly I never got around to a review, but have just found out that this pile of crap has been made into a tv series that actually doesn't look awful - maybe when the writing is taken out of the equation this book would be decent?

    3. I'm sorry to say this but Silent Scream was a big disappointment to me. I am really into crime at the moment and Lynda la Plante is very famous and even described as having "invented the thriller" - needless to say when I picked this book up I had considerably high expectations. The first chapter follows the victim Amanda Delaney and shows us what happened just before she died. During this chapter all my thoughts were that Amanda Delaney was extremely annoying, I knew she was going to die but I [...]

    4. Utterly disappointed with this one. I've read several books by this author before and always thought she was an exceptionally good writer, always found the storylines gripping but this one just didn't do it for me. I felt that the story dragged itself out chasing itself round in circles, it became boring and several times I was tempted to put it down and leave it it was only the fact I'm so anal about these things that I couldn't just put it down. It didn't grip me though for the first 300 pages [...]

    5. After reading a few Anna Travis novel I'm starting to appreciate the strict procedural writing that La Plante sticks to. In this one, Anna Travis is up for promotion, and in the midst of her application process a famous actress is found dead in her new mews house, and there's no immediate suspect to pin the murder on. There's plenty of characters in here that have shady pasts and interactions with the victim, and we follow Anna as she works through all the twists and turns of the investigation.

    6. Silent Scream was my intiation to Lynda La Plante's writing, and I have to say I became a fan. Don't let the length put you off reading Silent Scream (516 pages), the writing is flowing and Lynda La Plante's writing style is natural and enjoyable.What I found the most amazing about Silent Scream was how even though one of the main characters was dead she was brought to life through the investigation. As the investigation progressed, the real Amanda, the person behind the glamour and fame took sh [...]

    7. The Victim: Beautiful, young, up and coming English actress Amanda DelanyThe Crime: Brutally murderedThe Place: In her London mews house, where she had recently moved intoMy Thoughts:This is a good, solid, no frills crime thriller and is the 5th book which features DI Anna Travis. I hadn't read any of the previous books, in fact this is the first time I've read anything by Lynda La Plante, but I've watched her books being made into successful TV Series such as 'Widows' and 'Prime Suspect' so I k [...]

    8. Who could forget DCI Jane Tennison as played by Helen Mirren in the ITV series Prime Suspect. A riveting woman playing a riveting character - flawed, ambitious, driven, trying to balance her private life with her professional life. La Plante is a very successful script writer for TV, starting in the 1970s on a children's programme, and moving onto adult drama in the early 1980s. Prime Suspect began in the 1990s, and started her on her crime/police fighting wave with strong women at the helm. It [...]

    9. La Plante is an amazing crime writer - Anna Travis being her main "Detective Inspector" and James Langton the one to throw her emotions into disarray. I really enjoyed this book because, contrary to many of her other books, where there are repeated descriptions of the gory details of the murder, this one (far from lame in that regard) was well-balanced. The police was getting their hands dirty looking for the murderer and the reader almost feels compelled to flip the pages to find out what happe [...]

    10. The title is very fitting as it’s exactly what I did at the end. I was so sure that I had figured out who the murderer was that when I got to the end and saw how wrong I was, I let loose my own soundless shriek.DI Anna Travis investigates the heartbreaking murder of Amanda Delany, an up-and-coming star. Addicted to drugs and sexually licentious, Delany is found to be anything but the moral innocent some would like to think she is.Witnesses, potential suspects and even Delany’s parents are ha [...]

    11. Amanda Delany is the star child, misbehaving, self-centered, amoral, and in high demand - murdered. Enter Anna Travis the detective of record and James Langton, the Detective Chief Inspector. Tough for Anna because there are so many suspects, Amanda has not been a saint, she's made a few enemies and it seems that everyone had the motive and opportunity. And James is officiating over her investigation, much to Anna's dismay. She's up for promotion and very nervous about the process. The really se [...]

    12. Although this is the 5th in La Plante's Anna Travis series, it is only the 2nd I have read, and I liked this one much better than the other, which was 1st in the series. I will have to back-track to figure out what in the world Anna ever saw in James Langton, as he comes across as a bullying, rude, belligerent, unappreciative, and possessive ex-lover (to her) and supervisor (to her and other detectives) in this book. Would like to see Anna connected with a working partner who could match her in [...]

    13. The mystery story itself is quite good in this series. Unfortunately, Anna Travis is such a twit that it makes it difficult to read. Anna has been warned several times in previous books about keeping key information to herself and not working as a team member as well as disclosing confidential police information to her boyfriends. Here she is yet again, book 5 doing the same thing! This time she is disclosing information to the chiropractor she just met "not thinking about the ethical issues" Re [...]

