• Title: A Second Chance at Sarah
  • Author: Neil Druckmann Joysuke Wong
  • ISBN: 9781934944080
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Second Chance at Sarah Johnny stares at his newborn son a dying wife and a demon s talisman and agrees to a macabre deal Now he must relive a day from his teenage years before he met his wife Can he uncover her secret pas
    Johnny stares at his newborn son, a dying wife, and a demon s talisman and agrees to a macabre deal Now he must relive a day from his teenage years before he met his wife Can he uncover her secret past and prevent the selling of her soul in only 24 hours

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    1. Man, people gotta stop making deals with the devil.Seriously, does that shit EVER work out?And people, this is a very simple equation. If you promised your first-born to the devil, have a baby right now and hand him over. THEN, when you're ready to raise a kid, you have your second, for-keeps baby. What's the devil doing with all these babies, by the way? Is he just down in hell, surrounded by crying babies all the time? Is he thinking, "Geez, I should just take money or something"?Babies are th [...]

    2. I was so drawn in by the story and art, it felt like a shock when the ending came so abruptly. I wish the book was longer! Great 90s setting and lovely painting.

    3. Picked this up on a whim at a Borders in Chicago to read on my train ride home. Very quick read, since the whole thing is only 72 pages of story. But it's a tight story that moves quick but still packs in some good emotions. And the art is very nice, tells the story well. It's crafted very well too, playing with layouts a few times to good effect. Very nice overall.

    4. Wonderful little book, with good twists and full of emotion! I cared for the characters as if they were my friends and felt their pain and happiness as the story was developing. One thing I missed, though, was 90's music playing on the background. But that's not their fault. This would be a wonderful episode on Amazing Stories on tv. Highly reccomended!

    5. Loved the almost water color way the characters are drawn. The story line is cute and I reread the story a couple of times before clearing it off of my book shelf.

    6. Upon learning that his wife Sarah made a deal with the devil at some point in her life that led to her death during the birth of their son, Johnny makes a second deal, and gets a chance to go back to their shared teenage years to prevent her from making the deal in the first place. The art's very good, and the story's ok, but just ok; the devil's side of things is twisted and scheming, as it should be, but there's not exactly a lot of background for Johnny and Sarah; I felt like we didn't get en [...]

    7. 3.5 Stars~I randomly found this at the bookstore the other day. The cover caught my eye & I quickly flipped through a few pages. I knew I had to buy it for the gorgeous artwork alone! Super quick read -- maybe a little too quick. I would have preferred if it were a bit longer & more detailed. Every page is lovely & it definitely has that video game feel to it, thanks to Neil Druckmann!

    8. I don't know if it's just because my biological clock's been ticking lately, but the premise of this story and its ending both really got to me. The story's relatively simplistic -- sort of a twist on the Gift of the Magi, it seems -- but it really struck a chord with me. The art throughout is phenomenal.

    9. I really liked the idea of this novel, in addition to the artwork of course. The story was short and I think that was the issue for me, because I wanted more. I wanted the story to get more intense.It is a captivating novel though.

    10. Underwhelming; the art was somehow colorful and muddy at the same time, and the time travel aspect didn't feel very well planned. Not my cup of tea.

    11. Short a sweet, what would you do for the one you love? And what would you sacrifice for them. A story about the bonds of love and family.

    12. super boring story that didn't go anywhere interesting, paired with amazing art, super painterly style that i loved. idk, even the art wasn't enough to keep me interested!

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