• Title: Chocolate Dreams: Poems
  • Author: Arnold Adoff
  • ISBN: 9780688068226
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Chocolate Dreams Poems Original poems on a favorite subject by a chocolate lover
    Original poems on a favorite subject by a chocolate lover.

    One Reply to “Chocolate Dreams: Poems”

    1. I think this would be a great set of poems to read around Valentine's Day as chocolate is often associated with Valentine's Day. I also think it would be great (food allergies and preferences permitting) to give the students a little bit of chocolate candy after reading them as well.

    2. I loved the poems. They made me crave chocolate except for the chocolate mixed with fruit flavors. Fruit and chocolate do not mix well with me. I think it is weird. The second poem was funny, but I will not tell you.

    3. Although I love chocolate, I didn’t love this book. I felt the poetry was hard to follow along with and I can imagine it would be even harder for me if I was reading the book myself.

    4. I love chocolate and this book was all about chocolate. The poetry was well written and I could picture myself in the other person's place. I could picture myself going home and drinking chocolate milk after school or holding someone's hand and then not sharing the last chocolate kiss. I would read this book to children of all ages and maybe even to adults. This was a very good book and I definitely recommend it.

    5. Adoff writes about poems dealing with the love of chocolate. The wording and shape of the poems stand out the most in this book. The spacing of some important words and lines are unique. The illustrations are all related to chocolate or have the color of chocolate. I wouldn't be surprised if readers craved chocolate after reading these poems! I would recommend this book to early and middle elementary aged students.

    6. This would be a good book for poetry lessons, or more useful to teach styles of writing. There are several poems, all of course related to chocolate, and they demonstrate different ways to write poems. Students would laugh to some of these poems and agree with others. It would be great to show examples and then have your students write their own poetry.

    7. This book is full of poems about chocolate. It's great to read to children because it can be silly. This is a good way to start off a poetry lesson. When children learn that poetry can be about anything they are much more willing to write it. This book is a great way to show that. It is good for any age.

    8. Great poetry book!! This book incorporates the love of all kinds of chocolate with everyday emotions! It was a very fun read to see how the author uses different types of chocolate desserts to relate to everyday senarios.

    9. Who dosn't like chocolate? This is a book of poetry that is about chocolate. Two great thing combind in one book, poetry and chocolate. This book makes you want to grab a hot cup of chocolate and find a good place to curl up and read it.

    10. This book is all poems about chocolate. I think this book was so great but a must read after lunch! Poems are one of my favorite things to read in the classroom and this book was delightful! the poems were so catchy and left a smile on your face throughout

    11. This was a great collection of poetry. I liked how it was a specialized collection. Chocolate is my favorite so of course I enjoyed this book. It can be a good book for children of any age. It was a great way to show students that not all poetry has to rhyme.

    12. This is a great book of poems all about chocolate and who doesn't love chocolate. This is a great book to read from to kids. They need more poetry in their school days. Great collection of yummy poetry.

    13. A poetry book about chocolate and foodwhat could be any better? This poetry book had some funny poems in it that I loved. This might be a good resource for students during a poetry unit in the classroom.

    14. All of the poems in this book followed the theme of candy and chocolate! Something that everyone can find interest in. The illustrations that went along with the book were great and the poems would be something I would use with my students when teaching a poetry unit.

    15. This book was full of different poems that show children that all poetry doesn't rhyme. It would be interesting to incorporate this into a poetry lesson for my students. It also includes poetry that isn't structured like students normally think so they can see something new and different.

    16. This book has a lot of different poems in it. All of the poems are chocolate themed. This would be great for teaching students about poetry. A teacher could even bring chocolate into his or her class for their students.

    17. You read it how it's written. Fluctuate your voice. Fun to read before lunch ;) kids would love it! It would be a good theme book.

    18. This was an amazing book of poems with absolutely outstanding illustrations. Every time I turned the page I was more stunned with the gorgeous illustrations on each page.

    19. Being the chocolate lover I am, this book was a great read because of all the chocolate-centered poems. I found this book to be funny and creative. Student would love this candy loving book!

    20. A wonderful selection of children's poems, all centered around chocolate, spanning from humor to life cycles to everyday events.

    21. This is a wonderful book to use to introduce poetry! The poems in this book are easy to understand and relate too and the pictures only help with that. I am a huge fan of these poems.

    22. This fun book is full of Poems about Chocolate, my favorite poem from this book is "Let the Biter Beware."

    23. A poetic celebration of all things chocolate. This book is great to use in poetry lessons for all ages.

    24. A book filled with poems about chocolate. This could be used if the class is learning about poetry or something like desserts or chocolate.

    25. Great book to use for a poetry lesson. It is also nice for showing children different styles of poems about the same thing.

    26. Always always ALWAYS loved this since reading it as a kid. Best to read it with chocolate in hand just sayin.

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