• Title: Susan Boyle: Dreams Can come True
  • Author: Alice Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9781590204214
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Susan Boyle Dreams Can come True On Britains Got Talent on April year old spinster Susan Magdalane Boyle stepped out onto the stage to jeers and sniggers As she announced she was going to sing I Dreamed a Dream the judge
    On Britains Got Talent on 11 April 2009, 48 year old spinster Susan Magdalane Boyle stepped out onto the stage to jeers and sniggers As she announced she was going to sing I Dreamed a Dream, the judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan didn t bother to hide their amusement One minute later they, and very soon the world, were giving Susan Boyle a standing ovatiOn Britain s Got Talent on 11 April 2009, 48 year old spinster Susan Magdalane Boyle stepped out onto the stage to jeers and sniggers As she announced she was going to sing I Dreamed a Dream, the judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan didn t bother to hide their amusement One minute later they, and very soon the world, were giving Susan Boyle a standing ovation She had the voice of an angel and her story was to become a modern day fairytale, a dream come true In hours the news of Susan s extraordinary, heartbreaking performance had spread around the globe She was an instant international star And today she holds the record for the fastest selling female debut album of all time In this, the first book to explore Susan s amazing rags to riches story, we follow her from her humble West Lothian background to topping the charts and performing for millions worldwide on TV Whether it was bullying or nearly not entering Britain s Got Talent because it was a young person s game , when faced with the toughest challenges, Susan never gave up The memory of her mother inspired her to give her dream one last chance.

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    1. This was an okay book, but I don't read many biographies. This book doesn't have much about her childhood, just a chapter. It was mostly about her time on a reality tv show. There was also a couple chapters about her recording and promoting her album.

    2. Unauthorized hhhmmmm just how does that work when the author herself rags on people who sell unauthorized Susan Boyle stuff on ebay??? Can you say hypocritical?The content was ok. The writing was ok. The whole book was just OK.

    3. like others have said, it's hard to write a complete book only a year after a person begins a public life of any kind, as this book tries to do. This one just caught my eye at the local public library. Not a bad way to spend a few hours for 5 days, just not the best. I spent as much time watching related Youtube videos while reading than actually reading!

    4. To start this book was 100 pages too long. What I mean by that is she kept pointing out the same facts over and over again.I like a good underdog story like everyone else but I felt this book made more negative image then positive. If I were Susan or her family I would not have let this book be published but more likely they just wanted the money. Personally being a singer myself I don't think she sings that great. However I do applaud her tenacity in obtaining her dream at such a late age. I'll [...]

    5. Britain’s Got Talent, 11 april 2009. Een achtenveertigjarige huisvrouw stapt het toneel op en wordt begroet door een spottend publiek. Ze zegt dat ze ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ uit Les Misérables zal zingen, waarna ook de jury zijn cynische reactie nauwelijks meer kan verbergen. Het boegeroep gaat abrupt over in een staande ovatie zodra Susan begint te zingen.Susan Boyle is het verbijsterende verhaal van Susan, van haar strijd om de eindjes aan elkaar te knopen in een dorpje in Schotland tot haa [...]

    6. it was a nice story to read. but the author kept on going about the same thing. like she would talk about how when she was born she had "Something" wrong with her so it caused her some difficulties learning at the start and repeat it throughout the whole. so i didn't really like it. and i was angry that it didn't speak about her childhood that much cause it was like only 5 or 7 pages long. so yeaah. i kinda thought it was alright tho. so i wouldn't really recommend it to anyone but it was still [...]

    7. Please note - my rating reflects this book and not Susan Boyle.I got this book from the library because it was the only one available about Susan Boyle and I didn't notice the tiny print that said "unauthorized biography." This book is just a compilation of information gathered from periodicals, television interviews, and performances. That is the extent of the "research" involved; the author doesn't dig deeper on any issues. The author also repeats herself, the author also repeats herself, the [...]

    8. I am quite awestruck by Susan Boyle's talent. Her voice is a gift from God and she is such an inspiration to me. I looked forward to reading more about her. Her story is fascinating and I loved learning more about her. I liked the book but felt that a biography should be about the person. The author, Ms. Montgomery, really put in tons and tons of her opinions saying the same thing over and over. I have my own opinion about Ms. Boyle and don't need anyone else, especially the author, telling me w [...]

