• Title: Born To Die
  • Author: Lisa Jackson
  • ISBN: 9781420102789
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Born To Die Born To Die Selena Alvarez Regan Pescoli Novels
    Born To Die Selena Alvarez Regan Pescoli Novels

    One Reply to “Born To Die”

    1. I really don't understand how I have made it to 43 and NOT been murdered by a serial killer. I'm perpetually single. I live alone. I run at night. I have TWO cats. Sometimes I do the on-line dating. What? Now even deranged murdering men don't want me? It's hard being a spinster.

    2. This book started out good, it roped me in. All these women are dying in mysterious ways that look like accidents but both detectives on the Grizzly Falls police force seem to think different. It seems that all these women dying have a common factor they all look alike. So much alike that they could pass as relatives. Acacia Lambert, a doctor in town starts to put two and two together and together with Trace O' Halloran decides to look into this crazy murder mystery and discovers much more than [...]

    3. A promising start but I soon got bogged down in stuff that didn't drive the story forward. I was confused. Was the doctor the main character, or was it the female detectives? It made sense to have backstory for the doctor, it was necessary to the plot, but I'm at a loss to understand why we needed to know so much about one of the detective's difficult teenage children - they had nothing to do with anything - or the other detective's obsession with her boss.I wanted to enjoy this book, and in par [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book though the whole premise is extremely improbable. This is third in a series about 2 female police detectives in the little hick town of Grizzly Falls, Montana- Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli. Dr. Kacey Lambert discovers that a Hollywood actress who was originally from the area apparently died of an overdose in California. The actress looks a lot like her. Bells sound off in her head when other women in this rural area who also look like her begin having accidents and [...]

    5. This is my first Lisa Jackson book, and it gets an average rating from me. It is quite long, and though the two main detectives are repetitive characters, side characters mostly badies and some goodies run most of the story. The story basics are a man who donates his sperm to a bank, then many many years later goes back and kills the people he spawned. Strange preface for a story. Not my favorite.

    6. Scary, creepy and wowose to the truth. What you think when you look at a "perfect" family isn't always what you get. This book is #3 in the Montana series, but it begins in LA with the death of an actress, who looks a lot like a doctor in Grizzly Falls, Montana where bodies of women who look eerily similar start to pile up. The characters of Grizzly Falls are all there - Selena who works too much; Reagan with her two problem kids and a hunk of a boyfriend who wants to be more; Sheriff Dan Grayso [...]

    7. Better than the last one in the Pescoli/Alvarez series. This one had alot of things going on, which doesn't bother me because it makes for a more in - depth read. I like the setting of Grizzly Falls and Montana, I like the cast of recurring characters, although I would like to actually see some of the more interesting folks play bigger roles, like the town weirdos Grace Perchant and Ivor Hicks. They are quirky and add some interest when things get monotonous. I would also like to finally hear Al [...]

    8. Enjoyed this book, it doesn't just deal with Alvarez and Pescoli, it involves the victims instead. The Alvarez and Pescoli story is a side step, but joins up with the main theme much further into the book.The basic story here is all these look-alikes with roots in the state of Montana are being killed off by "accident" and the big question is why and by who. I can't give out any more details than that - it would ruin the suspense :)2 thumbs up and 4 stars - could have been 5 stars if the story h [...]

    9. Maybe my 1 star rating is harsh, because I like this author and series, but I didn't like this one. I only became interested with 100 pages left and that was 273 pages in. The previous two installments were fast paced and half made me afraid to look out a dark window. This had way too much back story going on. It seemed just to be a setup for future books and Regan's kids are getting annoying.

    10. I enjoyed this book very much with a good mystery, a serial killer, and great characters. It was a welcome relief from most of the crap I've had the bad luck to read lately [including another Jackson book]. Now I'm left without a library book so I guess it's time to grab one of the books in my closet! Who knows what I'll get when I do!

    11. The premise is outlandish, but there is something appealing in its craziness and in the ridiculous reliability of serial killers showing up in Montana's Grizzly Falls just around Christmas, provided there is sufficiently nasty snow storm. Less action, more backstory than in the first two instalments in the series, but same generous serving of rugged cowboys falling for smart and independent women. Having a kid as one of the main characters definitely evokes empathic response, but for the life of [...]

    12. I anxious to get to this installment of Lisa Jackson's 'to die' series. I knew that I was going to really enjoy this book, because the author has a great talent for imagery and character developement. Again the prologue drew me into the story easily. Such great imagery, great plot and well developed characters.In this installment Alvarez and Pescoli have to chase down another serial killer. This time the killer is targeting women who seem to resemble one another. We meet two new characters as we [...]

    13. I’ve always liked Lisa’s writing and this is no exception. She brings many characters into her stories but they all have meaning and they all add another element to the story which will not unfold until the final pages of her tale. People have always been told that they have a twin somewhere in the world but for Kacey, she is told that there are women, multiple women who look like her and they are dying rapidly. Will she be next? The police think it is accidental but with Kacey following the [...]

