• Title: Love Letters
  • Author: Arnold Adoff Lisa Desimini
  • ISBN: 9780590484787
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Love Letters In this bold and fanciful book secret admirers klutzes friends and enemies moms and dads are the objects of sublime and witty love notes Each page presents sumptuous valentines created from highly
    In this bold and fanciful book, secret admirers, klutzes, friends and enemies, moms and dads are the objects of sublime and witty love notes Each page presents sumptuous valentines created from highly creative collages and paintings by acclaimed artist Lisa Desimini, making this an unforgettable visual feast Full color.

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    1. Interesting collection of love letter poems written to various people - classmates, parents, pets, etc.

    2. Personal reaction: I liked this book of poems. They made me laugh and I was able to connect to some of them.I would probably read these poems to fourth or fifth graders because a lot of them are love letters addressed to crushes. These poems have a lot of figurative language in them. There's a mixture of personification, metaphors, and similes to help the writer describe their emotions. I think this would be a good book to show how letter writing can be fun and creative and that letters don't al [...]

    3. Love Letters by Arnold Adoff was book compiled of concrete poems about letter to enemies, lovers, friends, family, and so on. I thought the book was pretty cute, with some poems that were funny, and some poems that were ones that I could relate too. I would use this in a late elementary classroom, to show students different, sometimes funny, ways to express themselves around valentines day. Teachers could make fun activities with this book, like having their students write letters to their paren [...]

    4. Very cute children's poetry book. A collection of 20 cute, fun and creative poems. Perfect to read to a child for Valentine's Day. My favorite- Dear Prince:My hair is very short. I don't live high up at the top of some castled I don't need the rescue. Just ride your blue bike down my street and ring the bell this Saturday.We can chase those dragons to gether.Your Potential Princess

    5. A sixth grade teacher introduced me to this book, and I fell in love with some of the pieces. The love letters are assorted, a crush on a boy in the class, one to an old dog, a love and a not-quite-love letter to a teacher, and my favorite, a love letter written from an older brother to a younger sister that made me laugh out loud. All beautiful, sensitive, and some funny. I'm going to have to get a copy of this one for myself.

    6. I read this to a group of middle school students just before Valentine's Day, and they loved it. We were all charmed. My favorite love poem is the dedication.Dear Ginger Belle:These Love Letters.These Love PoemsAreForYouFor All The DaysOf All The Years.Your Own Arn.Arnold Adoff, there is no one more appealing than a man who is madly in love with his own wife.

    7. Reread 9/26/15 A humorously romantic collection of poems written as letters. Each voice is distinctive and varies in intent. I alway laugh out loud at "Dear Fill-In-Your-Own Name" but my favorite is "Dear Prince." I have always appreciated Adoff's dedication to his wife Virginia Hamilton. This is an outstanding collection of shape poems with highly creative mixed-media illustrations.

    8. If you want to laugh, read this book. The children in this book write Valentine's cards to their parents, teachers, each other and none of them are sickly sweet. I laughed out loud mainly because I was not at the library. :-)

    9. This warm and heart warming book of poetry has something for everyone. From little classsroom crushes to the appreciation among best friends share poems from this book with pre-k students to 5th graders to encourage them to share their feelings with the people that matter

    10. Third grade +."A collection of twenty poems written by kids and klutzes, secret admirers and detractors, friends, enemies, and skeptics to the objects of their affection - or aversion."Good use of irregular lines. Great "school" themes in fun poems.

    11. Great book to read around Valentines Day! This book features several love letters written in funny, sweet and clever ways. I would have a class write their own "love letter" to someone in their family.

    12. Love letters in the form of poetry. Not just to secret crushes, but also to teachers, parents, pets, etc.

    13. About the different kinds of "love". For example, the love for food, clothes, pets, family members, colors, songs, etc.Good read for Valentine's Day

    14. This book is a collection of poetry with collages and paintings of friends and family that have very funny and romantic valentines

    15. This is a great book when teaching poetry. It has letter from any type of person in a valentine setting.

    16. I didn't enjoy this book of poetry very much. To me a lot seemed disjointed and it was hard to read.

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