• Title: The Twins at St Clare's
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9780603559587
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Twins at St Clare s When Pat and Isabel first go to St Clare s they are determined not to enjoy themselves but by the end of term they have had to admit that school can be surprisingly good fun
    When Pat and Isabel first go to St Clare s they are determined not to enjoy themselves, but by the end of term they have had to admit that school can be surprisingly good fun.

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    1. The Twins at St Clare’s by Enid Blyton. Children’s Fiction. Granada Publishing Limited, Frogmore, St. Albans, Herts. Reprinted 1974. 5 Stars. This is a tattered copy I picked up for 10¢ at Sherman Oaks library more than 20 years ago. But such a fun book, the first in the St Clare’s series, a delightful story about twins Pat and Isabel going to a new school. At first they are not very pleased about it. Read how they adjust and eventually love St Clare’s! I am looking forward to reading t [...]

    2. Re-reading St Clare'sI'm re-reading the St Clare's series (I bought the 1970s boxset as opposed to the new ones because they're just toodern!). I first read the series when I was in infant and primary school (so about 6-9 years old most likely) and I remember loving them. Re-reading this book, it's interesting how I still remember bits of the storyline and the characters. This is the first book in the series where Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan join St Clare's at 14 years old. I love how everyone say [...]

    3. I asked my niece Alexa, who just read all the St. Clare's and Malory Towers, which series she liked best, and she says:"St Clare's because I like the characters better and they become less snobby faster. Their tricks and midnight feasts are WAY better."

    4. Satu lagi serial mengenai kehidupan di sekolah asrama karangan Enid Blyton.Patricia O'Sullivan alias Pat dan saudara kembarnya Isabel O'Sullivan dimasukkan ke St. Clare oleh orang tuanya. Awalnya mereka menolak dan bertekad untuk bersikap buruk sehingga mereka bisa pindah ke sekolah yang mereka inginkan. Tapi ternyata St. Clare memberikan mereka "pengalaman" yang tak pernah terlupakan.Kedua anak kembar itu merupakan kepala murid di sekolah lama mereka, sehingga mereka terbiasa dipandang dan diho [...]

    5. Cerita St. Clare ini mirip2 Malory Towers, baik dari plot maupun karakter. Sayangnya karakter di St. Clare ga sekuat Malory Towers. Setelah buku pertama, Pat dan Isabel rasanya seperti tempelan aja, dengan karakternya yg baik2. Ga ada bedanya dengan Hilary. Karakter Bobby, Janet, dan Carlotta juga hampir sama. Meskipun di tiap buku ada karakter baru yang menonjol (contoh: Margery, Angela), gw pengen karakter2 lama jangan lantas dilupain. Kalo bisa tetep dominan dan kuat. Tapi kalo dijadiin seper [...]

    6. I love the twins at St Clare's - the adventures Pat and Isabel get up to are hilarious! My favourite part of the book was the midnight feast. It really was a feast aswell: bread, butter, pork pie, cake, sardines (ew), Nestles Milk, chocolate, peppermint creams, tinned pineapple AND ginger beer. "It beats the rest of the St Clare's feasts thats for sure!" I love this book because Enid Blyton really does show a passion for writing. The twins at St Clares are mystery and adventurous. They help to b [...]

    7. I loved this series as a kid and consequently crazed my parents to send me to boarding schoolYes the reread proves that actually it probably doesn't hold up compared to fiction published now but I do still love this series because it made me a compulsive reader.

    8. The debut of Enid Blyton’s St Clares series is not as strong as the debut of the Mallory Towers series, as many of the founding characters do not make it all the way through to the end of the series and so they become forgettable. It does however contain the usual amount of tricks, dormy fun and lacrosse matches one has come to expect with an Enid Blyton series set in a school.The O’Sullivan twins are Pat and Isabel, one quite indistinguishable from the other with the exception of Pat’s te [...]

    9. ah, the impact these books had on me growing up! I had loved Enid Blyton, but had never read one of the St Clare's stories until I was 12 or so. I was at a sleepover, and my friend slept in for what felt like hours. Bored, I got up and pulled down the only book on her shelf that didn't look boring; and found myself lost in the world of St Clare's girls! I read the first book that weekend, and the following two the next two weekends. Years later, after my asking to borrow them every few months, m [...]

    10. Nesta colecção conhecemos Isabel e Patrícia O' Sullivan que vão pela primeira vez para o Colégio de Santa Clara. Inicialmente, as duas irmãs, vão para o colégio contrariadas e detestam o ambiente do colégio.As colegas acham-as peneirentas e acabam por lhes aplicar as habituais partidas, e rapidamente as gémeas são integradas no grupo.Um livro cheio de aventuras e um piquenique à meia-noite =)

    11. The Twins at St Clare's (St Clare's, #1), Enid Blytonعنوان: دوقلوها در سنت کلر؛ نویسنده: انید بلایتون؛ مترجم: ایلونا جودمردی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، شهر کتاب، هرمس (کیمیا)، 1386، در 204 ص، اندازه 19 در 12 س.م.، شابک: 9643630544؛ جلد 1 از مجموعه سنت کلر

    12. Hanni and Nanni are great series for kids! I loved reading the book when I was younger and I am pretty sure I would enjoy them nowadays too if I would read them again. Maybe I do! ;-)

    13. Kurangkum aja dari keseluruhan serial St.Claire yaMembaca buku Enid Blyton mungkin buat sebagian orang bisa jadi membosankan. Tapi sebenarnya pengarang buku anak ini sangat pandai memasukkan nilai budi pekerti untuk ditanam dalam benak tanpa harus terkesan menggurui.Dan jangan pernah lupa, bahwa dunia sekolah yang diceritakan Enid untuk St.Claire ketika itu ada pada masa tahun '40-an atau awal tahun '50-an. Masih menggunakan telegram, telepon genggam tentunya belum ada, belum ada budaya nonton t [...]

