• Title: The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know
  • Author: Mantak Chia Douglas Abrams
  • ISBN: 9780062513366
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Multi Orgasmic Man Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know At last simple physical and psychological techniques that allow men to fulfill their dreams and women s fantasies Learn to Separate Orgasm and Ejaculation Enjoy Increased Vitality and Longevity Becom
    At last, simple physical and psychological techniques that allow men to fulfill their dreams and women s fantasies.Learn to Separate Orgasm and Ejaculation Enjoy Increased Vitality and Longevity Become Multi Orgasmic Now

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    1. Gentlemen, do yourself a favor. Read this book! More importantly, really work on the practice. It works!I'm in my forties, average health. Upon working with these teqniques I became super energized, happy, sexy, and had endless stamina. I learned to orgasm (without ejaculating) anytime, anywhere. I once nearly wrecked my work vehicle while driving on the highway having these thrilling orgasms pulsating through my body - all with both hands on the wheel! It really is amazing.To Sarah - I wouldn't [...]

    2. This book blew my mind. I've always been interested in sexuality and making love and now I finally have the time to focus on this fascinating area. The book is about how any man can experience multiple orgasms and dramatically enhance his sexual relationship. It should be on the bestseller lists! It was great for me to read, as a woman, because it gave me so much insight into male sexuality. The fact that men are as capable of having multiple orgasms as women was, for me, awe- inspiring. And, of [...]

    3. Very Enlightening. This book is a must for men who want to develop skills to heighten the sexual experience and raise their stamina.

    4. For those who gave and "urged" me to read this book,Just wanna say *shaking hands in the air furiously*DO YOU THINK I'M A SEX IMBECILE WHO NEEDS A GUIDANCE?!DO I LOOK LIKE A COMPLETE SEX IDIOT TO YOU?!*Whaadezziiiigghh*Well, I can only added the book. I "refuse" to rate this book for a personal reason :DThe funny thing is that somehow I remember a song that tell the story about a young man named Rael who tried to apply his first "romantic encounter" based on a guidance from a book of sex. The ou [...]

    5. The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Chai Mantak and Douglas Abrams is a great resource describing how to achieve the results the title suggests. Surprisingly, women I see in the clinic ask questions about this. Often the women acquire it and confirm the results, often accompanied by their mates. More males reading this good book will, with patience and practice, enjoy the outcome.Double entendre intentional.I recommend this book frequently.

    6. I didn't read this book and i don't plan to. But every time I walk by the sexuality section (where it is faceout) the picture of the creepily smug man freaks me out. Not that publishers care about my opinion of male sexuality books, but it doesn't say "multiple orgasm man" to me -- it says mustache-twiddling Snidely Whiplash Boris-and-Natasha villain. "I can't pay the rent!" "You MUST pay the rent!" "I can't pay the rent!" "Rodrigo! Save me! Save me!" Etc.

    7. In response to Sarah, maybe the title and smug grinning man on the front will attract the kind of reader who will benefit most from this essential read for any young man. Obviously it would be lovely to think that our older men have already come by this knowledge somewhere along the line

    8. Some interesting perspectives, but it really lost me at the whole Tao stuff.I think it contains some interesting basics into becoming more sexually aware.I still need to figure out how much I'll believe in the TAO stuff.

    9. I give this book 5 stars because i'm glad that it exists. Though I own it, I've never finished it and wish I was disciplined enough to follow it's maxims. It's like yoga but for bonin.

    10. A great book for beginners. Penis goes in hole, thrust motion begins, remember your breathing techniques.

    11. While this book indeed has tips for better sex, it also has something else: it's based partly on science but more on Taoist beliefs that involve the notion of qi energy. This is a problem. By all accounts, the book believes there really is such a thing. It pretends this is a scientific notion by equating it (for a moment until it forgets that) with electricity; it quotes a Discover magazine that says that there is electricity in the body and pretends that something was proven, that that's what t [...]

