• Title: Never Look Away
  • Author: Linwood Barclay Jeffrey Cummings
  • ISBN: 9781441804211
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Never Look Away A warm summer Saturday An amusement park David Harwood is glad to be spending some quality time with his wife Jan and their four year old son But what begins as a pleasant family outing turns into a
    A warm summer Saturday An amusement park David Harwood is glad to be spending some quality time with his wife, Jan, and their four year old son But what begins as a pleasant family outing turns into a nightmare after an inexplicable disappearance A frantic search only leads to an even shocking and harrowing turn of events.Until this terrifying moment, David HarwooA warm summer Saturday An amusement park David Harwood is glad to be spending some quality time with his wife, Jan, and their four year old son But what begins as a pleasant family outing turns into a nightmare after an inexplicable disappearance A frantic search only leads to an even shocking and harrowing turn of events.Until this terrifying moment, David Harwood is just a small town reporter in need of a break His paper, the Promise Falls Standard, is struggling to survive Then he gets a lead that just might be the answer to his prayers a potential scandal involving a controversial development project for the outskirts of thispicturesque upstate New York town It s a hot button issue that will surely sell papers and help reverse the Standard s fortunes, but strangely, David s editors keep shooting it down.Why That s a question no longer at the top of David s list Now the only thing he cares about is restoring his family Desperate for any clue, David dives into his own investigation and into a web of lies and deceit For with every new piece of evidence he uncovers, David finds questions and moves ever closerto a shattering truth.

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    1. Things are not so good these days for David Harwood. He cannot seem to nail down a solid lead on a corrupt, privately operated, for- profit prison story that he has been chasing for his local paper in Promise Falls, New York.His wife Jan has recently been struggling with seriously, severe bouts of depression and has admitted to David that she has even considered suicide. They definitely could use a break, so spending the day with their four year old son Ethan at a local amusement park, taking ti [...]

    2. I must be honest, the first Linwood Barclay novel I read did him no justice. I'm glad that this thriller in particular, redeemed the author in my mind. The story begins at an amusement park where a father is one moment sharing special moments with his family, and the next is searching frantically for his missing son. Only to find that son then his world be crumbling again at the disappearance of his wife. David Harwood is a reporter who's currently working on a huge story that could possibly tur [...]

    3. My sincere apologies to Mr Linwood Barclay for rating you only 3 stars this was a re read & i must say i loved every minute.David Harwood was having a tough time working for a paper in Promise Falls he is working on a story of a corrupt prison that wants to open in his home town he is finding it tough to get any strong leads so he decides to take his wife Jan their son Ethan to an amusement park.Jan decides to go back out as she left something behind but never returns she goes missing for no [...]

    4. What?? I'm stunned by the reviews that this book has gotten. I can't even understand how he gets published. You always think that he has a premise that will work really well, and then you start to read. Characters that are never believable, very average writing, and the way his characters speak is laughable. I guessed the "villian" within the first few pages and it was downhill from there. Who says to a four year child " But you have to know she loves you more than life itself" about his mother [...]

    5. 7/10This is the second time I’ve read a Linwood Barclay novel and it seems that he’s got a similar style to that of Harlan Coben (earlier, good Coben, not some of his later bland/unbelievable work) in that there is a mysterious circumstance and then layers upon layers added to shroud that mystery before the inevitable conclusion where it all slots into place. I like this type of book, admittedly less so now than I used to, as it’s an easy read to get into and run along with. The plot was i [...]

    6. Another great suspense novel by Linwood Barclay! David Harwood, a journalist who’s struggling to make ends meet, is on an innocent day out with his wife and son at the amusement park. Suddenly his son disappears, and David is afraid he’s been kidnapped. Later on, it appears that his wife, Jan, who was depressed in the last few days, showing suicidal behavior at times, is the one who’s gone missing. David is worried sick about her, but it seems that the police is more disturbed by the suspi [...]

    7. Never Look Away ranks amongst the best thrillers released this year. While not so deep as to be ever considered literary, the characters of this novel have a realness that is both heart-breaking and frightening.The story is told by David, a small-time reporter who gets himself mixed up in controversy surrounding the construction of a privately run prison in his home-town of Paradise Falls. After making a few barbed comments to a local politician, the CEO of Star-Spangled Corrections and his hire [...]

    8. "Gone Girl" without the psychological acuity that Gillian Flynn brings to her writing. In fact, there is an air of unreality to the entire book that makes this seem like those CBS tv shows where you know that the characters are just thatctional characters you would never see in the real world. Which is fineis is a thriller, and on those terms, it's very entertaining. All the loose threads are tied up at the end, karma gets who it is supposed to, etc. etc. Now let's talk about the Stephen King bl [...]

    9. The book starts off with what seems like an innocent trip to the amusement park -- although why anyone would want to take a four-year-old to an amusement park is beyond my comprehension. When Jan and David Harwood's son goes missing at the park, it is the beginning of a chain of events that has David confused about his family, his job and his sanity.The book sucked me right in, from the first chapter. I received this Friday afternoon, and finished it in less than 24 hours. There are several thin [...]

    10. What qualities do you look for in a novel? If any of the below fill you with joy and excitement, then this is the book for you!1. Prose that is so truly prosaic I hoped and suspected it was an intentional parody (apparently it was not).2. Dialogue so awkward and unpersuasive that it felt like a poorly dubbed movie.3. Characters so stilted they were surely off-cuts from Geppetto's workshop.4. Situations and plot-twists so contrived (even by cheap airport thriller standards) you begin to wonder if [...]

