• Title: Bone Appetit
  • Author: Carolyn Haines
  • ISBN: 9780312594640
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bone Appetit In the midst of a cook off at a posh spa southern PI Sarah Booth Delaney gets embroiled in a juicy murder in the latest mystery from Carolyn Haines For many years Jitty Dahlia House s resident ghost
    In the midst of a cook off at a posh spa, southern PI Sarah Booth Delaney gets embroiled in a juicy murder in the latest mystery from Carolyn Haines For many years Jitty, Dahlia House s resident ghost, has dreamed that Sarah Booth Delaney would have a child to inherit the family s ancestral home Sarah Booth has always had reservations about being a parent There was her wIn the midst of a cook off at a posh spa, southern PI Sarah Booth Delaney gets embroiled in a juicy murder in the latest mystery from Carolyn Haines For many years Jitty, Dahlia House s resident ghost, has dreamed that Sarah Booth Delaney would have a child to inherit the family s ancestral home Sarah Booth has always had reservations about being a parent There was her work as an actress and PI, taking care of the house, not to mention finding the right man But when Jitty s dream finally looks like it s going to come true, Sarah Booth is crushed when it doesn t Depressed, unable to act or investigate, Sarah Booth finally allows her best friend to whisk her away for a luxurious weekend vacation at a special spa and cooking school.The pampering and food go a long way toward making her feel like her old self, but there s another welcome distraction there s a beauty contest cook off going on to find the spa s next spokesperson, and watching the drama really takes her mind off of her woes Sarah finds the backbiting to be great fun until the heated competition boils over, the top contender is poisoned, and the prime suspect hires Sarah Booth to clear her name.Between swimsuit competitions and souffl s, Sarah Booth Delaney and her best friend and partner, Tinkie, must find out which of the ambitious young ladies is to blame in Bone Appetit, the latest in Carolyn Haines s delightfully Southern cozy mystery series.

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    1. Now I'm sure I've overdosed on Sarah Booth mysteries, because I was rolling my eyes so much I thought they were going to get stuck in the upward position and I'd spend the rest of my life looking at my eyebrows. The series has gotten more and more preposterous-I'm game to suspend my disbelief to a point, but with these books you have to stretch your disbelief like a rubber band. Eventually it'll snap, and mine did. I can buy that Sarah and Tinkie weren't looking for a case, but one fell in their [...]

    2. Most of the time when I read these books I love the absurdness, but this time it seemed to cross the line from fun to just plain too much. I find it hard to believe that the whole town would stop what they were doing to find a missing dog off on a romantic romp with another strange dog all the while stealing shoes. I also thought the ending was so over the top I almost threw the book across the room all the while groaning, "You have got to be kidding me!!" and not in a good way. Sarah Booth just [...]

    3. Wow, this one and the last, Greedy Bones I really enjoyed, a little more than the others. It was really cool for a change to read about places/locations I had actually been to in real life, like the Alluvian Hotel and Viking Range(toured in a Interior Design field trip) and of course the fabulous Ground Zero blues club.

    4. First of all, don’t you just love the cover? I absolutely love the pink color- as a matter of fact, it was the reason I picked it up at the store in the first place. The little details are what is important about this cover. From the skeleton hand of the waiter, to the fact that the woman lost her flip-flop. Creative and original.If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that this book was a Dollar Store find. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Usually, the books at the Dollar [...]

    5. One of my favorite things about this series is the fact that they revolve around places that I know and love. From the Alluvian Hotel and the Viking Cooking School to New Orleans and Memphis and everywhere in between, Carolyn Haines brings the charm of the Mississippi Delta and the surrounding areas to life. It reminds me a lot of Anne George's "Murder" series set in Birmingham. George even did one set in Destin, which was so much fun.This book was great because, as I mentioned, I knew all of th [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book because of the character Sarah Booth Delaney. Sarah has a detective agency and is trying to recover from a previous case that left her at rock bottom of a depression. I am intrigued with her Southern home, the Dahlia House and the resident ghost, Jitty that becomes her conscious. Her best friend and sleuthing partner, Tinkie decides to get Sarah out of town for a getaway. The getaway turns into a beauty pageant murder mystery. Reluctantly, Sarah gets involved when the number [...]