    14. It was super to have the opportunity to re read this old childhood favourite. It took me back to the 1950's. I think that these stories still have a place for children today. Although the twins Isabel and Pat are 14 in the stories I feel that they are more suited to a much younger audience these days. The twins have previously been at a boarding school called Redroofs and are determined not to enjoy the new school, St. Clare's. Both of the girls are initially portrayed as snobs that do not mix w [...]

    15. This story is about twin girls Isabell and Pat who have to move to a new prep school against their wishes. When they first arrive at st clare's they decide they are going to be horrible and are labelled as the"stuck up twins"by the other girls in their form but they soon learn to adjust and even miss their boarding school when they go home for Christmas. I didn't really enjoy this book, I found it to be quite dull, with very little humour and an old fashioned tone that I don't think would appeal [...]

    16. I absolutely just love this series.I have read every single book,and the characters are so interesting.Take Carlotta for example - a wild,gypsy-like ex-circus girl.Tomboyish Bobby Ellis and the responsible and dignified head girl Hilary Wentworth.Alison,the feather-head who worships and loses her heart to pretty girls/teachers.The Honorable Angela Favorleigh,who is rich but snobby and spoilt(who Alison adores and worships).Don't forget Pauline,Doris,Susan,the spiteful Eileen Paterson,the America [...]

    17. I loved these when I was younger! My daughters have been listening to the audio book version at bedtime for ages so I picked up a couple of paperbacks from the library, I thought they'd like to experience reading them. They were delighted and have had to repeat myself constantly as their noses are in books and listening to Mum a low priority! In addition, they've been playing "Boarding Schools" in the garden quite a bit over Easter holidays - I'm waiting to be asked if they can go to one!

    18. What fab books these are! When I read this the first time as a child myself I longed to go to boarding-school. I missed all the morals intertwined within the chapters which were so blatant as an adult reader cheating, theft, bullying, etc. All dealt with very simply but hopefully instilling a sense of decency in young readers. The language was very dated and I deliberately substituted more modern equivalents to the "you're such a brick", and "golly gosh", etc! My kids loved it!

    19. De pequeña me gustaba mucho la serie de Santa Clara y me leía sus libros una y otra vez. Ahora que he releído el primer libro me he sentido decepcionada. Es lo más repipi y absurdo que he leído en mi vida.

    20. I was looking forward to rereading these books that I loved in my teens,but was a little disappointed when I realized that they have been modernized.The language is not the same,and the twins are paying with Euros,but it was still nice to met the old familiar characters.

    21. Abandoned on page 54. Annoyingly moralistic, devoid of nuance or characterization maybe I would have enjoyed this when I was seven but not now. At least I tried?

    22. I really enjoyed this book's various messages, even though it's aimed at younger readers its messages has a lot to teach, nevertheless, there were some weak points about this book, that I'll mention soon.I was disappointed by the fact that in this book, being poor means having poor manners and low hygiene. Coming from a poor background does not mean being filthy. Not washing your face or saying grammatically incorrect things isn't justified by you being from a poor background. Another thing that [...]

    23. The book would have been nice if I hadn't read the Naughtiest Girl and Malory Towers and Famous Five and Secret Seven before. It seems too hard to believe that so many characters in the different series all have the same names. This seemed weaker than all other series. I couldn't even read the rest of the books. It seemed too similar to the other series: Grumpy characters who can't get along until a miracle of a school or something else turns them into entirely new people. How many times have th [...]

    24. Kisah anak-anak sekolah Inggris versi Enid Blyton memang menarik untuk bacaan ringan, hanya saja rasanya saya agak bosan dengan kegiatan yang itu-itu saja. Kalau kamu pernah membaca seri Malory Towers sebelumnya, nah rasanya sama seperti mengulang seri ini. Kegiatannya sama saja dan konfliknya hampir tidak berkembang. Setelah membaca Malory Towers, konflik dalam buku ini pun bisa ditebak kelanjutannya dan penyelesaiannya.Sisi positifnya, buku ini memiliki banyak sekali pesan moral tentang bagaim [...]

    25. ** Books 273 - 2017 ** 3,8 dari 5 bintang! Untuk karya Enid Blyton ini pertama kalinya saya membaca buku seri ini dan ini menjadi hal yang menarik membaca kisah-kisah konyol dan tingkah laku gadis-gadis remaja itu tetapi dari hal itu semua persahabatan mereka membuat hati menjadi hangat ketika membacanyaSaya naksir sama cover barunya makanya tertarik buat baca bukunya :pTerimakasih Scoop Premium!

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