    14. This book was not as suspenseful or "on the edge of your seat" suspense like I thought by the reviews and description that it would be. It did move along steadily and was "straight mystery." No over the top violence in your face or sexual so called "Romance aspects and "potty mouth" cussing as filler. Only a small amount so the story stayed on the mystery aspect. I may read more of this series, but only if I get the book at my library. I did not get some of the main characters actions at times w [...]

    15. Loved it! Loved it heaps! Enjoyed every bit & really suggest that you give it a go. This was the second crime book I have read in recent years & am sure will save it in my mind for a lifetime. I am more than willing to try another book by same author & see how she writes other crime stories. It took me 3 weeks to finish 600 pages & sometimes I found it difficult to leave the book behind & get to daily life.

    16. This isn't a book I'd normally choose to read but I was given it for Christmas last year and thought I should read it before Christmas this year! It was OK. Not great writing but easy to read. I'm not sure who the girl on the cover is meant to be she's too old to be the victim and she can't be the detective protagonist because she has curly red hair.

    17. Brilliant book that kept me guessing to the very end. The plot constantly twists and turns and the pace never drops. I read it in two days as I just could not put it down.

    18. Another Lynda La Plante book which I have read, wondering how this writer can make so many egregious errors yet be so well thought of. In her introduction and acknowledgements she thanks 7 individuals at La Plante Productions which leads me to wonder whether her books are written by committee. Throughout the book DI Anna Travis is chauffered around London in a 'patrol car'. In one instance she and a CID colleague leave the driver sitting in the car. That's not how the police work. Uniformed offi [...]

    19. I wish I had started with book number one but I did enjoy this book and didn't feel too out of the loop. A few of the references to the past would probably have meant more had I read them directly in the previous books but it was still easily understood.This book follows the life of DI Anna Travis. A young actress has been found brutally murdered in her mews home and DI Travis has been put on the case. The inquiry is getting bogged down in all the cast and crew for Amanda's last film, as well as [...]

    20. I am always impressed by the fact that people write and finish novels. That someone can write an entire series or two is even more impressive. That being said, this novel was not my favorite. It is the first Anna Travis novel I've read and will be my last. I found the storyline compelling but somethng I can't quite put my finger on made the writing (and reading) seemed labored. Perhaps because I started the series from a middle book, I found Anna so irritating that the less time I spent with her [...]

    21. Lynda La Plante has done it again! I have never been disappointed with any of her novels.She is a brilliant crime writer.She manages to keep you in suspense until the very end. She throws in the odd red herring just to keep you, the reader, on your toes!!!In this one, a young female movie star is found murdered in her own home.She has been involved with so many people through the film industry, that there is what seems to be, and unending supply of suspects!!!Good luck guessing which one is the [...]

    22. DI Anna Travis and her team are assigned to discover who murdered Amanda Delaney, a successful and outrageous young actress. She certainly has made a lot of enemies in her young life. Nicely combines the elements of a police procedural with a look at Anna's personal life. This is the first book I've read in the Anna Travis series and look forward to reading more.

    23. This really dragged and sadly I bought another at the same time.The author keeps explaining everything in tedious detail; the characters keep explaining the plot to one another every five minutes & when a CLUE appears all the allegedly brilliant and intuitive police officers consistently fail to notice. But these *are* police officers who appear to be surprised that film actors are good-looking and that people behave badly towards each other occasionally and even tell fibs.The men all seem t [...]

    24. This book was good and I enjoyed it; however the last few pages ruined it slightly, it felt slightly out of place.

    25. This is my first Lynda La Plante book. The story was interesting although a bit slow throughout the whole book, but I just do not like Anna Travis and not sure if I will continue reading this series.

    26. This one should get 3.5 stars.A very complicated story that was full of twists and many directions that at times was hard to follow.A good murder mystery that is worth reading.

    27. As is with the previous book in the serious the dynamic between Travis and Langton is more interesting than the plot. It was another sad story of unpleasant people being unpleasant to each other.

    28. I'd rate this book a 4 star read. The 5th book in the Anna Travis series does not disappoint. Anna gets involved in the death of a young film star, Amanda Delaney, whose violent end has the police scrambling to find out who killed her. There soon appears to be nothing but suspects, though no one stands out. Anna discovers that the actress had a very dark side involved in promiscuity, drug use and anorexia. And it doesn't help that everyone who knew her seems to be a liar. A good read.

    29. This is the fifth book in the Anna Travis series. Again, Lynda La Plante delivers the goods by presenting a realistic picture of the time and tedious work often involved in solving a murder case.By now, many of the characters are quite familiar to the reader. We know that even though Langton isn't involved at the beginning of the case, he will inevitably make an appearance. He's Detective Chief Inspector now, and in this book, Anna is up for promotion. Her performance on the high profile case in [...]

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