• Title: Night Shield
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780263877243
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • Night Shield Allison Fletcher refused to be seduced by Jonah s smooth charm and good looks She was too much of a cop to fall for a shady character like Jonah Ally is definitely off limits to a guy like him
    Allison Fletcher refused to be seduced by Jonah s smooth charm and good looks She was too much of a cop to fall for a shady character like Jonah Ally is definitely off limits to a guy like him.

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    1. Club owner, Jonah Blackhawk, is asked by an old (cop) friend, Boyd Fletcher, to help him out. There has been a series of burglaries in the area, and most of them had a connection to Jonah's club. Jonah agrees to help since he really owes Boyd a favor. After Jonah got busted by the police when he was young, cop Boyd helped Jonah straighten his life out.Jonah then meets one of the cops assigned to the case, Boyd's daughter, Allison. She is to work in Jonah's club, undercover, as a waitress. As tim [...]

    2. I really enjoyed Night Shield. -Thank you, Luli, for the recommendation!- It had the flavor of a 1990's contemporary romance with the misunderstood alpha male. You know, the guy who started out from nothing but made himself a name and a bucketload of money. Think early Sandra Brown, Linda Howard or better yet, Jayne Krentz. In real life I am not sure any one woman could tolerate a man like this for very long, let alone a lifetime. Jonah Blackhawk was tall and rangy with a sprinkling of Apache. O [...]

    3. You can find this review in English below.Creo que esta vez he empezado la casa por el tejado ;) Este es el quinto, y último, libro de la serie, aunque definitivamente se puede leer como una historia propia. A medida que pasan los días, mejor gusto me deja esta historia. No ha sido perfecta, ni de lejos, pero sí me ha recordado a la Roberts de The Witness, mi Roberts favorita. Las únicas pegas que le he encontrado es que me ha parecido una historia muy corta (según GR 123 páginas…me han [...]

    4. This is one of the best books in the series because I love the hero and heroine, their whole relationship, the family talk and time, the epilogue, everything, it was I guess the way it was written.Ally's father Boyd(hero of the first book in the series), helped mentor and make Jonah when he was a kid, on the street getting involved in crime, so even though Jonah doesn't like cops he agrees to do Boyd a favor and have his daughter Ally and other cops go undercover at one of his clubs. The case ro [...]

    5. Alison Fletcher thinks she's got everything under control. Though her stalker-ish ex-boyfriend is trying to erase the "ex", her case is progressing rather smoothly, if you forget her father's drop-dead gorgeous former protégé's infuriatingly arousing presence. Then, she shoots a woman in self-defense and everything goes up the chimney with the dead woman's crazy brother coming after Alison with a vengeance, her father's gorgeous former protégé getting under her skin, and the stalker ex-boyfr [...]

    6. Jonah Blackhawk is a former juvenile delinquent whose life got on the right track with the help of Boyd Fletcher, the man who eventually became Denver’s police commissioner. He loves Boyd like a father and feels like he owes him a debt he’ll never be able to repay, which is why he agrees to Boyd’s latest request: work with the investigating team looking into a string of robberies committed by people who seem to be using Jonah’s clubs to scope out their victims. Specifically, he’d like [...]

    7. Boyd's daughter Allison is now all grown up and a detective going undercover as a waitress at a bar/restaurant owned by Jonah, looking for a B&E gang. Jonah reminds me of Roarke - street kid turned businessman, maybe not as rich or powerful, but his protective instincts towards Allison were very similar. Great addition to the original Night Tales series.

    8. Author: Nora RobertsFirst published: 2000Length: 215 pagesSetting: Contemporary. Denver, USA.Sex: Reasonably explicit, explicit.Hero: Club ownerHeroine: Police DetectiveTrigger: Allison has a stalker.Trigger: Allison shoots (view spoiler)[and kills (hide spoiler)] an escaping felon.Cilla and Boyd’s little girl is all grown up.Really enjoyed this (standalone) addition to the Night Tales series. Good female cop character who accepts and embraces her profession. Jonah is a little flat but I didn [...]

    9. Since reading ‘Night Shield’, the 5th and apparently last story in the ‘Night Tales’ series (published back in 2000) and doing a little more research, I have discovered that this is a second generation book for the characters of Boyd and his wife Cilla (Allison’s mother and father), who appeared previously as the main protagonists in ‘Night Shift’, the 1st book in the series. Luckily, ‘Night Shield’ works great as a stand alone novel, as yet again I enter a series completely ou [...]

    10. Every so often I need to take a short break from the deep, dark thrillers that I normally read. One of my favorite go-to people for something entertaining, with some mystery, but won't give me nightmares is Nora Roberts.In Night Shield, Allison Fletcher is the daughter of Police Commissioner Boyd Fletcher. Jonah Blackhawk is a man who was once a boy on the streets and owes all he has to the Commissioner. Jonah looks on him as the father he never had.He owns several upscale nightclubs. Visitors t [...]