    14. This is the prequel to Afraid To Die, but I read it after. I have rated it one more star than Afraid To Die, but that is because I liked the idea behind the plot. However, as stated in my review for Afraid To Die, it is ridiculously repetitive, with murderers only striking around Christmas in the town - which means in every book we are also subjected to the same descriptions of Joelle decorating the police station, Pescoli having problems with her children, and Alvarez having no one to share the [...]

    15. Quite far-fetched. Definitely a spell-binder. Read it in one sitting kind of book. Great!A sad, strange coincidence. . at's Dr. Kacey Lambert's initial response to the deaths of two women who bear an uncanny resemblance to herself. It's not like there was any real connection between Kacey and the B-movie actress or the elementary school teacher. But Detective Selena Alvarez suspects otherwise.One of the bodies contained traces of poison at the time of death. Selena and her partner, Detective Reg [...]

    16. Born to Die by Lisa Jackson is a book I'd recommend to anyone that likes a mystery with some twists and turns. The story moves fairly steadily and keeps you interested throughout. Our main characters are both scared by their pasts but feel a connection from the very beginning.The story keeps you guessing, but parts of the plot and motive are a bit convoluted. Some questions are never answered and parts are a far reach from what could happen in all actuality. The story is well enough written and [...]

    17. This is not a small book, but i read it in one day. The day started at my parents house in NH and led me through airports and planes and ended me back in SF (ok, on the plane back to SF.e book didn't last quite long enough). Thanks, book, for keeping me company on the long trip! This book is apparently number three in a series featuring a team of two police detective women, but i'd never read the rest and it was fine as a stand alone book. i wouldn't have known it was a series except for that it [...]

    18. This was awesome!!! The action centers on Acacia "Kacey" Lambert and her potential boyfriend, Trace O'Halloran. Not giving away the plot here, just wanted to mention it for those who might read for established characters Regan Pescoli and Serena Alvarez they are included and vital to the story, just not the focus as in the other books in this series. I loved the book you just may love it, too!

    19. This is an Alvarez/Pescoli mystery in which a woman Physician in Montana notices that there have been a lot a women who resemble her killed in various accidents and alleged suicides. She, along with the two Detectives, begins investigating and the plot develops into one of the best twists I've seen in a long time. There are lots of deaths, some frightening moments and, naturally, the personal bits that make Jackson's characters interesting.

    20. Not the edge of your seat, suspenseful story I would expect from Lisa Jackson. It was slow until disk 9. Far fetched. What are the chances that there are several people out there that look like the main character? A new patient of hers, much less the ex-wife of her love interest? What are the chances, really? How many kids can one man father, especially from a sperm bank?

    21. This was the best book in the series. Not sure why the author is setting this series in the dead of winter. I guess it adds to some of the creepiness. This book finds Pescoli & Alvarez solving several mysterious deaths involving women who all have something in common.

    22. Great bookI love this series. It is one of Lisa Jackson's best. I can't believe that I just found it a few weeks ago.

    23. Two-haiku review:Women are dyingAccidents and suicideThey look just like herCrazy murdererMore in lives of detectivesTiny bit romance

    24. Tradus la noi "Păcatul originar". Habar nu aveam ca e o serie, dar înțeleg ca nu au legătură între ele. Oricum m-a prins povestea. Multe personaje de odată, dar cu fiecare pagina citita am înțeles care, cu cine e. :) . Se întrepătrund foarte bine. Tot timpul se întâmplă ceva, mai moare cate o fata.Pag. 378 : Privirea lui Alvarez o întâlni pe a lui Pescoli."A fost un accident. La fel cum Shelly Bonaventure a luat accidental o supradoza? La fel cum Jocelyn Wallis a căzut accidenta [...]

    25. This book is the most obvious of all murder mystery books. I don't think with this premise the writer had a choice though. I think if someone has half a brain and reads the description it's pretty obvious that these women came from the same sperm donor. That being said, I didn't mind reading the book to confirm that. The ending was a little anticlimactic, since I'd been anticipating it since p20. The love parts were all pretty weak and it seemed like parts about the cops' family were just thrown [...]

    26. Well, I sure know that I'd never want to live in Grizzly Falls, Montana. Not only is it terribly cold, but multiple murders seem to be practically a daily happening there. LOL! Although I found the plot and supposed motivation of the killer in this particular book in the series to be pretty ridiculous, I have to say that it kept me on the edge of my seat and fully engrossed in finding out who the "bad guy" is.Unlike the others in this series that I've already read (#1, 2, and 7), Born To Die has [...]

    27. Okay so I admit I’m OCD and having read the first two books in this series I just had to continue with it. It was a good book. The premise a little far fetched but an entertaining read. On to number four.

    28. very good. It represents mental health in a serial killer who goes around killing certain womenry good book.good series too

    29. Too many similarities in story and characters to the first two in this series. I was disappointed.

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