• Title: Human Torpedo
  • Author: Tim Winton
  • ISBN: 9780330340670
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Human Torpedo Thirteen year old Lockie Leonard is new in town and has nothing going for him except for the fact that he s a hot shot surfer He falls in love with the beautiful Vicki and amazingly she likes him to
    Thirteen year old Lockie Leonard is new in town and has nothing going for him except for the fact that he s a hot shot surfer He falls in love with the beautiful Vicki and, amazingly, she likes him too Suddenly Lockie is famous and popular, but he still has a lot to learn about love.

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    1. This is a really well-written story for early adolescents about adjusting to new places, new people and new experiences and it doesn’t preach.Lockie Leonard is twelve and three-quarters, likes surfing and has just moved from the city to the country with his family: his dad is the new police sergeant. That carries a burden straight away, being the son of a policeman, a community figure most kids don’t trust, like or have much to so with. Lockie soon finds out who the rough element is, but to [...]

    2. My advice to anyone who was thinking about reading this book would be read the blurb (on the back of the book). I had to read this book for school it was a very inappropriate book to choose for year 7's and I am disgusted by some of the scenes in this book. The author has chosen a sick way to explain what a teenage boy will go through, (he constantly talks about a girl and her decent looking left breast). Nearly everyone in my class complained about having to read this book. If you look at the n [...]

    3. Time & Place of the story:Small, Australian beach-side town, Angelus.Plot action & summary: Lockie Leonard- Human Torpedo is a delightfully frank novel exploring the experiences of a teenage boy growing up, written by famous Australian contemporary writer, Tim Winton. Lockie Leonard is 12 and three quarters, loves surfing and has just started at a new school. Being new to the school he gets bullied but soon falls in love, not just with any girl but she just happens to be, ‘the smartest [...]

    4. An okay book.Lockie’s just arrived in a new town and enrolled at a new school. His dad’s a cop. Strike 1. His mother is almost frightening in her understanding of his pre-adolescent problems. Strike 2. His brother still wets the bed. Strike 3. Lockie’s out even before he’s been dacked and painted with vegemite on his first day at school. The ripe rancid smell of his undies doesn’t help his head space and, before long, several teachers take an intense dislike to him.‘What’s your nam [...]

    5. Initially, Lockie Leonard Human Torpedo, seemed like pulp fiction for teenage readers of the late 80s and early 90s. But after finishing the book, the characters and the themes stayed with me, and my mind spent days churning around the question of whether this was dated pulp fiction or actually had something to offer the contemporary reader. Tim Winton writes beautifully and I found myself back in the text, searching for sentences I wanted to record for the classroom quotations board, as they so [...]

    6. This book has actually been helpful for the past year bc instead of hating on people i channel all of my negativity towards this book bc it just really grinds my gears. here's why: this book made me UncOmfoRtabLE!!!!1!!11!! but my english teacher seemed to like it but im still convinced that he hasnt read more than 4 chapters of the book. All lockie Lesnard does after he arrives in albany (this book lowkey ruined the idea of albany for me anyway) all he does is get vegemite on his doodle and has [...]

    7. This book was terrible. It was the worst book i've ever read in my life. I seriously wanted to poke my eyes out with a pen so i wouldn't have to read it any more.I didn't like it because the characters didn't develop and the story did not change or get me interested it was just about a 13 year old boy.I would not recommend this book to anyone.

    8. An Australian Young Adult 'modern classic' which deftly captures all the awkwardness of adolescence and explores the notions of belonging and identity.

    9. Poorly written and a waste of tiem. Not even worth writing a review about. I was forced to read this book in grade 8 English.

    10. I remember this book from when I was in school and I loved it. This book still has a way of pulling you in. I giggled out loud (and looked like I was off my meds) and felt my heart break for Leonard as he faced the disappointments commonly faced through puberty.I think this book is brilliant, especially for young adults.

    11. Meh? Didn’t really enjoy this found it kind of uncomfortable given these characters are 13 (I know this happens but still)

    12. Pretty decent. more Puberty blues than tomorrow as far as YA Australian lit goes but he's a likeable character and a good role model.