    9. Interesting read and generally well done although a little repetitive at times. The author must be a Brit, as there were many Brit-isms that were new to me. I might incorporate "gobsmacked", though. What a fun word. Towards the end, the author talked about how many have tried to analyze the phenomenon. For me, Susan's singing just touches me in a very deep place - I am moved and am grateful. I don't have to analyze it. I just feel it. And she is the steward of a remarkable gift. Kudos to Susan

    10. Susan Boyle is not just an episode in TV entertainment, she is real as difficult life and Montgomery's book displays the background of her life in fascinating detail.Please help: IF you read books by Christian authors or about Christians like Susan, we need you Christian Social Witness on talkofJesus. Would you consider sharing a brief review with us?talkofjesus/susan-boyle-dr

    11. I was hoping for a much better read about this fascinating person. Too much repetition throughout the book. The first half deals with all the politics surrounding the Britain's Got Talent show where Susan Boyle made her history making appearance. I liked the second half of the book which covers Susan growing up and her initial attempts to get people to recognize her talent. Also the worldwide reaction to Susan's singing ability is put into perspective and is quite interesting.

    12. Found this in a second-hand bookstore and was curious to read something about the background to the phenomenon that took "Britain's Got Talent" by storm. It is such a lovely fairytale story and there's no doubting Susan's talent. However, the book was very ordinary, just as Susan, talent apart, is a very ordinary person.

    13. This was a blind date from the library. My first reaction: "ugh". But I gave it a chance and read 50 pages. Still ugh. If it was an autobiography I would give it more time but this is an unauthorised biography (otherwise known as gossip), culled from the internet (the last pages are made up of YouTube comments, for Pete's sake) and thrown together to make a quick buck.

    14. Interesting story of the Susan Boyle phenomenon. Nothing earth shattering in this unauthorized biographay. It was an interesting read from the stand point of following how the electronic society we currently live in can take someone from obscurity to international renown in literally days.

    15. Susan Boyle's story is amazing!!! I personally think she's only a decent story, but being where she came from, her story is very inspiring.Only rated a 3 because the book itself was "eh" in my opinion. Not written that well, too repetitive and a wee bit exaggerating in lots of parts.

    16. Quality wise the writing could have been done by a middle school student. I finished it only because I was interested in tidbits about Susan Boyle, who I admire as a person and think is a fantastic singer. Sadly the tidbits were few and far between.

    17. Dear God, what a painful book this was to read! What should have taken a day or two to read took a week. It just dragged on forever, and the author kept repeating the same things over and over again. If you value your time, spend it doing something besides reading this!

    18. Although I am facinated by the Cinderella story of Susan Boyle, I felt this book did not do her justice. Perhaps it was published a bit too hurridly as the flow seems confusing.

    19. What a rags to riches story and Susan Boyle is trule a very special person. She dared to dream and I hope she can retain her purity of heart. What a feel good story

    20. I only made it through about 3 chapters. It's written from the media's point of view. Susan's autobiography is much better.

    21. An ok read. I Think she is an amazing singer and her dream has come true and I wish her all the best.

    22. It was fun to read about her, but the editors should have shortened the book a bit. There just wasn't enough info for that many pages of reading. A little repetitive.

    23. This was interesting, but I thought it would tell more about Susan Boyle's life than it did. It mainly talked about her experience on Britain's Got Talent and how it effected her.

    24. I loved listening to what was going on in her head as all of this was happening to her. She is a sweetheart!

    25. Ok, but it doesn't say anything that hasn't been said before. Susan Boyle's autobiography is the best for a true idea of who she is.

    26. this is an excellent book.I knew very little about Susan and have a greater understanding of her talent and learning disaility. She is remarkable.

    27. This book was mildly interesting, but kept restating the same things over and over, which made it drag on a bit too much for my taste.

    28. She's my hero. Don't change to to the lucky discovery of her talent. She is genuine and sincere.

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