• Title: Open the Barn Door
  • Author: Christopher Santoro
  • ISBN: 9780679809012
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Board book
  • Open the Barn Door Illustrated in full color Open the barn door and take a tour around the barnyard to find out just who s making all those wonderful animal sounds
    Illustrated in full color Open the barn door and take a tour around the barnyard to find out just who s making all those wonderful animal sounds.

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    1. Completely unrealistic portrayal of animals on a farmbut that's all that's really appropriate for children. Fun lift-the-flap board book with lots of different animals and the sounds they make. Wish it were a little more consistent in how it named the animals to aid in predictability--like why is it a pony instead of the expected horse? Why suddenly jump from naming single animals (e.g. "A pig") for the first 4 animals to plural on spread #5 with "ducklings"--without even any hint that we'd be t [...]

    2. The animals play peek-a-boo with me in this book. I like the peep, peep, peep of the chick and the who-who-who of the owl. Mama and Daddy took me to see some of the animals that are in this book and guess what? The baby cow actually looked like the baby cow in this book and mooed like crazy. It was a little scary because she was so loud and big, but once I got used to what she was doing, I kind of liked her.

    3. Lift the flaps around the farm, but first see if you can guess which farm animal will be under the flap based on the noise word on top.A niece picked this out to get. She loves the flaps. I liked that it had the animal sounds as a clue, and then has the written name of the animal on the underside of the flap. I also liked that this had a greater variety than the average farm book. It includes a goat along with the standard farm animals.

    4. Our son has moderate hearing loss, and this is great for learning animal sounds, and having him mimic. He loves this book. It's very durable, and the flaps haven't yet been torn or ripped. Very happy with purchasing this, would recommend for kids needs a lot of vocal interaction.

    5. My daughter has an amazing amount of love for this book. So much so it ended up in the bath yesterday so I will be purchasing another copy shortly, but the newly dried and sellotaped copy is still being carried around by the obsessed eighteen month old! Moo

    6. A current favorite of my 3 yr old. Matching animal sounds and lifting the flap to discover which animal made the noise.

    7. Title: Open the Barn DoorAuthor: Christopher SantoroIllustrator: Genre: Concept bookTheme(s): Farm animals, their sounds, what they look likeOpening line/sentence: Who says moo? Brief Book Summary: This book goes through a farm and talks about all the animals on the farm. It says their sounds, then the child can open a flap and se what animal makes that sound. Professional Recommendation/Review #1: Hornbook 22 pp. Random (Random House Children's Books) ISBN 0-679-80901-5 (5) PS Chunky Flap Book [...]

    8. Children open the lift-the-flap barn doors to reveal "Who says moo?"/ "Who says baa? et cetera". A very cute, pocket-sized book with bright colorful, and not overly cartoony illustrations. Our ThoughtsThere are a lot of pages in this tiny book which is good. Its pretty sturdy, the flaps are a bit hard to do since they're so tiny but that deters tearing! I love the illustrations and thoughtful and unique flap for each animal (e.g. kittens are inside a basket, a goat stands behind a laundry line, [...]

    9. This is one of Jacob's favorite board books right now. I think he likes it because it's a flip-the-flap book and it's also very small so he can easily hold it by himself. In one sitting, we read through it like 3 or 4 times this morning.As an adult reading it, my complaint is that the text keeps jumping back and forth between the adult names of animals and baby names. I think this can be confusing. My solution is to read the book once through with the animal names of the animals (horse, cow, cat [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book for the simple fact that it had small flaps to show the barn house animals. Lauryn kept looking for what was behind the flap, so I'm pretty sure she enjoyed this book. It was very small and compact, which fit perfectly in her hands. She was able to look at the book herself and turn pages if she liked. This book introduced the animals, put the animals in the right occupations, and let the children know what and why they were doing something. Really beneficial to assisting the [...]

    11. I generally dislike lift-the-flap style books because kids with fine motor delays tear them too easily. This book, however, has tiny little flaps, and they are a bit more durable because of that. While we did have to replace this book a few times, it's priced low, so that didn't bother me as much as it might. What made this book 4 stars and not 3, is that there was a big chunk of time when this book was a very effective changing table distractor. I still give it as a gift at baby showers and tel [...]

    12. My one-year-old really enjoys this book. It's a small board book, and the flaps can be a bit tricky for her to open, but if I get them started for her she pops them right opened and is thrilled with the animal under each one. She doesn't make any of the animal noises yet but does say "Doggie!" when we get to that page. She also just generally does happy-sounding jargoning and tons of pointing at different elements on the page while we are reading this.

    13. Adorable, if a little inconsistent in naming choices. We always read the story as "Who says Moo?" pause, open the flap, and then say, "A cow says Moo," just for emphasis. Our littles dutifully repeat cow or moo and then we're off to the next page. After thirty or forty rounds of this book I doubt if any of us need to turn the pages or open the flaps while 'reading', which just showcases how much they love this little story.

    14. This is a little book for little chubby hands to hold and be able to turn the pages. This is easy to throw in a purse or bag for on the go also. The illustrations are bright and colorful to catch the attention of the child. Each of the pages has a flap to uncover each of the animals that are in the barn.

    15. My daughter got this book for her first birthday and loved it right away. She is all about lifting the flaps to find the animal, and it's a good opportunity for me to introduce animal sounds when she reveals the animal. It's small enough to carry in her diaper bag so she can "read" it while we are out. Definitely a favourite.

    16. Natalie got this for her first Christmas. I read it her right away. It is a cute little book. It is small enough to keep in her toy box. Each page has a different animal. It gives the sound the animal makes then a flap is lifted to show the animal in its home.

    17. Every baby should own this book. Both of my young babies loved this one. It's pretty sturdy so even little 6 month olds can play with the doors that open and close (It doesn't last forever, but its a good one to help little ones learn animal sounds)

    18. Had to add to the list for Kellen. This is his favorite book and we read it at least twice a day. Would highly recommend to anyone with kids around a year and a half. The flaps are all still on after two kids and both of tbem couldn't get enough of it.

    19. This super small book is perfect for a stocking stuffer. It's a great way to start matching the animal sounds with the farm animals. My only concern would be that the flaps are a little hard for babies to open but we use it for peek-a-boo.

    20. Perfect introduction to flip books. Charlotte carries it everywhere and we read it numerous times a day.

    21. My daughter LOVES to carry this book around, but the notches inside are too difficult for her to open on her own.

    22. Cute LITTLE book. Literally its little. But its cute. Kids fought over who got to hold the book. Definitely a hit.

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