• Title: Still William
  • Author: Richmal Crompton
  • ISBN: 9781405054614
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Still William There is only one Just William The loveable imp has been harassing his unfortunate family and delighting hundreds of thousands of readers for years Here lisping frilly dressed Violet Elizabeth becom
    There is only one Just William The loveable imp has been harassing his unfortunate family and delighting hundreds of thousands of readers for years Here, lisping, frilly dressed Violet Elizabeth becomes William s worst nightmare Not only does she expect him to play fairies she even expects him to kiss her

    One Reply to “Still William”

    1. This was a hilarious set of stories. It is set in a more innocent time when children were allowed to be a lot more independent than they are now and were forced to use their imagination more because the only electronic entertainment they had was the radio. Martin Jarvis is a first rate narrator and he really brings the stories in the audiobook to life. I like William and his long suffering family and really enjoyed the "problems" he and his friend the outlaws got themselves into. An added bonus [...]

    2. Some quite good William stories here, and for the first time his group of friends (the Outlaws) starts taking its definitive shape. William Brown is a great literary creation, and still funny a century later.

    3. Was given this book as a child, this character is hard to hate. Characters are traditional and nostalgic.

    4. The main reason I decided to go ahead with this one is that I wanted to read the famous debut of Violet Elizabeth Bott. There is a ring of truth to Violet Elizabeth stronger than any other I've experienced so far, and her introduction adds quite a bit of much-needed variety to the series, as do the other stories featuring the Bott family. I was pleased to discover that this book features quite a lot of typical boyhood adventures with the Outlaws as a foursome, just as I wished for in my last rev [...]

    5. William strikes again - a juvenile whirlwind strewing chaos in his wake with his usual mixture of over-enthusiasm, misunderstanding of the crazy adult world, single-minded desire for revenge and, let's face it, pure naughtiness. Were he around today he would be taken into care by social services or diagnosed with ADHD & doped to the gills with Ritalin. Instead in the 20's & 30's such behaviour seemed to strike people as being a nuisance but not hugely remarkable - people may not have bee [...]

    6. Violet Elizabeth’s eyes filled with tears again.‘You do like all little girlth, don’t you?’ she persisted with quavering lip. ‘You do, don’t you?’‘Yes, I do,’ he said hastily, ‘I do. Honest I do.’She smiled again radiantly through her tears. ‘You with you wath a little girl, don’t you?’‘Er – yes. Honest I do,’ said the unhappy William.‘Kith me,’ she said raising her glowing face.William was broken.He brushed her cheek with his.‘Thath not a kith,’ said Vi [...]

    7. I used to read the Still William books every sunday afternoon after church in 5th and 6th grade. They were funny then and they're funny now! I love William, he reminds me a little of myself! My sister used to fall off her bed, laughing while reading Still William! They may be children's books but their appeal goes beyond. Its a great way to unwind after a tiring week.!

    8. The William series is one of my best childhood memories. My fiance recently gifted me this book. I relived all my memories at the age of 24 and I was in splits once again. Though classified as a childrens' book, all ages can enjoy Richmal Crompton.

    9. Ahr about four years I would go to sleep every night to the wonderful voice of Martin Jarvis :) Hilarious stories! Especially "William and the White Cat"

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