    7. I can't get enough of this series! I love Sarah Booth and Tinkie and all their adventures. This series is has everything, humor, mystery, romance, and suspense.

    8. I usually look forward to Haines' series, but this time out, I was deeply disappointed. For starters, there was a major continuity glitch in the way of Sarah Booth and Tinkie taking a hotel van to an event, but then Tinkie tossing the keys to her Cadillac to Sarah Booth and telling her to meet them at the door with the engine running. Um, what happened to the hotel van????I found typos. So where was this much vaunted editor? In terms of the plot, she provided a good twist as to the culprit, but [...]

    9. In this story, Sarah Booth is depressed over the loss of her baby so Tinkie decides they should go to a spa and cooking school. The spa is located in Greenwood. After checking into their room, the two women discover there is a beauty pageant going on. Tinkie and Sarah Booth become involved with the contest when one of the young women hires them to help her. The girl , Hedy, who hires them has secrets but Tinkie and Sarah Booth don't believe she is guilty of what the sheriff is accusing her of. T [...]

    10. What I like about this series the most is how the author originally from Mississippi brings the South to life with such vivid descriptions of the environment, food, and the culture. The relationships between the characters and the tone of the book sound so intimate, possibly because the book is narrated by the main character. Honestly, I could take or leave the murder mystery in this book although I like this series a lot. The story didn’t have relatable characters and I didn’t know what to [...]

    11. Enjoyable read! Sarah Booth and her friend, Tinkie are investigators. Unknown to anyone, is Jitty, who once upon a time was Sarah's great, great, grandmother's nanny, haunts Sarah. Sarah has suffered a devastating loss, and at Jitty's urging decides to go on vacation with Tinkie, which included cooking lessons. But, at the vacation destination, there is a pageant going on. Sarah and Tinkie's first introduction to the pageant contestants is at a bar, where center stage Karrie, a contestant, is ga [...]

    12. The physical injuries Sara Booth Delaney sustained during her last investigation are healing, but her heart aches from a greater loss. Tinkie signs them both up at a fancy cooking school in Greenwood, Mississippi and drags Sara Booth off for rest and relaxation. Sara Booth's not into cooking but she could use the pampering that goes with the trip.Their stay is complicated by the beauty pageant being hosted by the cooking school. The hotel is overrun with temperamental contestants. When someone b [...]

    13. 3.5 stars. Sarah Booth is still trying to recover from her last adventure. Tinkie decides that a trip out of town and some cooking classes would be just the thing. And it would be if a there was not a beauty/cooking contest going on and the the contestants would just stop dropping dead.Still loving Sarah Booth and all her cast, but there was just too much going on in this book. Cooking classes and beauty queens who cook. There is all the stuff with boyfriends and dogs. I think so much of this wa [...]

    14. Fast paced mystery at its best! I loved how you couldn't guess who it was I had no idea! This is the first book for me in the Sarah Booth Delaney mysteries, won't be the last though. I enjoyed Sarah, her best friend Tinkie, her "ghost" Jitty and all the other appearances. I loved in this one how Jitty would appear as different cooking show hosts -- very cute and different! All the talk of yummy recipes made me super hungry! I wish there was a section of themIt held my interest until the VERY end [...]

    15. Sarah Booth Delaney and Tinkie have outdone themselves in this current book written by the estimable Carolyn Haines. On what is to be a recovery vacation the ladies find themselves immersed within a beauty pagent and of course, murder!I will not tell you about the plot but the person who did it might just surprise you. The level of the crime, although shielded within the famous Southern manners, will astound you.This author just continues to improve in each book of her series.I recommend this bo [...]