    12. Holy bananas Batman! This is a great book. (Sexually explicit material ahead. [Not smut or anything, but if you're reading a review on a book called "Multi-Orgasmic Man" you should expect some mention of body parts and whatnot. Hiding just in case you didn't put two and two together.])(view spoiler)[So my guy Mantak Chia sets out right off the bat telling you how great being multi-orgasmic is, and then gives you specific steps you can take to get there. A lot of it we've heard before - strengthe [...]

    13. Definitely a key work on a topic that is currently more unknown. Well written. There is a good blend between practical content (which is a lot of it really) and explanations of the deeper spiritual principles undergirding them.Finishing the book I do still have some questions left unanswered, so that's why I say its a key work but I still think there's more to understand.I do believe it is true that applying the basic practices in the book will significantly increase and enrich anyone's health a [...]

    14. Realmente me gusto el libro, siento que efectivamente son conocimientos que todo hombre debe saber, no es exclusivo del genero masculino tambien hay capitulos que incentivan a las mujeres a integrarse a un circulo de energia sexual que complementa una union entre el hombre y la mujer como el ying y el yang, ceo que cualquier libro que te invite a mejorar y a tener una vision mas cercana al amor sera importante tomarla en cuenta y prestarle atencion a lo que nos exponga, siento que aprendi cosas [...]

    15. Teema, jota jäin miettimään lukemisen jälkeen: seksuaalikasvatusMillaista seksuaalikasvatus tänä päivänä oikein on? Eikö sen pakollisen ehkäisyn lisäksi olisi tarpeen opettaa muutakin? Ei, varmasti ei heti alkuun, mutta jossain vaiheessa. Onko seksin suhteen hyväksyttyä välittää eteenpäin tietoa vain niistä ikävistä ja ei-toivottavista asioista? Opetetaanko biologian lisäksi tunteita, välittämistä? Tautien ja teiniraskauksien välttämisen kai ajatellaan jotenkin riittä [...]

    16. Mantak's "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" is a book I believe every man should read. This book not only details a man's orgasm, but also gives relevant history as to the ancient practices that these techniques were born from. Coming into it, you may not have any sexual problems but this book is here to evolve the way you look at your sex life, your body and your orgasm. I was very apprehensive to the idea of multi-orgasming but as I began practicing these techniques shortly after initially reading, I wa [...]

    17. Al parecer las técnicas funcionan, no puedo decir que del todo porqué llevo unos meses practicando, para decir completamente que funciona me gustaría llevar un año probando y ver tal. Lo que puedo afirmar hasta el momento es que tengo más energía de lo normal. Eso si, se necesita un cambio radical en la forma de ver y entender el sexo. Con una pareja que este dispuesta a realizar estas prácticas es ideal.

    18. Потрясающе полезная информация, которая мало где преподносится. Я бы сказал, уникальная информация. Это книжка для перечитывания, с первого раза вы только поймете общую суть, со временем вам будет понятно, какие моменты прорабатывать и на что обращать внимание.Минус балл т [...]

    19. This is the best non-fiction book I have ever read. Changed my life more than just about any other book I can think of. I call it my "bible" and go back to reread it every few years for a refresher course. Tantric sex without all the mumbo jumbo, just clear instructions and fun exercises that really work. I would love to hear if other people have had success too.

    20. Although it's not the most riveting in writing style (it reads like a manual), the techniques and practices detailed in this book have the potential to almost immediately change most mens' sexual (and spiritual) lives for the better - there aren't many other things that offer such 'bang' for the buck.

    21. hah hah. i couldnt resist putting this one up. actually, saw this book recently on a friends shelf in london. dont know if i learned anything i didnt really know but boy did it make raffe blush when i showed him!

    22. Contained a lot of valuable information for men of all sexual backgrounds and orientations as well. You will learn a lot of the male anatomy and physiology. The techniques are worth trying and it is a MUST read. Very informative and instructive as well.

    23. Learn about techniques for the cultivation of sexual energy; for taking the energies that build up in states of desire and channeling them through ones being, for the sake of awareness, realization, healing, and heightened states of ecstatic experience.

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