• Title: The I Hate Mathematics!
  • Author: Marilyn Burns Martha Weston Linda Allison David Weitzman
  • ISBN: 9780316117418
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • The I Hate Mathematics Events gags magic tricks and experiments to change one from a mathematical weakling into a mathematical heavyweight Book Details Format Paperback Publication Date Pages Reading Level
    Events, gags, magic tricks, and experiments to change one from a mathematical weakling into a mathematical heavyweight.Book Details Format Paperback Publication Date 7 30 1975 Pages 127 Reading Level Age 9 and Up

    One Reply to “The I Hate Mathematics!”

    1. A delightful book I read in the 6th grade for fun.Contrary to its title, this book is actually all about the delights and joys of maths. It might as well have been titled, The 'I Love Mathematics' Book!This book re-kindled my interest in maths and introduced me to many of its delights, years ahead of school. Topics that would later come back years and years ahead in college, I first stumbled across and devoured in this little book, among them probability, topology, permutations and combinations, [...]

    2. This was my first non fiction book that I read when I was about 6 years old. It brings to me fond memories of visiting the local library with my grandmother. It also started my love for mathematics.

    3. INFORMATAIONAL:I would definitely have this book in my classroom. It has a way of making math fun and showing you how math is everywhere around you in the world. It is filled with tons of ideas and challenges, magic tricks, riddles, it is way fun.

    4. I read this book in my childhood and now once again. I always liked the other book, "Math for Smarty Pants" much better, and still do. That book contained a bit of cute, quirky storytelling, with the reappearing characters in the comics as well as the Pig Eyes. This book, while just as quirky and does take math in a new light, doesn't have the hook the first had. Don't get me wrong, it was a great read and I'm sure it would do wonders for reluctant math students, but it is certainly not the best [...]

    5. Book is written from a student's perspective outlining all the wrong ideas adults have about math and teaching it. It then explains "fun" activities for students to complete that involve math without you knowing you are doing math.6th Grade Common Core Standards:Expressions and Equations6.7Geometry6.G.4*Available at the University of New Mexico Libraries*

    6. How I have used this book in the classroom I love this book. I use it to get my students interested in math. Simple as that. There are lots of tricks and games that students just eat up. I have four copies in my classroom. As soon as I start sharing excerpts from this book, there's a waiting list to check the books out.

    7. I wish this had come with an answer book. It's chock full of games and tricks that involve math but unfortunately, most of the patterns that would allow you to understand what you just did are never explained. Instead, the question is asked: "Do you understand the secret now?" Well, no. Still, the magic tricks - even if you can't understand them or explain why they work - are fun.

    8. Something my six-year-old said jogged my memory about this book, and I remember absolutely loving it when I was about her age. I would probably still love it now. I remember thinking it was the most brilliantly hilarious piece of comic writing I'd ever experienced in my whole, short life.

    9. May use this for some hands-on math application. My 9 year old has enjoyed it enough to want to start a math club with some of the projects, so that is a pretty good endorsement!Update: the first math club was wildly successful. Woo hoo'

    10. And this book didn't help matters unfortunately! Sometimes, I think some of us are just doomed. Marilyn Burns is great though and her "Book of Think" and "I Am Not a Short Adult!" were huge in my emotional/intellectual development!!!

    11. I love this book. The tone is disarming without being too cute. The line drawings are expressive and engaging, and the side comments are hilarious.

    12. Great book I read years ago when I was in school. Definately made math more fun and interesting. Good book for anyone in grade school.

    13. Still a good rainy day boredom fighter that has stood the test of time, building math concepts unbeknownst to math-haters everywhere

    14. My friend gave me this book as a prank for my birthday when I was in 4th grade. As it turns out I loved it. It's still on my bookshelf today.

    15. This was one of my favorite books in elementary school. I checked it out the the library many times. I need to share it with my children, as they also have somewhat negative feelings towards math.

    16. This includes some less painful ways to approach math, and many fun applications. It's funny too.

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