    11. Wow. What happened?Linwood Barkley is brilliant at coming up with convoluted plots and slowly peeling the layers back, slowly bringing the reader out from a state of unknowing one little reveal at a time.And his characters are quite well drawn. I got quite a kick out of the protagonist's dad, who, I'm embarrassed to say, reminds me a little of myself. No, I haven't made those traffic signs, but it has occurred to me once in a while.But what happened? Did he hand off the writing duties to some ki [...]

    12. Forgettable characters and a yawn-inducing plot.I felt at least 100 pages could have been cut (or used to develop the characters instead).Overall not something I'd recommend.Thanks for reading with me, Angela xx

    13. Do you really know the ones you love?, February 13, 2010 I have read all of Linwood Barclay's back-list and I must say that this one is better than the last two and I'm relieved that he's pulled back a little with the unbelievable endings and returned to writing a taut mystery thriller that is both fast paced and suspenseful. I found both Fear the Worst: A Thriller and Too Close to Home: A Thriller to be just way too over the top and am glad that Barclay has returned to a style similar to the on [...]

    14. Oh, what a wonderful writer! I just loved this book! A very unpredictable plot and just terrific characters. There was a hint of Barclay's old star, Zack Walker, in this main character's father (those driving cards, ha!). Really, this was a spectacular mystery, told with Barclay's characteristic flair and sense of humour. I really enjoyed reading it, and it will be a long wait until his next mystery comes out!

    15. David Harwood, reporter, has been working on a story of Star Spangled Corrections. They are a private correctional corporation and want to build a prison in his town. David has records of payoffs of politicians by the president of the corporation but David's editors delay in publishing it.One day, David goes to Five Mountains amusement park with his wife,Jan, and their four year old son, Ethan. As they approach the park enterence, Jan remembers her back pak and returns to the car, telling her hu [...]

    16. I try to avoid novels which see the lead character accused of a crime and fighting to clear their name, largely because they make my blood pressure rise in annoyance at the 'coincidences' which are oh so obvious and yet other characters cannot see them. This attitude made me dislike this book before I had even started, but I was proven wrong. The interweaving of the past and present lives of Jan Harwood connected many of the plot points nicely throughout the novel leaving for some shock twists a [...]

    17. Im glad I invested in my first Linwood Barclay novel. I was sceptical at the beginning, as I couldn't see any relevance in any developing plot line. The story took two or three turns before I figured out where it was heading. And, when it headed there, it did it with a bang. I was floored once the tempo built and the real plot was deviously unveiled.The character development was awesome. There were characters I enjoyed and routed for, plus characters that I loathed and vociferiously shouted for [...]

    18. This was hard to rate. The first half of the book gets 3 stars. The second half gets 2 stars. So, really a 2 and 1/2 stars total. At least I finished this book, unlike Too Close to Home. The author uses Harlan Coben-like plots, but doesn't write as well as Coben. This book lagged in the middle, and really could've been 100 pages shorter. Not very deep character development, and the twists were kind of predictable. Get it at the library, but don't buy it.

    19. I have to give Linwood Barclay some credit. I couldn't put this down. Every single time I thought I had it all figured out there would be a new plot twist that would completely change plot direction. I had to keep reading to figure it all out. Excellent story concept but not such great execution with stilted dialog and simplistic writing. (Side note: I might have enjoyed this better if I hadn't just finished Rene Denfeld's The Child Finder with its beautiful use of straightforward language.) The [...]

    20. Haven't read such a good page turner in a long time!! I couldn't put it away! Suspense from beginning to end!

    21. I have not read from Barclay more than a year(probably i should).This story is a real rollercoaster!!! What a ride!!! You think you know someone?! Think twice ;)

    22. In Never Look Away, David Harwood, a reporter with the Promise Falls Standard, is working on a big story. His editor keeps shutting it down, but David can't figure out why. All of a sudden, though, David has bigger priorities. During a family outing, there's a mysterious and troubling disappearance. After the police uncover evidence pointing to David as a suspect in the disappearance, David mounts his own investigation to clear his name and restore his family.This is the first book I've read of [...]

    23. I really loved this book. I recently discovered Linwood Barclay and loved two of the three books I read. This is the 4th book and I love it too.David Harwood is a small town reporter who seems to have a good life with his devoted wife Jan and 4 year old son Ethan. They have a nice home and David's parents live nearby and provide free daycare for their beloved grandson.This sweet life starts to unravel from different directions in shocking ways. David uncovers corrupt members of the local governm [...]

    24. Description- A warm summer Saturday. An amusement park. David Harwood is glad to be spending some quality time with his wife and their four-year-old son. But what begins as a pleasant family outing turns into a nightmare after an inexplicable disappearance. A frantic search only leads to an even more shocking and harrowing turn of events. Until this terrifying moment, David Harwood is just a small-town reporter in need of a break. Now the only thing he cares about is restoring his family. Desper [...]

    25. Reason for Reading: I always read Barclay's newest novels.Summary: Jan and David Harwood are going to spend their day with 4-year old Ethan at the new Five Mountains theme park. After a few typical miss-starts when you plan anything involving the kids they finally all get inside and David gets in line to buy ice cream cones. As he heads back Jan is running toward him, Ethan is gone, the stroller is gone, she was just tying her shoelace and then it was gone. Panic set in. David sends Jan to the g [...]

    26. Opening with a scene ripped from most parents' worst nightmares, Linwood Barclay's "Never Look Away" morphs into something more chilling, disturbing and unexpected. Local reporter David Harwood and his wife Jan have taken their four-year-old son for a day at the local theme park. David and Jan's marriage has been up and down the past few months and David is secretly relieved when Jan suggests a family outing. But the day out becomes a nightmare when the stroller with their son vanishes. David fi [...]

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