• Title: With Steps Like Knives
  • Author: Megan Hart
  • ISBN: 9781592792573
  • Page: 294
  • Format: ebook
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    With Steps Like Knives Helena has come to the sea to escape the past and the cheating lover she left behind Jeenai has left his home in the ocean to find the woman he loves Together can they make a new life together Or is
    Helena has come to the sea to escape the past and the cheating lover she left behind.Jeenai has left his home in the ocean to find the woman he loves.Together, can they make a new life together Or is the pain of leaving what they loved behind too much for them both

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    1. With steps like knives reminded me of Lord of the Deep and Deeper.Jeenai is a merman and gives up his tail to get legs so he can be with Helena.Finding love isn't easy but he has.Helena is the one for him and he is want Helena wants in a man.It had some steamy scenes but the best one was with him and another mairmande and that is not so good.

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