• Title: Selfish Pigs
  • Author: Andy Riley
  • ISBN: 9780340920282
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Selfish Pigs The creator of the bestselling BUNNY SUICIDES returns to his animal roots with this hilarious collection of sourfaced sows
    The creator of the bestselling BUNNY SUICIDES returns to his animal roots with this hilarious collection of sourfaced sows.

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    1. My boyfriend has the entire Andy Riley series in our bathroom for some 'toilet reading' so I've been working my way through the collection. Selfish pigs is the last one we have and I feel a little like I saved the best till last.The Bunny Suicides work so well because they are outrageous and funny. Selfish Pigs is much the same, without the morbid overtone. It's a simple context but it works so well. Some are particularly realistic and others are shocking. A few in this book vary slightly to Ril [...]

    2. Oh how this made me laugh. It's great fun, especially when you're in a bah-humbug mood. Although the one with the mamma mia DVDS is probably not so much a selfish pig one as a kind gesture to the rest of the world =).

    3. I loved all the Bunny suicides -books, so I rushed out to buy this with high expectations as soon as I saw it was out. Unfortunately, it didn't really live up to those expectations. It felt like some of the ideas were not fully thought out. A slight disappointment.

    4. "Kieron huumorin ystävilleAndy Rileyn sarjakuvien siat eivät ole mitään söpöjä pikku saparoveijareita. Nämä törkyilevät possut ovat rehellisen ilkeitä, vihaisia, ylipainoisia ja itsekeskeisiä. Ne tupakoivat, kännäävät ja syövät lihaa. Silti niiden hulvattomassa törkytyylissä on jotain röhkäisevän ihanaa. Siat ovat itsekkäitä – aivan kuten mekin. Kirjaan mahtuu käsittämättömän sikamaisia tapoja keskittyä omaan napaansa ja tunkea oma pikku kärsänsä joka paikkaa [...]

    5. Oh my Goodness!!! These pigs are so selfish! Most of the cartoons in this book feature just one pig in each scene but some have two pigs and one cartoon features 11 selfish pigs. I think these piggies are very mean - for example one little piggy tries to make Jesus pay a fake toll when he is carrying His cross up a hill to be crucified. This book covers a wide range from Christian themes to popular culture. I bought the book when it made me smile during the Borders store closing sales of Septemb [...]

    6. Mizantropova biblia!Už sa vám stalo, že vás ľudia poriadne nasrali a vy ste im to chceli vrátiť? Ale fuckt že poriadne nasrali a fuckt že poriadne vrátiť? Že take niečo sa nepatrí? Že kto do teba kameňom ty doňho chlebom? Tak prasiatko im to všetkým vráti za vás a aj s úrokmi. Kašlať na politicku korektnosť, kašlať na ohľady, slušné správanie a všetky tie ostatné spoločenské konvenciePohodlne sa usaďte, predstavte si toho najväčšieho pablba, ktorý vás v p [...]

    7. Menos mal que no me sentí identificado en (casi) ninguno de los chistes. Arañó las cuatro estrellitas. Y supongo que si me hubiera generado alguna carcajada en vez de una seguidilla de sonrisas, se los ponía de cabeza. Pero como las tiras sí me resultaron ingeniosas y simpáticas pero no lo que se dice graciosas, graciosas, le amarreteo una estrella. Aunque voy a seguir viendo qué onda este inglés loco.

    8. My mom and I started flipping through this book at the library. We were laughing so hard that the librarians were giving us evil looks. We had to check it out and take it home. Hysterically funny.


    10. Disappointing. It seems like the idea was nice but the author didn't do much with it. Don't know if he was rushing to complete the book.

    11. so human, creo que es excelente para pensar en los cerdos egoístas que podemos ser los humanitos

    12. Take The book of Bunny Suicides and replace bunnies with pigs and suicide with selfishness and we have another home run for Andy Riley.

    13. K prasátku jsem se dostal přes Králíčkovy sebevraždy. Na rozdíl od nich však prasátko nic moc

    14. Meh. Not that funny. I don't think I even laughed once. Go back to drawing suicidal bunnies, Andy Riley. That's what you're best at.

    15. this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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