• Title: Jackass Flats
  • Author: Julia Talbot
  • ISBN: 9781603705189
  • Page: 450
  • Format: ebook
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    Jackass Flats Tate feels like the best part of life has probably passed him by which is why the thirty something cowboy hits the bar every night When he meets Dave a young soldier from a nearby Army base though
    Tate feels like the best part of life has probably passed him by, which is why the thirty something cowboy hits the bar every night When he meets Dave, a young soldier from a nearby Army base, though, Tate figures things might be looking up He and Dave get off to a rocky start, but Tate soon finds that he and the kid have enough in common to make things interesting DaveTate feels like the best part of life has probably passed him by, which is why the thirty something cowboy hits the bar every night When he meets Dave, a young soldier from a nearby Army base, though, Tate figures things might be looking up He and Dave get off to a rocky start, but Tate soon finds that he and the kid have enough in common to make things interesting Dave isn t really into the whole don t ask, don t tell thing, and he doesn t bother to hide his relationship with Tate from his friends Once he realizes he should have, it may be too late, but Dave is willing to fight for Tate, even if it means taking on the military Can a traveling military man and a set in his ways cowboy find a way to make things work

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    1. Well damn that Tate is honest straight forward it is so opposite to Dave.Full mouthing what he was thinking.Tate a cowboy and Dave an army man.They meet at a lot on a cold snowstorm night. Tate a little drunk gets a ride home by Dave.After they meet again they stuck around. Just going easy with each other. Eating, watching tv a lot of kissing and hand jobs nothing more.The language in this story was full local and for me I could almost hear the language as in a movie. Somethings difficult to und [...]

    2. Tate is a hard drinkin' New Mexico cowboy living in a small house in Jackass Flats, which all the fancy folks in subdivisions call Tortilla Flats. One night he meets Dave Lopes, a young Army stud with big muscles and broad shoulders who works with guidance systems at the White Sands Missile Range. They hit it off and end up doing some low-key dating as in trips to Tate's private hot springs and evenings on the couch watching old westerns with beer and popcorn. The relationship between the two me [...]

    3. Set in times of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, ‘Jackass Flats’ is a romance with obstacles between a cowboy and his newest Army friend-with-increasing-benefits. The location is New Mexico, and there are lots of local details and the kind of warmth I like when reading about cowboys and their woes. Between Tate’s worries about his ranch, the taxes he owes, and the fact that he is feeling too old for his own good and Dave having issues in the Army due to an idiot he thought was his friend, there [...]

    4. I really didn't like this one, the story didn't really flow and i got a hard time getting into it. But what was really putting me off was that Tate kept telling and reminding himself and others that he was an old fart. Because the author kept telling us that Tate was an old fart i started to think of him that way i was visualising that Tate was 70-80 years and that Dave was in his early twenties now that really was putting me off. Not romantic at all!!!

    5. Julia Talbot is one of my comfort authors, some of her shorts are among my fave stories to read when my mind needs time off from RL. That’s one of the reasons why I was enthusiastic to have Jackass Flats in my hands. Plus the match between a cowboy and a military man intrigued me very much.That said as soon as I started it, I knew it wasn’t going to be a success to me. I struggled a lot with the reading, I spent days on it (unusual to me) and I often forced myself to reread some parts I miss [...]

    6. Tate feels like he’s just too old. He owes taxes, and drinking seems to be his focus to forget his troubles. His sister is concerned about him. Not only does she worry about his finances and the ranch, but she wants to protect Tate from being hurt. One thing Tate isn’t ready to do is give up his ranch in New Mexico. He stumbles out of Lulu’s one night, and stumbles into Dave Lopes, a soldier in the Army. Dave gets the “old-timer”, Tate, safely home, but not without a lot of fussing at [...]

    7. Serious editing issues. Made it difficult to read. not acceptable. Good story otherwise. Only one real sex scene. Much too quick and rushed. needed more heat.

    8. Surprisingly MellowThis one surprised me in that I didn't feel rushed into accepting a relationship between an older cowboy (Tate) and a young army solider (Dave). That's because author Talbot is careful to respect the demons and fears of both characters without making a big deal of any of them. If that sounds superficial, it's not meant to be. I found the way she developed each character was critical to liking them and hoping they would eventually get together. I did find that Talbot handled Ta [...]

    9. I rather enjoyed this little book - the story about Dave and his cowboy Tate. As with BA Tortuga I love Ms. Talbot's Texas dialogue (I'm an easterner so I find it both exotic and homey - who wouldn't love to hear men drawling "honey" to those near and dear?) Although, Tate was making me feel REALLY old (and he was only in his 30's!) with all his "old man" this and "old man" that. Hopefully Dave finally set him straight, so to speak, in that respect. The guys were hot and a lot of fun to get to k [...]

    10. Dave Lopes is a young, handsome, outgoing, charismatic man that is stationed out in the desert for voicing his opinions a little too broadly in his previous assignment. He’s careful to stay within the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell guidelines of the military but he’s not interested in quick gropes in the shower while hurrying not to get caught. He’s wandering a bit, still trying to find his niche, both in the military and his life.Tate is a sexy, settled, and charming good old boy who has the l [...]

    11. *Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*Tate is a cowboy who is set in his ways and enjoys his time alone. One night when he's had too much to drink at a local bar he meets Dave, a soldier at the nearby Army base. Dave offers to drive him home to save him from spending a cold night sleeping in his truck. Neither expect to see each other again, until a chance encounter in the local Mexican [...]

    12. This was a decent read. Who does not love military men and cowboys? Put them together and it is always a good time.I really felt sorry for Dave. He is in the military at at time when don't ask and don't tell was still in full swing and even though there was others in his unit that swung his way, he did not mix the two up. But that did not stop one of his friends from turning in him after Dave turned him down and led everyone to believe that it was Dave that hit on him instead. This opened up a w [...]

    13. **).•.•*) .•*)Sometimes life worked out just like it was supposed to.(.• (.•`*Five Sheets to the wind, Tate was rescued by a big, young military man. Being alone was starting to wear thin, but the small town of Jackass Flats was just not the place to find love or even a relationship for a gay, quiet man. Besides that, Tate had too much on his plate and not enough to offer anyone. No matter how drunk, there was attraction in their path. Meeting days later solidified that attraction. Bot [...]

    14. Sweet story, I liked that they didn't jump into bed as soon as they met. Though I was put off by the insistence that Tate was old when apparently he was only 35 according to Dave.

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