• Title: Allan and the Holy Flower
  • Author: H. Rider Haggard
  • ISBN: 9781587150227
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
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    Allan and the Holy Flower Brother John who has been living in Africa for many years gives Allan Quatermain the largest orchid he has ever seen Later in England he has a meeting with Mr Somers an orchid collector who is pr
    Brother John, who has been living in Africa for many years, gives Allan Quatermain the largest orchid he has ever seen Later, in England, he has a meeting with Mr Somers, an orchid collector who is prepaired to finance an expedition to search for the plant Join Allan as he sets out to find this rare orchid and finds something .Excerpt Now I, the listener, thoughBrother John, who has been living in Africa for many years, gives Allan Quatermain the largest orchid he has ever seen Later, in England, he has a meeting with Mr Somers, an orchid collector who is prepaired to finance an expedition to search for the plant Join Allan as he sets out to find this rare orchid and finds something .Excerpt Now I, the listener, thought for a moment or two The words of this fighting savage, Mavovo, even those of them of which I had heard only the translation, garbled and beslavered by the mean comments of the unutterable Sammy, stirred my imagination Who was I that I should dare to judge of him and his wild, unknown gifts Who was I that I should mock at him and by my mockery intimate that I believed him to be a fraud

    One Reply to “Allan and the Holy Flower”

    1. As the title suggests Allan and the Holy Flower is an Allan Quatermaine story. Brother John, who has been wandering in Africa for twenty years catching butterflies, is either feared or revered by many of the native tribes because he is considered "mad." He confides to Allan a sample of a huge orchid, the largest of that variety ever found. As Allan has been hoping to a visit to England he departs with the dried orchid. In England he meets Mr. Somers, an avid orchid collector who is willing to fi [...]

    2. Allan Quatermain is a colonial era white adventurer. He is not a modern character set in colonial times the author H Rider Haggard was writing in colonial era, around the same time Rudyard Kipling wrote "White Man's Burden." Quatermain novels are always page-turning action books with crocodiles, monster apes, and mysterious gods from the darkest heart of Africa, they are also full of period racism. I think as literature and even inspirational entertainment Haggard's books still have a place, but [...]

    3. This is one of the 14 books that H. Rider Haggard wrote (starting with "King Solomon's Mines") depicting the adventures of Allan Quatermain, great English hunter in the wilds of mysterious Africa. I was a little worried when I started this book, as it took around 1 1/2 whole pages to get going, but then the next 394 pages proved just as action-packed, fast-moving and entertaining as can be. The story concerns an expedition for a very rare orchid, and the search for the kidnapped wife of one of Q [...]

    4. Of all the Allan Quatermain novels I've read (about half the series), THE HOLY FLOWER is far and away my favorite. If you ever wondered where George Lucas got the idea for INDIANA JONES, look no further than this. Sure, one uses a bullwhip and the other a hunting rifle, but they both have the same penchant for exploring lost cities and cultures, jumping from scrape to scrape with hardly a moment's breath, and finding themselves confronted by various forms of ancient mysticism. There are a couple [...]

    5. This is the perfect turn of the century action novel: Arabic slavers, wild animals, an unarmed excursion to the land of Pongo, a monsterous ape demon, a cannabalistic tribe of natives, damsels in distress, and a closing battle between a village and 400 villains! If you're a fan of Indiana Jones you must read this book to see where Indy got his parentage. Highest possible recommendation!

    6. First sentence - I do not suppose that anyone who knows the name of Allan Quatermain would be likely to associate it with flowers, and especially with orchids. Henry Rider Haggard. Allan and the Holy Flower (Kindle Location 27).

    7. For a while I thought this might be the first Allan Quatermain book I'd give three stars to.I should have trusted Haggard more than that.Not particularly original not particularly moving or insightful but in the end, it's just such a satisfying tale.

    8. This is a particularly tasty episode in the annals of Allan. I do love him. He is an adventurer, a seeker, above all, a gentleman.

    9. Easy read which doesn't require in depth thought, it's the sort of book not really written anymore. Quartermain is the original great white hunter, unfortunately kept seeing Sean Connery as the lead.

    10. I was not prepared for this.I've read King Salomo's Mines years ago and am a huge fan of Mary Henrietta Kingsley and travelogues from that time period, so I thought I'd know what I am getting into.The plot: Quartermain meets an old friend who tells him of a very valuable orchid which is worshipped as a god by a tribe, the Pongo. They want to take it, take, not steal, because that would mean they had some inkling of what they were planning, some kind of moral conscience.Quartermain has a trip to [...]

    11. Allan is in fine fighting spirits as he takes on cannibals, a killer gorilla and an army of slave traders. Mavovo, the Zulu warrior/witch doctor and Hans, Allan's cunning Odysseus-like sidekick, are a likeable odd couple who accompany Allan into the lost world of the Pongos in search of a rare orchid. The Holy Flower is a good yarn and a quick read.

    12. I found the story a bit dull, which is odd because it's meant to be an action adventure. I believe that Allan Quatermain is viewed as a prototype for Indiana Jones. Perhaps action just doesn't translate as well to the written word as to the big screen. I also had difficulty fully identifying with the heroes of the story as their quest is to steal something they know to be a religious icon to the tribe that owns it. No consideration at all seems to be given to whether they have the right to take [...]

    13. This is the first Allan Quatermain novel that I've ever read, even though I've known the man by reputation for years. The book was solid entertainment, if a little predictable in places. In a great many ways Haggard was ahead of his time when it came to the roles and abilities appropriate to women and other ethnicities, since his work doesn't entirely fall into the the mode of thought normal to the male-oriented anglocentric period in which the works were written. An ancestor to adventure novels [...]

    14. I picked up a bunch of Allan Quatarmain books on the cheap and have been working my way through them. I love this one because Hans, Allan's Hottentot companion, gets a lot more page time. He has a lot of humor and some very heroic parts. The book deals with an expedition to find a rare orchid and deal with a friends kidnapped wife. It is slow to start, but then gets really rolling! I hope others enjoy it as much as I did.

    15. The stories of Allan Quatermain for me are a treasure. I love the stories of the old Africa. Yes in today's politics and enlightenment the treatment of the natives is wrong however in its time this was a forward thinking novel which provoked outrage at the progressive (for its time) ideology on equality.

    16. #7 in the Allan Quatermain adventure series. Quatermain is off again into central Africa partnered with a young man from London in search of a very large and potentially valuable orchid. The story is connected with another man who is searching for wife who disappeared 20 years earlier. The orchid search takes them to a secluded dying civilization in which the flower is considered holy.

    17. A classic but I found the story a bit dull, which is odd because it's meant to be an action adventure.

    18. Haggard is always fun. Sometimes silly fun, but this one has a giant orchid in it, and I love orchids, so how could I resist? Also, a giant monkey battle!

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