    16. This book for me seemed odd. For example it started off with Graf being in Hollywood while Sarah is in Mississippi. What? Sarah just had a traumatic event happen to her that effect both of them but Graf is in LA. I thought that was odd and as the book went on it became more of a problem between them. it sorta got resolved. I have to say there was some details in this book that i thought could have used more explanation but seem to be glossed over in the book the mystery i didn't like at all in t [...]

    17. I am neutral about this book. I actually liked the change of scenery, but the contestants were annoying and the motive for murder was flimsy at best. I knew the culprit from the very beginning, and kept hoping it would be more complex than being that person. I have had that complaint with other books in this series. But I always love Sarah Booth and Tinkie and their hi-jinks, so I continue in the series.

    18. When I started reading this series, I thought it was a bit ridiculous. I was convinced to continue past the first book with assurances that it got better. It did.I mean, it's still a little ridiculous, as cozies tend to be, but it's also fun except that one scene - it's all fun and games until someone loses a Tinkie!This book is formulaic and relies heavily on stereotypes (once again, like many cozies), but there's just something about it that works for me.

    19. What can happen at a cooking competition, apparently a lot of things. This is a great book with well written dynamics between characters. At one point I was yelling at the book (in a good way) becuase of the plot twists. The dynamic lead and supporting characters are great and help to make the Southern roots of the book come alive.

    20. Sarah Booth is taking a short vacation with her best friend. They go to a spa which is connected to a cooking school and start relaxing and enjoying themselves. They soon get caught up in a corporate beauty contest and cook-off. When one of the contestants is found murdered they get caught up in the mystery too. Some vacation!A fun read.

    21. This is the very first of Carolyn Haines' books that I've read, and it kept my attention throughout the entire book. Ms. Haines makes is so easy to envision what each of her characters look like, sound like, etc. I will definitely be reading the other books in the "Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery" series. Jitty is a HOOT!!

    22. Another great installment in the Mississippi Delta girls series. I love the way Carolyn Haines keeps you guessing in the stories, and the way she continues to develop and grow her characters. Nothing stale, nothing rote, a good mystery with fun/interesting characters with some really interesting history of the Mississippi Delta region.

    23. A nice new story about Sarah Booth and Tinkie. I think what always entertains me about these books is that its set in the south and that the culture seems 40 millions miles away from here. The mystery is light, there is usually some humor and unlike some of the series I read, it actually does seem like Tinkie and Sarah Booth are evolving as characters.

    24. Carolyn Haines, A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery, Bk 10, HB-B, @ 2010, 8/10. Sarah and Tinkie pamper themselves at a post spa and cooking school while a beauty pageant/cook-off is taking place in the same hotel. When contestants start dying, the number one suspect hires them to clear her name, with the help of a resident ghost. Okay.

    25. First Sarah Booth Delaney book that I've read. I might have enjoyed it more if I had the background referred to through out the novel. I felt the wrap up was really quick after investing so much energy with the pageant contestants. Fun to read something set in Mississippi. I might try the first one and see what I think.

    26. This series had started to disappoint me when the author introduced the whole "Hollywood" thing, but this one seemed to get back to the series that I loved. I like the friendship of Sarah Booth and Tinkie and I like the fact that this book focused on their investigation again. Now if she can just separate herself from Graf

    27. Carolyn's writing is wonderful as always in this story. I got the biggest laugh out of Tinky describing the "road apple" in the BBQ contest. I laughed myself into tears and couldn't stop. Just thinking about that part of the story makes me giggle even now. I can't wait for the next one, she's only getting better!

    28. Meh. The central mystery was okay but the "character development" was glacially slow and boring. Also, the ending was sudden and unconvincing. I do love Tinkie and Jitty still, and Oscar has really grown on me. Everyone else was just flat and unamusing.

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