    11. Allison'a bayıldım yaa kesinlikle babasına çekmiş :D Jonah'ın üzerine gittiği sahnelere bayıldım çok cüretkardı gerçekten :D Boyd'un da kızının ilişkisini öğrendiğinde verdiği tepkilere bayıldım yaa "Ben babalık krizi geçirirken sırıtma" :D onu kıskanç ve koruyucu bir baba olarak okumak çok güzeldi :)Serinin son kitabı olunca tabi serideki diğer tüm karakterleri de bir araya getirmişler hepsinin bulunduğu Boyd ve Cilla'nın düzenlediği barbekü partisini ok [...]

    12. Continuation of "Night Tales" stories. Allison Fletcher - daughter of Boyd & Cilla, is now a detective in Denver. Boyd is the inspector. One of her cases is to figure out a burglary ring that hits wealthy people while they're at a nightclub. Jonah Blackhawk's new club is a suspect. Jonah was a tough street kid Boyd helped out and is now a respectable club owner who hates cops. Allison starts working under cover as a waitress there while they try to break the ring. As in the other stories, th [...]

    13. 4 starsLoved Jonah and Ally's personalities. Loved them together. Not too much description, just what was needed, and no flowers to Google! A good story with a satisfying ending. Totally enjoyable.

    14. Another Nora Roberts series I missed, Night Series. And again. What can I say? She rights with many twists and turns with great character development. Love her books as she usually ends all her books with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Looking forward to rest of series.

    15. the cop and the business man . it was great i loved the heroine family . Her dad, brother and mother were great.

    16. It was performed by Kate Rudd. Not a fan she good with different women's voice but all the men sound the same.

    17. Meh, it was ok. Some of the bickering and drama felt a little contrived, the epilogue was unnecessary; those are the kind of complaints I have about this book. All in all, perfectly acceptable.

    18. Bu kitapla birlikte seriyi bitirmiş bulunuyorum. Koca bir haftalık süre benim için Nora haftası oldu. Her hücrem "Nora abla sen ne muhteşem bir kadınsın öyle. Sıradan yazdıkların bile muhteşem ötesi." diyor :D Valla MacGregor'lar sonra Fletcher, Guthrie, Nightshade ve Piasecki ailesi ile çok güzel anlar yaşadım. Ve uyumayıpta okumak için harcadığım zamana hiç acımıyorum. Bu kitaplar ve Nora abla için değerdi :D Son kitap kesinlikle çok hoştu. Özellikle Boyd'umun y [...]

    19. Thriller with suspense, action and hot romance. This is not my favorite but it is in the top twenty and that is saying a lot as I've read over a hundred of hers. i've read this one three times. It's a real page turner. Allow yourself some time as you will not want to put it down.

    20. It's Nora Roberts, so how bad can it possibly be? I bought this e-book because I had a paperback edition with the other four novels in the series. I didn't like this one quite as much as the other four. The mystery seemed to take a real back seat to the romance. As someone who likes her murders mixed with romance but who is happy to take the murder without the romance, but not too much of the romance without the murder, it was a bit of a let-down for me.That being said, I have to say I enjoyed t [...]

    21. Bu ayki Harlequin Star of Romance sayısındaki Nora Roberts'in Güzel Tehlike isimli macerasini cok begendim. Daha önceki maceralarin kahramanlarından Body Fletcher'in kızi Allison Fletcher'in hikayesi idi.O da babasi gibi polislik meslegini secmisti. Seçkin semtlerdeki evlerde hirsızlik yapan bir çetenin pesine düşmüstü. Cete mekan olarak Jonah Blackhawk'ın barında pusuya yatıyordu. Bu olayda Jonah'ın işbirligi gerekiyordu. Jonah geçmışte sokak çocugu iken Body Fldtcher'in b [...]

    22. The best in the series in my opinion. This one follows Cilla and Boyd's daughter Alison. Allie is all grown up and followed in her father's footsteps to become a cop. When she goes under cover to catch a B&E ring, she poses as a waitress in Jonah Blackhawk's bar. Jonah has a troubled past, but feels he owes his entire life to Boyd Fletcher (Allie's dad) and agrees to let the cops into his place of business. As Allie and Jonah grow closer, they close in on the criminals and take them down. Al [...]

    23. In series time, it has been many years since Night Smoke, the last story. Now the first of the next generation is an detective looking for those responsible for high end theft. I like this story for many reasons, not least of which is catching up on the lives of the entire family. The story itself revolves around families. His (friends and close associates) and hers (family in the more traditional sense of bloodlines). Because of this the story is that much richer.A delightful tale I have read s [...]

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