    13. Winton, Tim. (2007) Lochie Leonard and the Human Torpedo. Puffin, Penguins Australia, Australia.I would rate this as a book for students from year 6/7 and up. My advice would be that it be read by parents first then maybe at school.For parents it can be an excellent tool to teach their child on puberty. As a parent, if you push over the language used and recognise it as similar to the language children use anyway, you can have great discussions with your child.I thought this book was brilliant. [...]

    14. This book was crap and made me want to start cutting myself again! I want to be put back in prison with my special buddy JeusLeLord. The book had lots of naked pictures which my friend liked but he is a homosexual. I wish it was a picture story book to help with my low IQ. I swear at god every time I read this book. why doesn't Philip just kill himself and wet his grave. he liked the One tited lady who tried to rape the shit out of his ass because she was a Taiwanese male hooker that had one bre [...]

    15. I liked it as an the audiobook. I thought it was funny and I think the narrator does a great job at making the story interesting. It made me laugh a few times. The voices and everything were spot on. I even liked the little sound effects that were added. I can't say that it was a book I liked though. I know for a fact that if I had been reading it, I would have never finished it.I liked that Lockie was just a normal boy trying to fit in. He wasn't very big, and he wasn't very popular, but he was [...]

    16. $%^$ %$#$ &^^%&^% #@#$ $$#%$# arrrrrrrrr. This book is terrible, save yourself from the depression and misery. I am supposed to be reading the rest of it right now at school, and i have taken very serious measures to get out of reading it, I have tried to sharpen my fingers with an electric sharpener so that I can't turn the pages. I tried to remove my eyeballs using a whiteboard eraser so that I cant read it. Sadly the book belongs to the school and I cant tear out the pages or i will o [...]

    17. SPOILER ALERT (if you haven't read a word of this book including the title or the blurb): this book is awful.It is genuinely tragic that Australian literature has stooped to this level. What makes it worse is that I heard that this book is often read at year 7/8 level for school (despite it being completely inappropriate, poorly written and containing a dull, pathetic storyline). I shouldn't be too surprised, though, as other terrible books ('Boys of Blood and Bone', 'Stony Heart Country') have [...]

    18. Read this at school in year 8. Not sure how I feel about it. Tells the story of a very awkward teenagers arrival in a new town and relationship with the most popular girl in school. The story was okay and the ending was sweet but as a teenage girl I wasn't all that keen on hearing about some of the teenage boy issues (I don't need to know about wet dreams) and the writing is so early 90s Australian it almost hurts.

    19. This was definitely the most genuinely Aussie YA book I've read. The thing that did concern me was the fact that 13 year old kids were doing some pretty intimate things. Things that 13 year olds probably shouldn't be doing. I only picked this book up because I loved the Lockie Leonard TV show. Generally, this wasn't a bad book, the writing was quite hilarious, but yeah, 13 year olds shouldn't be doing what they did in this book.

    20. It was ok for a school book but I really don't enjoy reading all the Australian language and sayings. To me it takes away from the integrity of the story and makes the book feel old and ages it quickly. I mean who uses "flamin" any more? Really if all of that could have been dropped would have been better. But hey, not too bad for a Tim Winton book (seeing as I hate him with a passion).

    21. Best Thing: Funny story. Lockie is a great character with problems that most readers his age would experience. The surfing is really good and I felt like I was there.Worst Thing: This was written ages ago. Some language is out of date.Bonus: Lots of information on growing up like wet dreams, 'snogging' and dealing with parents. We read this at school and it was a good choice.

    22. I did'nt like this one when compared to the others in the series of Tim winton. But if you're looking for a book with young love, hot girls. surfer dudes and problems that could really happen. This is the book you want. All in all it's a good book, it taught me a lot about life actually.

    23. I think this book is very interesting and that all teenagers and also because I think it will help them through middle schoolers should read this book because I think it would be very good for the understanding of what sexual development is and how some others deal with it.

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